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Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo's Latest Releases-A Book Ban-Learn Why.
The American Government should donate and stand with the Victims and stop the Cold War created by the American Government: (keep scrolling downward on the home page)




There is so much information the American Government DOES NOT WANT Americans to know:

The ancient Mayan predictions, based upon their celestial calendar system deciphered by scholars-confirmed that the God of War and Creation would surface in the year 2012 to create changes upon the planet-life as we all know life and society to be and behave as it does-would begin a profound change- a new civilization-an uprooting-a revolution-a war. I am an advocate for victims. Please inform yourself:

Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo's Latest Releases-A Book Ban-Learn Why.
The American Government should donate and stand with the Victims and stop the Cold War created by the American Government:


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10 January 2023

*I am requesting a sincere apology letter sent FEDEX or UPS to my residence-no later than February 3, 2023-one letter from President Biden and a separate letter from the FBI Director Wray for what those two offices have done to my life-and the lives of so many other victims. If I receive the 2 letters-I will post the letters-if no apology-no posting. And another thing-if Janice Hooker, ex-wife of Cameron Hooker (Cameron Hooker who got 104 years)-if she is not picked up by Feb 3, 2023, by 5pm for strolling on my premises in 2022, caught on my exterior cameras,-there will be holy hell to pay, and pay you will !!!!!!!!!!! I was not placed upon this planet to accept evil, evil I will not accept and tolerate from you (the American Government at large) or anyone- do you understand? I am very clear on this fact-exemplary on all facts public.


FBI Director Wray contacted me by phone on January 31, 2023- and told me over the phone that there will be no holy hell to pay-the FBI is not corrupt.

Sean Baxter of the Red Bluff City Police in California is a detective working the cold case of Marie Elizabeth Spannhake of 1976-1977. When I notified him in 2022 that Janice Hooker was caught on my exterior cameras stalking me-he-Sean Baxter stated that Janice Hooker has a residence address in Northern California-and therefore it probably was not her-I notified the GBI-they have allowed her to continue to stalk me-no matter the proof I have pushed forward to the GBI and Sean Baxter- are you starting to understand how bad they are?


*The FBI is working with police detectives to protect Richard Craig Vander Ark DOB: August 2, 1955, Grand Rapids, Michigan from prosecution-orders from the CIA that the FBI is carrying out. CIA John Brennan has been tight with Ric Vander Ark since the 1970s- just ask retired Paul Holes. ALWAYS the wrong guy made to appear as the correct guy goes down for Ric's murders. The FBI purposely had the wrong guy arrested in the Delphi Indiana Murders-I know why-it contains a conspiracy-and authority in charge- is also involved with the crimes-and the cover-ups. California Hillside Strangler Murders-East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer Crimes and the Delphi Indiana Murders-have common denominators (CIA/John Brennan)-do the math-re-investigate the coverups and crimes-work the algebra problem backwards-to know if your answers are correct. The American Government knows that the American Judicial System is a farce-but they all work hard to cover that fact-and all the other facts-as if truth has no place in American civilization-and they are all in-charge-of creating charges brought upon another. I want the corruption to cease- USA authority does not. See Blogs-subscribe-and read about what is going on in America that the Mainstream Media was ordered by authority-to not broadcast-or tell-contact Carter Gent- the executive producer of NBC WoodTV West MI-Communist China operates American Government and American Media-to stay silent-America needs to break away from Communism woven into everything. Bethany Christian Services has certain government agencies on their payroll-including CIA, FBI, police, Judges, prosecutors- and politicians-the States then give-back money to Bethany Christian Services in the form of work contracts- a power loop. Communist China and Tikkun Olam and the USA Government have boldly created in essence-legal human trafficking-how the infants and children are sold and taken-is a secret I have exposed-as I have also exposed my sources of knowledge/Info.


Remember the rule of truth-if the truth is NOT mainstream-that does not mean it is NOT the truth. Circulation is NOT equivalent to truth. The truth is stranger than fiction.

More of what the mainstream media is NOT ALLOWED to broadcast: Communist China has wormed its way into American Government since the days of Herbert Hoover engineering communism into a gold mine for Chinese leaders overseas. China is playing both superpowers-Russia and America. Since the 1950s-Tikkun Olam is cozy with China and America and the U.K and the Netherlands. It is never complete democracy in America-now you know why. Tikkun Olam members are NOT Orthodox Jews- they are non-orthodox in every sense of the word. They are half-Jews, a quarter-Jew, related-to a Jew- support-because they know a Jew-or want to become one. BUT they are not fully Jewish-they are also not practicing Jews-they are something entirely different-set on building a Jewish-Christian Kingdom for Jesus on earth by eliminating gentiles- paving the way for the return of Jesus. They have hired or are prolific serial killers themselves- and they seem keen on going to church-Christian churches-where ministers seem to fuel the fire in the Tikkun Olam cult belief- a vast organization- an umbrella for criminals-that sees a need for communism within the spread of Tikkun Olam's power crusade over gentiles-its bizarre-its widespread abuse of power within governments with communistic threads to conquer- to eliminate the gentiles and allow the massive amounts of serial killers and serial kidnappers to remain free and undeterred in their work for Tikkun Olam- an inhumane cult-where the members consider themselves "Christian" and not a cult. Tikkun Olam beliefs + members and affiliates are woven camouflage in society-they have conviction they are correct-and the members do not want Cindy Appel caught-ever-and never interviewed on video to explode the information of the cult- and guilts. They believe-and operate-that Jesus has forgiven them. They believe-as their churches believe-as their churches teach them- and remind them- that Jesus died on the cross just over 2000 years ago to forgive them of their sins- and through the blood on the cross-the blood of slain Jesus- their sins are washed away-and they are forgiven for their abductions and murders in the past-in the present-and in their futures-and that through the blood of Jesus-they have redemption-forgiveness-and a place in heaven-eternal glory-forever. A widespread belief-and a widespread problem- a vicious-savage cycle they continue- as the American Government aids and abets the crimes and criminals. Judgement Day could last longer than a day? Perhaps. Will the American Government turn the tables on the corruption? Or will countries affected by the corruption-turn the tables for America? 

Since the 1960s-Russia has stashed more nuclear weapons than any other country on the planet-not to mention aircraft behind an iron curtain never seen before-by most. 2022-Mexico-Central America-South America and Canada are in agreement with Russia-Putin-on many platforms/subjects-and the like-no doubt. China is nervous about Herbert Hoover's engineering going awry-or public-and USA Congress is a puppet lifting the debt ceiling for China-with politicians ready to jump like a game of leapfrog at China's command-or the FBI's assertions-as the FBI wears one mask-and operates for China-facilitating abductions around the world for Bethany Christian Services. Then there is China's fake money converted into USA Dollars to purchase real estate in America-around the world-such Chinese companies sound wholly American-such as McKinley Homes in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, USA-the FBI facilitates as the Chinese company pours fraudulent Chinese money into American banks to purchase and buy-up New York-Manhattan-and massive amounts of land everywhere-because they can-it is all fraud-and another secret the FBI and John Brennan-want secret-because they are paid to keep secrets-such secrets I love to expose-I love exposing evil-and every facet of deception. Germans by innate nature-hate lies and deception.

Since 2010- Each and every literary agent in America and the U.K. that has read excerpts from three individual manuscripts-my synopsis, list of chapters, sample chapters, query letter, etc.- have all stated to me that I must verbally agree to be a communist and I must also verbally agree that "they" can change whatever verbiage and content if offered a literary contract. I am not going to agree to become a communist, and I am not going the route of self-publishing 2 unpublished manuscripts that I wrote in 2016 and 2018. So therefore, no literary contract offered? Apparently so, what year is it now? Are you beginning to understand how strong communism is in the U.K. and America? Containment of content + Containment of knowledge = Government power over money and people = Governments deciding what books are on the bookshelves. Literary Agents are not completely independent thinkers-or doers in the world of literary representation of an unpublished manuscript to a major publisher-they are not allowed to represent manuscripts that might elicit the National Guard to be deployed because a manuscript-to-book- causes an uproar- think of such books as Uncle John's Cabin- known in history as the book that created an uproar of ongoing slavery- plans for the American Civil War ensued.  

It all seems absurd, until one begins investigating the facts. And on January 20, 2023- Cartersville City Police (GA)-ticket 74563-harassed my 18-year old son-ironically just days after I posted this information- Communist Cops are everywhere-and not one wants to be exposed.

Cindy Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel-called January 10, 2023 and announced to me in a smug laugh-a smug voice-that Ottawa County Michigan Detective Jeremey Baum (half-Jewish) and Detective Jacob Sparks (half-Jewish) and Ottawa County Prosecutor Lee Fisher (half-Jewish) allowed her and Jim Appel (half-Jewish) to escape and that she is one-hour from the Mexican border-I contacted the DOJ- does the J stand for Justice or Jews? Unrivalled by governments and prolific serial killer's Cindy and Jim Appel remain uncaught serial killers-targeting Dutch, German, Polish, and Russian gentiles- going back to the 1970s. Cindy bragged that the American Government lets her murder and get away with any kidnapping and murder and any theft she and the American Government so desire-to target-and do-and have. I never stalked and gathered the DNA of those I have mentioned in this paragraph-Cindy informed me of the facts in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s how her group's logistics of Tikkun Olam work-I listened-and know she knows those 3 half-Jewish men outside of government professions. Many members of Tikkun Olam are of Jewish bloodlines in one way or another, but are not practicing Jews-rather-they are Christians-just as Janice Hooker- a colleague of Cindy Appel- all are members of Tikkun Olam-and get away with their numerous, plentiful crimes that would place one in jail or death row- they all elude both-so boldly-aided by FBI- GBI- Police- I am just the messenger. Det. Jeremy Baum told me in 2020 that the DOJ allows for Cindy to get away with her crimes-punishing ancestral lines for the Holocaust- and he has the blessing of the DOJ to let Cindy and members of Tikkun Olam escape justice-forever. To some people the J in DOJ stands for Justice-for me-I know it stands for Jews-because of what Det. Jeremy Baum stated to me in 2020. Are you starting to understand American Gov't.?

January 26, 2023- A written settlement offer was sent to my post mailbox from the FBI-I am not interested in a money settlement for my damages. I am most interested in the crimes against me and other victims to be solved-and solved correctly. Why are you waiting so long? I am not seeking money from the FBI-Congress can mail me a check-UPS or FedEx or utilize the GoFundMe account already set-up.


How interesting-the facts-it all goes back to ideologies. A strong emphasis on responsibilities, duties, obligations, and the like-goes out to the American Government. If the American Government is publicly doling out eight hundred million to the President of Ukraine because China directs Congress- why has Congress not doled out to me? Begin? Currently, the American Government has never doled out money to victims of the American Government-no scheduled payments to me. 


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