I am the author of the best-selling book in the U.K. and Europe,

I Remember Heaven Before Earth, volume one of my unique memoir series. Due to high demand of book sales and my author schedule, it may take up to two weeks for the personally autographed by me volume one of my memoir series, purchased today by you, will be shipped to you. However, Amazon does offer 2-day shipping and if you click on my highlighted name on Amazon next to my books for purchase, my author page "about me" is revealed. Since 2018, CBS 60 Minutes has had this posted information you are reading now. The American court system is a farce for the most part, a fraud of a legal system to the detriment of Americans and the world. The 60 Minutes personnel contacted me in 2018 and stated that their investigative journalists only cover news that encompasses large amounts of people, and therefore is not interested in covering any of the news and information I have brought forth to revered American based news groups. On February 28, 2020, I turned 50 years of age based upon fraudulent paperwork created by the American Government that I have taken the liberty to post in blog one. I have received zero compensation from any government or person on this planet. I am not alone, the American Government does not compensate victims. Rather, the value is placed in budgets for evil to pay evil and for evil to continue. What?!?!   

2017 Budget Summary - Department of Justice › jmd › file › download

The DOJ FY 2017 Budget totals $29.0 billion in discretionary budget authority. The FY 2017 DOJ Budget delineated by category is: law enforcement (49%); litigation (12%); prisons and detention (30%); administration/ technology/other (2%) and grants (7%).

The Department's FY 2018 Discretionary Budget request totals $27.7 billion, including $25.8 billion for federal programs (net fees) and a net $1.9 billion for state, local, and tribal assistance programs. The Department defends the interests of the United States and protects all Americans.


2018 Budget Summary - Department of Justice › jmd › page › file › download


Search for: DOJ IT budget   ^^^^^^^^^

     The blogs present interesting details of my active causes, advocacy of beliefs, and my relentless pursuit to expose the truth. It is more than about "just books". It is about bringing fiduciary awareness to the general public: Since Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested, my non-biological brother Ric Vander Ark (Richard Charles Vander Ark DOB: August 2, 1955) featured on a 2016 FBI poster has murdered a young couple in Canada that were camping July 2019 in upper British Columbia and a young Iowa female the summer of 2018 in Montezuma, Iowa, the very same week traveling from Montana Ric was visiting his son Derek Vander Ark in Montezuma, Iowa, Mollie Tibbets goes missing and later a Mexican immigrant worker is charged for locating Mollie Tibbet's lifeless body in a Iowa cornfield, all since the arrest of Ric's acclaimed scapegoat Joseph James DeAngelo on April 24-25 2018 = according to family gossip, Ric has murdered his Son Matt Vander Ark's ex-girlfriend Ashley Okland and the West Des Moines Iowa police detective told me over the phone in 2019 that Ric is with the CIA and the Iowa FBI will not allow for Ric Vander Ark to be apprehended. The American police and American FBI could not be more evil as Ric will never stop murdering innocent people! After Ric moved from San Jose, California in 1986 he moved further north to Mt. Vernon, Washington and began traveling 60 miles to the Canadian border to continue with his compulsion style murders. Then in 2006, Ric and his family moved to Kalispell, Montana and then Somers, Montana. I learned in 2007 from Ric's wife Lori Vander Ark (whom shares my similar name due to her marriage in 1984 to Ric Vander Ark) Lori his wife informed me that Ric and the boys travel to Canada, 60 miles from their Montana homestead and murder people along the highways in Canada and America, often traveling straight up from Montana to Prince George in Canada, then dumping murdered bodies between Prince George and Prince Rupert. In 2006, the Highway of Tears serial killer murders began to triple according to E-PANA RCMP statistics. Examine the geography. Ironically corresponding with Ric and his boys feeling well-hidden with their move from Mt. Vernon, Washington where the Canadian Federal police were traveling many, many times down to Mt. Vernon, WA to question Ric Vander Ark, asking a lot of questions for Ric in the early 2000s. In 2007 I learned from Lori that Ric began using a new entrance to murder in British Columbia, Canada from Kalispell, Montana. Since 2002, I have contacted the FBI over 200 times, I discovered they do not want to do their designated job duties. The FBI will not cooperate with Canadian authorities, even to this day! More case in point American evil exposed in the most unlikely of places, the American media out of all places; Scott McFetridge at the Des Moines, Iowa Associated Press emailed me back on 2.27.2020, I posted his shocking email response about Ric Vander Ark on blog one here, at the bottom of blog one. Does the U.S. Government operate but NOT own the media? What information does the U.S. Government NOT WANT you to know concerning what I have revealed on my website?

     More and more evil I expose in America, about America...

     Due Process is an instrument of law that reveals "the big canvas, the big picture, before the ones judging make up their mind." Ron Garvick (1.916.874.6565) a Sacramento DA detective called me at home on April 10, 2018 and told me that Ric Vander Ark's discarded DNA was gathered outside Somers, Montana in early spring 2018. Collected DNA by the FBI, and indeed Ric is the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for, for decades now, but that the CIA is not allowing for the arrest and capture of Ric Vander Ark and therefore another will be arrested in place of Ric and formally charged with the EAR/GSK crimes utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation.        

     The bold and brazen American Government corruption does not end there, if one calls the Sacramento District Attorney's office and speaks with the DA, Anne Marie Schubert, or any of her staff members, they are all very forthright, speaking in their own verbal terminology, will explain very bluntly and briefly that prosecuting DeAngelo is a hoax and that no California prosecutor is prosecuting DeAngelo and Anne Marie Schubert removed herself from prosecuting DeAngelo and the GSK/EAR case in the summer of 2019. The FBI told me to my face numerous times that Ric is "untouchable because of his status with the CIA." DeAngelo is the CIA's scapegoat, the EAR/GSK DNA will never go public, and DeAngelo will or is expected to die before the court trial. Power vacuum sloth created and designed governments, such as the USA, allow for all idle FBI agents, all government detectives, to not be required to solve any crime during their 30-40 year career employed by the U.S. Government to receive decades of salary, health benefits, and pension when they retire. If the American Government does solve a crime incorrectly; the detectives, Judge and prosecutors never receive jail time in the USA as they smugly spit on the victims. I want to create proficiency within all systems, such proficiency that is currently not required by law enforcement for the systems in place. Each year millions of children go missing around the globe. Each year the FBI has one narrative in place for the covert USA Government projects; protect the USA's interest in those covert projects. Please note that on February 25, 2020, Michael Gray, the Head of Investigations at the San Francisco Chronicle made it very clear to me over the phone when he contacted me at home, that he absolutely DOES NOT want DeAngelo discredited in anyway. In school one has to show the work to get the credit for the correct algebra problem worked correctly, but not in the American judicial systems, not when an arrest is made, or a person is charged with a crime or held endlessly in jail for a crime.

     This is not a Black or White or Racial decision rendered by those in charge of a case(s). I have observed and come to a conclusion, a person's genetic disposition is about encoded innate behavior, no matter the skin color.  The head of investigations for The San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. Michael Gray, made it very clear to me on February 25, 2020 when he phoned me at home that he does not want to PUSH, OR HAVE ANYONE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO PUSH to have the DNA printed profile of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to be printed in the newspapers next to DeAngelo's printed DNA profile. DeAngelo has been the selected one responsible for the EAR/GSK crimes as of April 24-25, 2018. DeAngelo has not taken a plea of guilty or not guilty, nor has DeAngelo had a court trial in 2 years, or ever. DeAngelo became the Central Intelligence Agency's scapegoat so that no scandal surrounds Ric Vander Ark. Subsequently, all the ones "in charge" would apparently never be investigated in the present nor the future, and not to your safety or mine. Will the Mass Mainstream Media bring general public awareness to the information I have brought forth over the years? In 1995, I was 25 years of age when CIA John Brennan told me to my face, in person, that my brother Ric is like the serial killer in the movie, Citizen X . The Associated Press newsroom in New York told me over the phone on Saturday, 9am EST, on March 7, 2020, "absolutely the AP in America or Canada will not produce any news with Ric Vander Ark's name in the news, and absolutely nothing slanderous is allowed of Cindy, his mother, as were direct orders given to the Associated Press's newsrooms around the world." I phoned the Associated Press Sacramento on Monday at 1:20pm EST on March 9, 2020, and an older sounding gentlemen that answered the phone, paused in conversation just like CIA General David Petraeus, and whom sounded a lot like CIA Gen. David Petraeus, informed me that he knows I am working with a reporter out of Chicago on a story, "but as for the Golden State Killer case, he was told that DeAngelo was going to be taking a guilty plea real soon and therefore the Golden State Killer case is wrapping up and no further information about Ric Vander Ark is needed at this time, the Associated Press has their information they need at this time." The passage to knowledge is within view..........few will be believers in the end. Some stories are very important because the content of the story is intended to reach all people. Music can transcend divides, reach into the heart, and open a closed door within one's newly awakened mind in which a light bulb can illuminate brightly, such is my pinnacle story to awaken all cultures around the world. Leon Panetta told me in 1993, to my face, in person, that "Germans are the most intelligent people on the planet and the CIA has all of the intelligence testing documentation." If you are an American journalist, report all of this information posted on my personal website to "the people." Pull the people out of the Dark Ages and bring them forward into the Light. Do you feel as if you need "more news" and "more news" then contact the producer of WoodTV NBC, channel 8 News, Mr. Carter Gent at 269.762.9335 to learn of what news stories they are producing "for the people." It all begins with my first Blog, go to my first Blog. The last chapter of volume two (The Woodpecker) is titled, The Beginning Is Like The End.  Oh, so fitting, as I never gave up trying, as it is in my DNA not to quit, like the relentless Woodpecker!

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“A prose of many pages, but easily consumable. The author, Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark, known to many as Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo, supplies the reader with an in-depth analysis of what it means to think for yourself."


" A student in the graduating class of 1988 from Unity Christian High School has made some very shocking claims. Procured assertions derived during her formative years growing up in West Michigan and written within volume one of a book series titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. A must read if you live in West Michigan or are from West Michigan."

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