Written by

                        Lori “Cleopatra” Vander Ark

                       Approx. 175,000 word count

                 Volume II in the memoir series,

              I Remember Heaven Before Earth

*****Ask yourselves, how does an intelligent American or Canadian literary agent decide what is important to represent to a publishing house and what should be discarded as irrelevant to the masses? That DNA question is very important. Deoxyribonucleic acid will always denote a being's intelligence. You may perhaps be unaware of this fact. DNA is very important, so important in revelations, that each American government employee, military service personal, and American elected official should have their DNA cataloged and studied within their employment chart to denote what they add within their intelligence to government and people, you know, of what service the individual will evolve to be during their career. This suggestion should also be applied to CIA agents and CIA sub-contractors, any affiliates of the CIA, and any elected officials. Cataloged DNA of such people, can also readily apprehend any and all rapists and murderers lodged within government stations. People of intelligence have great memories and great ability to problem solve, read on....

     A revealing 2021 never before published book (manuscript) that sheds light on the possible true identity of the notorious Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run and several of his psychopath descendants, many of whom have also eluded being apprehended. The eleven gripping chapters showcase new light on famous murder cases, including the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer cases. My words and photograph evidence echo the need for transparency in the flawed American judicial system in America, flaws within a system that remain hidden to the general public, such revelations unveiled within my necessary impactful memoir series. Imperative reveals as to why detectives purposely will not solve a crime case or with premeditation will solve incorrectly to allow the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to remain off the radar and why. I was kidnapped overseas between 1968-1971 as an infant, taken by the same fictitious R.N. nurse that resides in West Michigan that abducted Baby Paul in 1964 from the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, our kidnappings were then filtered through a West Michigan adoption agency, Bethany Christian Homes/Services. Baby Paul Fronczak and I were one of hundreds of newborns kidnapped by a powerful and connected to American law enforcement human trafficking organization that still is in operation in America. Kidnapped 1964 Baby Paul Fronczak became Paul Cline within 3 weeks of his kidnapping through West Michigan 616 court and police systems. I was kidnapped and brought into the most powerful crime family in America. I devoted a chapter to the 1977 unsolved homicide of Ottawa County Michigan’s Deb Polinsky, and a chapter on the 2011 unsolved homicide of Ashley Okland of Iowa, both women murdered by non-biological family members of mine, cases the police detectives and FBI, apparently, do not want solved and prosecuted. I turn my life inside out in a tell-all volume II memoir. Within the series of books, I write about my life lived thus far and reveal the famous crimes of my adopted family. I shed astounding light on the piracy cold case of D.B. Cooper. Volume II of my memoir series takes a critical and often cynical perspective on such people and others that have entered my life at some point with their depicted camouflaged existence that I in turn expose with my mere words. I divulge secrets to those seeking information about the real, the dark, and the unusual, bringing to light edgy haunting true crime cases. Many crimes the American Government was a participant in the crimes and the cover-ups. The American Government continues to commit crimes against American citizens and others, then locates scapegoats for the crimes and cover-ups. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence, such evidence the American Government seals from the general public. In the history of the existence of the American Government, the government has never "corrected any wrongs" of its doing. It is as if the American Government has defective DNA located within the many brains of American Government workers, slow processors within very corrupt Washington insiders. Five Washington insiders that need to be interrogated at once, that will never pass a serious polygraph test or in-depth real interrogation by officials, the five men are: Christopher Mellon, Richard Craig Vander Ark, David Lee Vander Ark, CIA former Director John Brennan and Gen. David Petraeus. However, America prefers to keep their head in the sand (not a safe place to be) and allow the Washington insiders to continue with their crimes against American citizens and others in the world, crimes they do and will commit in America and beyond the borders. The American Government would like to keep a lid on the crimes and cover-ups and reporting. I disagree with American Government values. Others disagree with American Government values. Displaying my courage and tenacious spirit, I bravely wrote the avant-garde. Serious breakthrough reveals that invoke critical thinking woven into a very compelling set of stories. I would best describe myself as a “thought leader” and my memoir series in the exact groundbreaking genre of; “big think non-fiction.”   *Within the book there are also images and photographs and other evidence related to the content of what is written and exposed.

                                                                                                     Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Update: On April 2, 2021, to my great surprise a U.K. based literary agency offered me literary representation. I have not accepted. I am mulling over whether or not to publish volume II within my memoir series, titled, The Woodpecker with a British literary agency. I am shocked the literary offer came out of London. I could not be more shocked, to be very honest with you. However, every week since November 2018, I receive weekly emails from American and Canadian literary agents that adamantly do not want the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case files re-opened and re-investigated.

Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023


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"Volume two within the memoir series is coming soon. For more product information about the memoir series visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon online bookstores."

“A memoir that begins so whimsical and in the setting of another lifetime delivers so many raw truths exposed about her family, a religion in the Midwest, and the CIA tied to her modern existence today. There are a few mysteries that unravel from a very unassuming author in our day with quite a story beneath her wings."

San Francisco Chronicle


“A prose of many pages, but easily consumable. The author, Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark, known to many as Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo, supplies the reader with an in-depth analysis of what it means to think for yourself."


" A student in the graduating class of 1988 from Unity Christian High School has made some very shocking claims. Procured assertions derived during her formative years growing up in West Michigan and written within volume one of a book series titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. A must read if you live in West Michigan or are from West Michigan."

The Grand Valley Advance

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