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                              THE WOODPECKER

                                Written in 2018 by

                        Lori “Cleopatra” Vander Ark


                       Approx. 229,000 word count

                 Volume II in the memoir series,

               I Remember Heaven Before Earth

No matter the shade of skin, are American values being tested? The answer is yes. According to senior CIA agents, American values have always been scrutinized by more powerful superpowers.

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President Joe Biden and Congress pledged to give $800,000,000 (eight hundred million USA dollars) within 24-hours of the President of the Ukraine requesting financial assistance to ward off Putin who has twice as many nukes as the United States. Keep in mind folks, I was marked stillborn, smuggled out of the Netherlands, brought upon a cruise ship, and brought by American human-traffickers to Florida, then Chicago and then a West Michigan probate court to be adopted illegally but made to appear legit on American court paperwork through the adoption agency Bethany Christian Services and then abused by my abductors while the American Government watched and smiled. I was smuggled and kidnapped by the same fictitious R.N. "Cindy" Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel that abducted Baby Paul Fronczak from a Chicago hospital using an alias. Cindy remains uncaught and uncharged in Grandville, Michigan located in West Michigan. I await and remain hopeful for President Joe Biden and Congress to give to victims of the American Government system and the criminals lodged within the Government. American based companies have created a most popular trending cause: Let's make an impact together to stand with the people of Ukraine. The least popular cause: Let's make an impact together to stand with victims affected by a serious life-altering, negative crime, show your support to the victims of serious crimes committed against them on American soil.

American companies and the American Government have joined forces to "deflect" and are purposely abandoning Americans, especially American victims affected by serious crimes. The war in the Ukraine is almost opportunistic of the American Government and American companies owned by Jewish organizations and Jewish businessmen to divert attention in a sidetrack kind of way from what I have posted here. Humanitarianism under a microscope. America under a microscope. And the DOJ, certainly does not want you to listen and investigate  exposed information on my Amazon Author Pages and what is posted here and in my blogs. The temperature of the cultural climate in America leans towards the cool end of the thermostat on what is occurring and has been occurring on American soil for decades now.   

The origin of World War III.....................

My non-biological maternal grandfather Martin Stob was a founding member of the United States CIA and the United Kingdom's CIA. Cindy's biological father told me that Western governments  will someday stamp a person's ancestry origins on their right hand so that all people will know the fiduciary duty capacity of each individual on this planet. Really?

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The White House echoed Biden's comments, saying "we’re still in discussions, deciding this."

Other countries have the facts, such facts the American Government will not relay to uninformed Americans, left in the dark. Shockingly, the American Government has known all this information through the police and FBI and CIA for decades: The consequences I have faced over the years for being very forthright and "posting" about this information? Ridicule from neighbors (Georgia/USA). Ridicule from the community (Georgia/Michigan). Ridicule from society (Georgia/Michigan). Ridicule from former classmates (Hudsonville, Michigan). Inability to be hired at High Noon Entertainment or any position in the t.v. or film industry or real estate companies. Inability to be hired. Inability to be hired and aired on television. Hatred from third parties that are involved with the following:  

Communist China owns a portion of Bethany Christian Services. Each USA state has an ongoing contract with Bethany Christian Services. Cindy worked for Bethany Christian Services between 1960 and 1975, hired as a fictitious R.N. to pace hospital hallways searching for Polish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian mothers about to give birth and alert BCS's domestically and internationally staffed hospital doctors and coroners to sharpen their writing utensils to inscribe "stillborn" on a hospital printed certificate and to get "the group" ready to smuggle another blonde-haired-blue-eyed infant out of the state or country. Who is Cindy? Keep reading folks. Ottawa and Kent County, Michigan, work in tandem with the human traffickers. For decades, Cindy bounces residences between Ottawa and Kent County.


China would like to keep the American debt growing, others in power over America agree with China. China has a plan for the American Government. A country in debt, like a household in debt, is weakened. Each morning the American Gov't sells U.S. Savings Bonds to create money to float American Government programs. The biggest buyer each day of U.S. Savings Bonds is China utilizing and filtering fraudulent Chinese money into the United States. Chinese real estate companies, such as McKinley Homes located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, has a whole department that converts fake Chinese money wired over from China and then uses American banks to convert into U.S. Dollars to buy up American land in their Asian Invasion Plan to destroy Western Governments and Western Money. BitCoin is another hostile Asian tactic.

How do I know this politically correct information? I remember heaven before earth, and many secrets I share with you.   

America is on a world stage- it's the World Series and Michigan is drawn like a baseball mitt. Another country has the ball, no wait, other countries have the ball. Timothy Sheridan of the large law firm Plunkett Cooney situated along the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan told me that the Plunkett Cooney law firm has been defending the rights of human traffickers located within municipalities and adoption agencies for decades. He is no stranger to ensuring Cindy's guaranteed freedom to kidnap and murder who she wants and who America targets as prey. The FBI worships Cindy's murderous deeds and adores the babies she kidnaps for the human trafficking organization that remains underground to this day, thanks in part to all the many diligent Grand Rapids, Michigan law firms fast at work for the criminals and courts. According to Cindy, the "general practice" of the large and plentiful law firms is to have the American attorneys at law devise a new birthdate on American court paperwork for the abducted and then seal the adoption file. Most often, according to Cindy, the attorneys involved will not only change the day and month, often the year is also changed so that the adoption will hold up in an American court of law. 

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception. The name Cindy means "moon" and Cindy was born on Friday the 13th on a full moon night, so her mother named her Cindy, which means moon. The United States of America is astrologically ruled by the moon, and associated with "the moon, astrologically and historically speaking.

Who is Cindy? Cindy Ann Stob- Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan is the woman who abducted Baby Paul Fronczak in 1964 and later abducted me and hundreds of babies. In the 1970s and 1980s Russian spies pulled hundreds of BCS files of infants that received an abduction to adoption through the State of Michigan and other states in America. The sealed Michigan court system adoption files were pulled at the headquarters of the human trafficking network located at Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan along with a bloody trail from a multitude of courts across the continent. After the very public bad press of Cindy kidnapping Baby Paul Fronczak from the Michael Reese Hospital in April of 1964, the human traffickers went underground by staffing their doctors and coroners in hospitals both domestically and internationally to inscribe the word "stillborn" on thousands of birth- to- death certificates of newborns and then smuggled drugged and quiet infants out of hospitals and then smuggled the infants into American courts to be adopted, a common practice to this day. Cindy informed me that injections to comatose the infants are given during the birth of the baby. According to Cindy, the FBI facilitates the abductions and the State of Michigan will often change the birthdate and year on the kidnapped infant or child's American birth certificate to cleverly avoid investigations and prosecution of human trafficking cases that remain off the radar of most detective's files, and certainly not on the radar of the average person. Cindy told me that Bethany Christian Services will often drug a child and keep that child in a dark room until their memory is wiped.

Matthew 24: 8-9 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. "Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me."


The downward slope of the business cycle is called economic contraction. A contraction is a period when economic output declines. During this phase, the economy is producing fewer goods and services than it did before. When fewer goods and services are produced, fewer resources are used by firms—including labor.


America is very much on a world stage. 

In the history of America, the American Government has never admitted any wrongdoing, which is going to cause World War III. Although I was voted Most Humorous and Most Friendly in High School, my strong-willed personality is that of Stonewall Jackson and I will not be taking down this website until the crimes are solved. In July of 2018 I opened this website and began posting information that the very corrupt FBI does not want Americans to know, but should  be aware of, and just as impending would of course be justice on these matters!

Between 2018-2019- Dirk Boone who is Cold Case Detective for the Ventura District Attorney's office in California told me over the phone that the State of California has had on DNA record since the 1980s that Richard Craig Vander Ark and David Lee Vander Ark are indeed the non-apprehended rapists and murderers of the East Area Rapists crimes, dubbed Golden State Killer crimes, but that the FBI is not allowing for their arrests because that would open a whole can of worms into their mother Cindy's crimes and that is a lid the FBI wants sealed.


The number three and the number seven are very significant numbers in the Christian religion and other religions, including the satanic religion. The number 3 is significant to the end times, as is the number 7. 

Recompense and restitution to the many victims and the relatives of the victims is void in the English language. To learn why America is headed into World War III, first learn of the information the FBI does not want known by visiting my Blogs and my About page. I am a voice for the many victims. Communist China owns a portion of Bethany Christian Services that is located across the United States and Alaska. Each State in the United States has a working and ongoing contract with Bethany Christian Services, decade after decade. The woman Cindy who kidnapped Chicago Baby Paul Fronczak in 1964, also kidnapped me years later. When a baby is abducted through Bethany Christian Services the infant or child is given a new American birthdate and birth certificate through the American court systems before the abduction to adoption court records are sealed. Cindy told me that after the 1964 very public kidnapping of Chicago Baby Paul, Bethany Christian Services went underground and began paying staffed hospital doctors and coroners to write "stillborn" after 1964 and then smuggle the alive baby out of the state or country and then back to Bethany Christian Services. No one would know? Just as long as the American Government orders the media to stay hushed about the human-trafficking organization?!?! Cindy committed many abductions to adoptions between 1960 and 1975. When Cindy and Chuck Vander Ark (Chuck is D.B. Cooper, Cindy has many aliases) came ashore with me they were both held in a Florida port city for three weeks for having no paperwork on me, sometime between 1968-1971. D.B. Cooper stands for Doing Business as Cooper. My Cline is the long-sought after Zodiac Killer, and is a side-kick and confidant to Chuck Vander Ark/D.B. Cooper in illegal business dealings of the 1960s and early 1970s. Cindy told me around 1978-1980 that in 1971 Mr. Cline (the Zodiac Killer) shot a San Francisco taxi driver in the head when the taxi driver began asking too many questions of Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark sitting in the back of the cab alongside Mr. Cline after a failed baby abduction in San Francisco, California. Cindy told me it was gruesome, and they all narrowly escaped through an alleyway to flag down another taxi-driver. The very next morning they all flew back to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Cline was always the 1960s and early 1970s gunman when Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark were committing any baby abduction for Bethany Christian Services. Mr. Cline lived by the gun, so he told me in the 1970s when Chuck and Cindy and I would visit the Cline Family down the street in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan. All five of the Cline kids were first abducted and then adopted through Bethany Christian Services between 1964 and 1969. Cindy also told me that back in November of 1971, Mr. Cline convinced Chuck Vander Ark to hijack a plane out West with him. Mr. Cline was the mastermind and an FBI agent at the time, and placed a government issued tracking device on Chuck Vander Ark. Chuck Vander Ark jumped from the airplane with $200,000 strapped to himself. The wind picked up and carried him off course, crashing through a thicket of trees. When Chuck landed, he was severely scratched up and bleeding, he broke his leg bones so severely that Mr. Cline brought Chuck back to Grand Rapids, Michigan where Chuck spent six months in two leg casts. But only after Chuck Vander Ark begged and pleaded towards Mr. Cline, as Mr. Cline held a gun barrel pointed at Chuck on the ground ready to end Chuck's life and run-off and adopt me in 1971. Chuck convinced Mr. Cline that he/Mr. Cline would get caught if he/Mr. Cline ended Chuck's life right then and there in November 1971. Cindy told me that Mr. Cline wanted to be the one to adopt and raise me, that was always a contested argument. The $200,000 was split between Chuck Vander Ark and Mr. Cline. Mr. Cline bought a cabin up north (Northern Michigan). My adopted family and I would visit him and his family.


Bethany Christian Services is America's human-trafficking network that operates domestically and internationally. American police and the FBI work in tandem with State and Federal officials to ensure that no child is ever returned to the child's rightful parents/state or country, as that would require compensation from the Communist-American Government and may result in the ceasing of operations. Human-trafficking is big business for the Communist-American Government. The American Government is very dependent upon receiving Chinese counterfeit money each morning to stay in operation, seven days a week, to convert to U.S. Dollars to then purchase U.S. Savings Bonds to float the American Government's payroll debt in operations of the supposed functioning DOJ, government healthcare, government policing, school funding, welfare checks, etc.  What is America's current debt? Google that question. Out of that American Government debt, no victim has been compensated. The American Government holds a stance of Governmental Immunity in every State. On the subject of presidential speeches rendered on human-trafficking, President Barrack Obama publicly stated while being President, was that no more Russian baby adoptions should occur, and to cease Russian Baby Adoptions to the States. I agree with the executive producer of WoodTV in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Carter Gent. In February 2020, Mr. Gent told me that if Bethany Christian Services does not compensate the numerous victims as the evidence the FBI has is mounting against "Cindy the abductor," World War III should take place and a New World Order should rule over this land. Americans are left in the dark, and that is precisely where the Mainstream Media and the Communist-American Government would like to keep the people, in the darkness about all the info on my blogs, all of this information.


Putin is on my family tree. Not my adopted family tree, my biological family tree. I have met with Putin - Early 1990s, once in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was with a White American who translated for us. I have met with Putin numerous times in the South, always with an American that translated for us.

1800s - Queen Wilhelmina's grandfather is William II of The Netherlands, and her grandmother is Queen Anna Palovna of Russia. Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia is married into the Dutch Royal Family Tree. Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia is also on Putin's family tree. Claus Von Amsberg is my biological father and Beatrix, his wife, the former queen of the Netherlands, is my biological mother. I am the only biological offspring of Claus Von Amsberg and his wife Beatrix of the Netherlands. Claus not raising his only child (me) is a sadness that stayed with him until he died in 2002. Beatrix had a private ongoing relationship with a Jewish man in the Netherlands. Prince Claus Von Amsberg was just her public husband that her parents approved of for marriage. Queen Beatrix of the Netherland's had three sons with her Jewish lover in the Netherlands. CIA, Heads of State, and Royalty around the world know this secret. Jewish organizations that control governments would like for all of this posted information to remain secret. I was told by my abductors I was marked "stillborn" on my Dutch birth certificate and then smuggled out of the Netherlands to the Dutch Antilles where my kidnappers Chuck & Cindy Vander Ark brought me to Florida and then Chicago and then West Michigan. Chuck & Cindy spent 3 weeks detained in a Florida port jail for bringing me ashore with no paperwork. I have been told by senior CIA agents since the early 1990s that Beatrix is my biological mother and Claus Von Amsberg is my biological father, this I was also told by Claus Von Amsberg himself and Putin and Leon Panetta, on separate occasions, separate meetings. I have been approached in the 1970s and early 1990s by members of the Royal Dutch family. I thought they all were mistaken. My American adoption papers that I have are marked April 7,1971. I am willing to offer a sample of my DNA for testing to the Dutch Government.

Please take the time to view photographs and more information on my blogs, such info and intelligence gathering that the American Government purposely shuns by those in charge of cases. I expose government officials inundated with cover-ups and why.

Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023

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