2/18/2021> The scandal of the century. There are going to be police officers, police detectives, FBI agents, CIA agents, DA detectives, prosecutors, ordinary citizens and a  slue of others that are going to be arrested for their involvement in shocking crimes that I have exposed. Would you like to understand an enormous amount of information the majority of the American Government does not want Americans to know? Go immediately to Blog II here. Are you aware that West Michigan's 616 Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is aiding and abetting a "killing department" located within America? The summer of 1977 murder of Deb Polinsky of Ottawa County Michigan is a case the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office of Detectives in conjunction with full 100% cooperation of each and every county detective through the decades from West Michigan Ottawa County Sheriff's Department have conspired together to make sure the killers remain at large, not apprehended, so that more and more innocent people are murdered by the American killing department located within the American Government. Ottawa County Michigan is where Cindy Stob-Vander Ark took 1964 abducted Baby Paul Fronzcak, and hundreds of stolen babies to filter adoption paperwork through Bethany Christian Services of West Michigan. Cindy told me during the 1970s that if I called the police, or if anyone from the church called the police, or any neighbors called the police, the criminal complaint would go nowhere, because Cindy claimed the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office has her back and allows for her criminal activity in America. It took me to February 3, 2021, to finally believe Cindy Honderd-Appel, a.k.a "Agnes Stroo" on that fact. When is the FBI going to arrest a handful of people working at West Michigan's Ottawa County Sheriff's office for their conspiracy to hide Cindy's crimes of murders and baby abductions? Same goes for the unsolved but very solvable case of the 1964 Chicago baby boy abduction of Baby Paul Fronzcak. I was kidnapped 1969-1971 and raised by the West Michigan 616 woman who abducted Baby Paul Fronzcak, we were told we were adopted to stop cold investigators from searching for missing children, hundreds and thousands of missing children from around the world, and America believes and "has betted" that is how one nation under God behaves. I disagree.  The American Government is purposely keeping this information from going public, the very controlled American Media is not allowed to investigate and report to "the American people". Begin reading this column, and then read Blog One. Such valid information condensed into just a few hours of reading and reviewing. America's Story Board is worth reading and understanding: British Royals in conjunction with British Government and British Intelligence controlling and dominating many parts of the world, such as places in America and Canada, absolutely do not want you the potential reader to know the truth about so many important matters that are so relevant to you. However, Russia and The Netherlands would like for you to know the truth. Which countries will emerge as the winner of the suppressed truth of these prevalent matters that effect all of us? Do you read palms? Do you want to see the answer from God? The answer is in my one of my palms> Countries funding American governmental immunity by purchasing U.S. Security Bonds in the billions are fueling a corrupt United States of America Government. What will happen? Without anyone telling me, I can tell you what will occur by studying a world globe with the understanding of in-depth math and government; Russia will march into China and Japan. And by doing so, conquering China and Japan, Russia will be able to control all of Asia. Russia will then proceed forward without a need to bomb America, as the American government collapses and cannot float the American Government payroll and the Welfare Society and Medicaid Society with the ceasing of selling U.S. Security Bonds to foreign countries. The countries holding billions of U.S. Security Bonds will fold at the card table called Risk and Reward. When that occurs, Russia will build a vast kingdom on what was American soil, with such a foot hold on centrally located land (America), the new kingdom of The Great Sun will take-over the entire continent without a need of a bomb or bombing raid on what some refer to as American soil. I see within me the vision and around me in America, the fertile soil of The Great Sun, I can see it. The FBI funded by your tax dollars in conjunction with a U.S. government that floats government payroll salaries on foreigners purchasing U.S. Security Bonds has made it abundantly clear to me over the decades that they do not want any of the following investigated. If you live in a democracy ask yourselves this question: Can governments such as the United States of America, block the truth from reaching the American people? Can the NAACP block investigations into why Cindy Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan worked as a fictitious R.N./caseworker utilizing fictitious names, abducting and murdering White babies around the world with German or Norwegian features between 1960-1975 as Cindy worked weekly in illegal dealings, criminal dealings, abducting babies from hospitals and shopping areas for a human trafficking group called Bethany Christian Services/Homes that is financially backed by the NAACP pipelines and organized by very intelligent Jews? Can the NAACP stop the FBI from arresting Cindy Honderd-Appel? Is the NAACP really that powerful? That would all depend upon who supports the NAACP, I suppose. Why are so many Jewish people involved with the NAACP? Are well-known facts created by your government, really the truth? Why does the American Government not want you protesting against the government and schools having governmental immunity from receiving criminal prosecution and lawsuits? On one side of the coin, my memoir series is exactly what all people should get their hands on and read to know the most unearthing details of facts not exposed by anyone, but me. On the other hand, the American Government is utilizing it's man force to prevent publication of volume II within my memoir series titled, The Woodpecker.  Do you require examples of what I am referring to? Examples how the NAACP wants the life squeezed out of me so that I and millions of other victims are forgotten and never heard, my voice is muffled and I cannot speak? Of course you do, it is everything Oprah, the NAACP and very powerful Jews controlling societies and world governments, such as the United Nations absolutely  do not want known in the world, read on, because all of this does effect you, even if you do not know it yet:

     On Sunday, May 3, 2020, I received an email from a literary agent by the name of David Dunton whom works at the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. David Dunton's email to me explained that "a very limited number of manuscripts are permitted (allowed) by the government to be published. The Woodpecker  is not a manuscript that will be allowed to reach book shelves and receive a coveted contract as you so desire." Jane Dystel from Dystel, Goderich, Bourret LLC  virtually stated the very same  monologue as David Dunton. On May 26, 2020, I contacted President Trump via a messaging online form offered from The White House public website to investigate the misconduct of FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray into the Golden State Killer case. The can of worms needs to be opened and then the swamp drained.....However, if the NAACP does not want the swamp drained, each U.S. President will keep a seal on investigations into the past and present. However, other countries more powerful, may in fact publicly disagree with how the United States of America, and the British Royals and the NAACP operate, and the crimes...

    WHY I AM REFERRED TO AS A WHISTLE BLOWER AND WHY DO USA, CANADIAN and U.K. LITERARY AGENCIES SO ADAMANTLY NOT WANT MY INFORMATION MADE PUBLIC ABOUT "A GROUP":  I am the author of the book I Remember Heaven Before Earth, volume one of my unique memoir series. Due to my author schedule, it may take up to two weeks for the personally autographed by me volume one of my memoir series, perhaps purchased today by you, will be shipped to you. However, Amazon does offer 2-day shipping and if you click on my highlighted name on Amazon next to my books for purchase, my author page "about me" is revealed. Since 2018, CBS 60 Minutes has had a huge portion of this posted information you are reading now. The American court system is a farce for the most part, a fraud of a legal system to the detriment of Americans and the world. According to CIA John Brennan in June of 2012, Hollywood's CAA Kevin Huvane founder does whatever the CIA requests of him and the government puppets signed up with Kevin Huvane's agency called Creative Artist Agency, with locations around the world. Before you read another word, brace yourself by looking up the legal definition for "Criminal Gross Negligence." And now continue reading.....

     The CBS 60 Minutes professional personnel contacted me in 2018 and stated that their investigative journalists only cover news that encompasses large amounts of people, and therefore is not interested in covering any of the news and information I have brought forth to revered American based news groups concerning all that I know. On February 28, 2020, I turned 50 years of age based upon fraudulent paperwork created by the dubious American Government that I have taken the liberty to post in blog one. I have received zero compensation from any government or person on this planet. I am not alone, the American Government does not compensate victims. Rather, the value is placed in American budgets, created and approved plans by Congress and the American Justice System NOT to compensate victims and/or arrest the criminals, the actual perpetrators. What?!?! It is true!  If one was to need to place a phone call to the U.S. Attorney General's office at the Justice Department, well, there is no phone number and extension number to communicate all that I know, or a way for a victim to reach the proper authorities that can investigate the FBI and police and prosecution in any case, that is how democracy is set-up in America, a set-up. The American Government has giving themselves full "Governmental Immunity" that protects the government from any possible prosecution lawsuits and criminal cases served to them arising out of action or lack of response on the government's part. American Government and schools receive full governmental immunity if they harm you.  Democracy in America is full of blocks and hurdles as it pulls the power from the people in a power-vacuum system of pay taxes or go to jail. America is a "citizen beware" motto in constant motion of a forever-increasing snowball growing in size to roll down on it's own citizens and other victims living on planet earth. Don't believe me? Until forever is done? Then you will believe me?

2017 Budget Summary - Department of Justice

www.justice.gov › jmd › file › download

The DOJ FY 2017 Budget totals $29.0 billion in discretionary budget authority. The FY 2017 DOJ Budget delineated by category is: law enforcement (49%); litigation (12%); prisons and detention (30%); administration/ technology/other (2%) and grants (7%).

The Department's FY 2018 Discretionary Budget request totals $27.7 billion, including $25.8 billion for federal programs (net fees) and a net $1.9 billion for state, local, and tribal assistance programs. The Department defends the interests of the United States and protects all Americans.


2018 Budget Summary - Department of Justice

www.justice.gov › jmd › page › file › download


Search for: DOJ IT budget   ^^^^^^^^^

     The blogs present interesting details of my active important causes, advocacy of beliefs, and my relentless pursuit to expose the truth. It is more than about "just books". It is about bringing fiduciary awareness to the general public. Black attorney Eric Holder from 2009 to 2015, Black attorney Loretta Lynch 2015-2017, and Jewish U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Jewish Mayor of Sacramento since 2016, Darrell Steinberg, have only cared about Blacks and Jews and keeping their positions of power over Americans that do not fall in the parameters of "important people." Joseph James DeAngelo's attorneys refuse to return any of my phone calls since June 2018. Since Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested on April 25, 2018 and has either willfully or unwilfully taken the place of my non-biological brother Ric Vander Ark (Richard Charles Vander Ark DOB: August 2, 1955) featured on a 2016 FBI poster alongside his brother Dave Vander Ark when they were living in Sacramento and San Jose, California in 1975-1986 (and the family knew of Ric's murders back in 1980), Ric has apparently kept murdering since his California days, and now involves his grown boys in murders that continue in America and Canada as the FBI refuses to stop them! I learned from family members that Ric Vander Ark murdered a young couple in Canada that were camping July 2019 in upper British Columbia and apparently murdered a young Iowa female the summer of 2018 in Montezuma, Iowa, the very same week traveling from Montana Ric was visiting his son Derek Vander Ark in Montezuma, Iowa, coincidentally Mollie Tibbets goes missing. Later a Mexican immigrant worker is charged for locating Mollie Tibbet's lifeless body in a Iowa cornfield that same summer Ric visited Montezuma, Iowa, all since the arrest of Ric's acclaimed scapegoat Joseph James DeAngelo on April 24-25 2018 = according to family gossip, Ric has murdered his Son Matt Vander Ark's ex-girlfriend Ashley Okland and the West Des Moines Iowa police detective told me over the phone in 2019 that Ric's status with the CIA will not allow for Ric Vander Ark to be apprehended. The American police and American FBI could not be more evil as Ric will never stop murdering innocent people! After Ric moved from San Jose, California in 1986 he moved further north to Mt. Vernon, Washington and began traveling 60 miles to the Canadian border to continue with his compulsion style murders. Then in 2006, Ric and his family moved to Kalispell, Montana and then Somers, Montana. I learned in 2007 from Ric's wife Lori Vander Ark (whom shares my similar name due to her marriage in 1984 to Ric Vander Ark) Lori his wife informed me that Ric and the boys travel to Canada, 60 miles from their Montana homestead and murder people along the highways in Canada and America, utilizing fictitious identifications since 1978, produced and sourced endlessly since 1978 by the American Central Intelligence Agency. Richard Charles Vander Ark and his grown boys, often traveling straight up from Montana to Prince George in Canada, then dumping murdered bodies between Prince George and Prince Rupert. In 2006, the Highway of Tears serial killer murders began to triple according to E-PANA RCMP statistics. Examine the geography. Ironically corresponding with Ric and his boys feeling well-hidden with their move from Mt. Vernon, Washington where the Canadian Federal police were traveling many, many times down to Mt. Vernon, WA to question Ric Vander Ark, asking a lot of questions for Ric in the early 2000s. In 2007, I learned from Lori that Ric began using a new entrance to murder in British Columbia, Canada from Kalispell, Montana. Since 2002, I have contacted the FBI over 200 times, I discovered they do not want to do their designated job duties. The FBI will not cooperate with Canadian authorities, even to this day! More case in point American evil exposed in the most unlikely of places, the American media out of all places. Scott McFetridge at the Des Moines Iowa Associated Press emailed me back on 2.27.2020, I posted his shocking email response about Ric Vander Ark on BLOG ONE here, at the bottom of blog one. According to family gossip out of Michigan, the CIA has infiltrated the American media outlets to control and play judge and jury over the world, you know, a person's destiny, fate, fate in their hands 616 or 666? Google the number of The Beast. Why would the American Government agencies and departments operate the media? The origin of the coronavirus is Sacramento, California, created by the U.S. Government in conjunction with many mass mainstream media outlets  on March 9, 2020, just after 10:35am Pacific Time. 

     What information does the U.S. Government NOT WANT you to know concerning what I have revealed on my website? Around 2010-2011, I learned from Rich Geer, an artist for the State of Michigan, a resident of Meridian Township, Okemos, Michigan, whom is an old gray-haired lively man of extreme short stature whom has worked for the State of Michigan for decades at the Michigan Historical Museum in downtown Lansing, Michigan (since the early 1980s), gregarious and outspoken Rich Geer informed me with his rapid succession speech disorder of sorts, of constantly exhaling and airing details to me, told me , Federal Prosecutors and FBI agents were being paid-off by School Superintendents, paid-off by City Governments and State Governors, "to not investigate and prosecute matters of crime." Rich Geer explained to me "that crimes have a way of remaining dormant forever." I asked Rich to explain exactly what he is talking about. What happened next? In the spring of 2012, the Meridian Township Police arrive at my front door in East Lansing, Michigan and inform me that I know too much and therefore they received complaints from the School Superintendent and School Principal, whom are now suddenly ordering I be placed in a mental hospital miles away, to keep me silent. Mr. Stuart Dunnings III was the Ingham County Prosecutor at the time, he later was investigated by the Michigan FBI and Dunnings was removed from public office in Ingham County, charged with 13 plus counts of crime following what he did to me and thousands of others over the decades.

     I responded to Rich Geer by saying, that is illegal and ridiculous! What happened next? I spent 5 days confined to a mental hospital where vials and vials of my blood were taken from my body upon immediate arrival on May 21, 2012. I was told by the host of doctors from India in Michigan, that the government has ordered for me to stay silent about what I know, and that the doctors have permission to "up" my meds if I disagree with doctor orders. Then what? I was able to go after 5 days, released. My husband Ed and son Eddie arrived in Carson, Michigan to drive me home from Carson Hospital. I sent a letter directly to David Hall the chief of police in Meridian Township, Okemos, Michigan, stating in the letter, that was illegal and uncalled for, and requested that Meridian Township pay the $6,800 mental hospital bill enclosed. Then what? The township paid the bill of $6,800 in  April 2012. About two weeks later the Meridian Township Police arrive at my doorstep again, they tell me to check my mailbox. So I do. Inside my mailbox was a letter from the 55th District Court in Mason, Michigan, stating that a warrant was digitally placed in their record and for me to immediately report to the judge for an arraignment on the charges of stalking. What happened next? I go to a courtroom at the 55th District Court in Mason, Michigan and the Arraignment Judge informs me formally, "You know too much about serious matters and the American Government wants to put you in jail." At the dubious trumped up trial in 2012, my own attorney said to me as we walked in the courtroom, "When the jury of six walk in wearing black, you will know Obama's power in America." Before the jury foreman of six jurors, all of them wearing black, handed Judge Thomas Boyd of the 55th District Court in Mason, Michigan "the envelope," I already knew the outcome of what had transpired. The "shut-up police" had infiltrated the American judicial court systems. I was once again reminded that a totalitarian regime in America was in control of my life. I inquired to every employee and my own attorney on the question of "why only 6 jurors in my trial?" Everyone at the 55th District Court in Mason, Michigan informed me "that is how it is done in the Michigan trial courts, only 6 jurors are required by state law." Oh.

     If an ordinary American citizen in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond, contacts the FBI major case hotline number, and one inquires if the Golden State Killer case needs any further information, the intake on the FBI side of the phone will respond, "Ma-a-m, do you watch the news? The Golden State Killer Case is solved and closed on the FBI's end. No further information is needed, thank-you." (And the intake will hang-up on you) Try it. Test it. Submit-A-Tip online or go in person to the FBI>it is all the same response on the FBI's part. Shocking and true. Try it. Test it. The FBI department is joined with the media outlets and CIA at the hip. Why?

     More and more evil I expose in America, about America...

     Due Process is an instrument of law that reveals "the big canvas, the big picture, before the ones judging make up their mind." Ron Garvick (1.916.874.6565) a Sacramento DA detective called me at home on April 10, 2018, 15 days before DeAngelo was arrested on April 24-25, 2018 and told me that Ric Vander Ark's discarded DNA was gathered outside Somers, Montana in early spring 2018. Collected DNA by the FBI, and indeed Ric is the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for, for decades now, but that the CIA is not allowing for the arrest and capture of Ric Vander Ark and therefore another will be arrested in place of Ric and formally charged with the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation. Then on April 24-25, 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo became the American public scapegoat for Ric Vander Ark's murders.  Murders Ric committed in 1977-1986, when Ric lived in California off and on with Dave Vander Ark, his brother.  Their biological mother Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, was the non-apprehended woman that kidnapped Baby Paul Fronzcak from a Chicago Hospital in 1964 (Cindy age 30 at the time Cindy did the kidnapping for a West Michigan couple). Cindy, Ric, and Dave all live free, never apprehended and the year is now 2020! They will never stop murdering and kidnapping, as committing crimes is a compulsion within their DNA, their mind, something.

       The bold and brazen American Government corruption does not end there, if one calls the Sacramento District Attorney's office and speaks with the DA, Anne Marie Schubert, or any of her staff members, they are all very forthright, speaking in their own verbal terminology, willingly explaining very bluntly and briefly that prosecuting DeAngelo is a hoax and that no California prosecutor is prosecuting DeAngelo and Anne Marie Schubert removed herself from prosecuting DeAngelo and the GSK/EAR case in the summer of 2019. The FBI told me to my face numerous times that Ric is "untouchable because of his status with elite CIA agents." DeAngelo is the CIA's scapegoat, the EAR/GSK DNA will never go public, and DeAngelo will or is expected to die before the court trial. Power vacuum sloth created and designed governments, such as the USA, allow for all idle FBI agents, all government detectives, to not be required to solve any crime during their 30-40 year career employed by the U.S. Government to receive decades of salary, health benefits, and pension when they retire. If the American Government does solve a crime incorrectly; the detectives, the media involved with producing false information, the court Judge and prosecutors never receive jail time in the USA as they smugly spit on the victims. I want to create proficiency within all systems, such proficiency that is currently not required by law enforcement for the systems in place. Each year millions of children go missing around the globe. It is the FBI's Job duty description to solve human trafficking, that is in the duty list of the FBI's department. The FBI has not solved one human trafficking case ever! Each year the FBI has one narrative in place for the covert USA Government projects; protect the USA's interest in those covert projects and what the USA wants and desires to do with the abductees. Please note that on February 25, 2020, Michael Gray, the Head of Investigations at the San Francisco Chronicle made it very clear to me over the phone when he contacted me at home, that he absolutely DOES NOT want DeAngelo discredited in anyway. In school one has to show the work to get the credit for the correct algebra problem worked correctly, but not in the American judicial systems, not when an arrest is made, or a person is charged with a crime or held endlessly in jail for a crime. Due Process is only a concept in America, not an actual enforcement by the law procedure within the American court systems in place that function on an American level "of a very low law standard."

     This is not a Black or White or Racial decision rendered by those in charge of a case(s). I have observed and come to a conclusion, a person's genetic disposition is about encoded innate behavior, no matter the skin color. The head of investigations for The San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. Michael Gray, made it very clear to me on February 25, 2020 when he phoned me at home that he does not want to PUSH, OR HAVE ANYONE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO PUSH to have the DNA printed profile of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to be printed in the newspapers next to DeAngelo's printed DNA profile. DeAngelo has been the selected one responsible for the EAR/GSK crimes as of April 24-25, 2018. DeAngelo has not taken a plea of guilty or not guilty, nor has DeAngelo had a court trial in 2 years, or ever. DeAngelo became the Central Intelligence Agency's scapegoat so that no scandal surrounds Richard Craig Vander Ark aka>Ric Vander Ark. Subsequently, all the ones "in charge" would apparently never be investigated in the present nor the future, and not to your safety or mine. Will the Mass Mainstream Media bring general public awareness to the information I have brought forth over the years? In 1995, I was 25 years of age when CIA John Brennan told me to my face, in person, that my brother Ric is like the serial killer in the movie, Citizen X . The Associated Press newsroom in New York told me over the phone on Saturday, 9am EST, on March 7, 2020, "absolutely the AP in America or Canada will not produce any news with Ric Vander Ark's name in the news, and absolutely nothing slanderous is allowed of Cindy, his mother, as were direct orders given to the Associated Press's newsrooms around the world." I phoned the Associated Press Sacramento on Monday at 1:20pm EST on March 9, 2020, and an older sounding gentlemen that answered the phone, paused in conversation just like CIA General David Petraeus, and whom sounded a lot like CIA Gen. David Petraeus, informed me that he (Tom) knows I am working with a reporter out of Chicago on a story, "but as for the Golden State Killer case, he (Tom) was told that DeAngelo was going to be taking a guilty plea real soon and therefore the Golden State Killer case is wrapping up and no further information about Ric Vander Ark is needed at this time, the Associated Press has their information they need at this time." The passage to knowledge is within view..........few will be believers in the end. Some stories are very important because the content of the story is intended to reach all people. Music can transcend divides, reach into the heart, and open a closed door within one's newly awakened mind in which a light bulb can illuminate brightly, such is my pinnacle story to awaken all cultures around the world. Leon Panetta told me in 1993, to my face, in person, that "Germans are the most intelligent people on the planet and the CIA has all of the intelligence testing documentation." If you are an American journalist, report all of this information posted on my personal website to "the people." Pull the people out of the Dark Ages and bring them forward into the Light. Do you feel as if you need "more news" and "more news" then contact the producer of WoodTV NBC, channel 8 News, Mr. Carter Gent at 269.762.9335 to learn of what news stories they are producing "for the people." It all begins with my first Blog, go to my first Blog. The last chapter of volume two (The Woodpecker) is titled, The Beginning Is Like The End.  Oh, so fitting, as I never gave up trying, as it is in my DNA not to quit, like the relentless Woodpecker! Please note: This posted information is for investigative purposes, this posted information saves lives. I want justice to prevail in the end, not evil. And oh my, it has been a continuous uphill battle in America to reign and triumph over evil as I expose evil. As evil, true terror, please do inquire to CNN, as they WILL NOT inform you, does not want to be exposed "in the killing department". March 9, 2020 is also the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Go to BLOG ONE and read upwards. Solve and check. Use a basic math formula to check the algebra problem, see if the answer is correct by working the algebra problem backwards, you know, from bottom to top, and you will arrive at the date of creation of the coronavirus, March 9, 2020, some apparent plan to end something that is not desired by those in powerful positions.


A virus, like the EAR/GSK DNA, with no evidentiary scientific profile made public. Corrupt secrets kept secret. No governmental transparency to "the people" for "the people's safety." Why? What for? Governments controlled by the CIA, have creatively authorized a measure  to euthanize, eliminate problems, and control populations of people in secret quarantine confined areas, "procedural guideline processes in place" so that the government is the last man or woman standing. Doctors and nurses will and have done things for money in the past. Obviously Americans will do anything for money. Common sense people, when I die, when you die, when anyone dies, one does not get the legal privilege to inscribe the cause of death on one's death certificate. Look up what the word "inscribe" entails.  Sometimes history is a good predictor of unresolved future events. History can repeat itself, people are creatures of habit, likely to create customs and traditions as habitual behavior is preferred by human nature in all of us. Your response based upon the overwhelming out-pour of the coronavirus articles in all the media news outlets, combined with the bombardment of companies responding with reflective and responsible coronavirus outpouring on the screens in every household, in conjunction with government speeches on the coronavirus subject, is watched by "the people" and is being monitored by the government/CIA, if believed, it works, serves a purpose. A CIA plan, a quickly structured and thought of government controlled plan of population, to eliminate populations of possible protesting people in response from my conversation on "the Moon's Day" March 9, 2020 with "Tom" at 1:20pm EST, and 10:20am his time in Sacramento, at the Associated Press's intake call center in Sacramento. And then what? What happens next in the development of a pending situation with Joseph James DeAngelo? The outcome desired by many governments controlled by the unassuming CIA? The CIA and governments keep their power in place and uphold their status, all the while over 3,300 American companies file for bankruptcy, many Americans evicted or face foreclosure in 2020 due to the last ditch effort of Sacramento County to smokescreen the DeAngelo case truths from emerging by saturating unassuming Americans with another fictitious tale out of Sacramento- the coronavirus of early March 2020, all in a panic to flood the truth from reaching the general public. Ultimately surviving..... the CIA and FBI controlled governments are not investigated, as dead men tell no tales, and more modernly, dead people cannot possibly protest to corrupt governments. I understand. The problem may lay in the fact you may not understand and are unable to see "the big picture," as I do. Why do I NOT face any civil lawsuits of slander or libel from the people mentioned? Because they know I am not lying about what I know. And a civil suit would entail "discovery for the record." Ensuring exposure of the truth at a time when keeping the truth out of the courts and/or media outlets serves the criminals well, self-preservation on the part of the true criminals. It would be more likely I would be murdered, than ever face a civil lawsuit of slander or libel for all that I have disclosed "to the people." The longer the FBI and CIA and Media Outlets and Literary Agencies and American elected Prosecutors and Judges stay locked at the hip to control the many truths from emerging into the general public population, the less likely you will understand what is really going on in America. Defund America? China is the largest buyer of American Security Bonds, without China funding America, the party would end. Police brutality would end. FBI corruption would end, huge injustices caused by American Government> funded primarily by China would end, the list of what would end increases to a clean slate. Yes, I vote to defund America. Funding America has proven to fund corruption,  vote "yes" to defund American Government. Oh, that's right, in America's version of democracy, you cannot vote to defund America. The cold case murder of Deb Polinsky #77-00010018 is a West Michigan, summer of 1977 murder case the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office states in newspapers such as The Holland Sentinel that they (the police detectives) want solved and is of utmost importance, "the one case they want solved," is in fact always going to remain on the shelves of unsolved cases committed by David Lee Vander Ark aka>Dave Vander Ark and Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Michigan, Cindy of Grandville, Michigan and David Lee Vander Ark of Delton, Michigan. The lead detectives,  Det. Jeremy Baum, Det. Jake Sparks, and Captain Mark Bennett of the Ottawa Co. Sheriff's Office (West Michigan), absolutely do not want to request to the prosecutor a DNA warrant to be signed for Dave and Cindy, as that would infringe upon the civil liberties of them, and the entitlement granted by the American Government that allow Cindy and her boys to murder anyone they want, since before 1977, and it all began in West Michigan, and Cindy lives in West Michigan, Ottawa County, Grandville, because she knows the police will always allow her to murder (Cindy is 86 years of age in 2020) and entitled by "the American Government at large" to get away with murders, anyone's murder. Cindy said to me in 1976-1978 that she (Cindy) was unsure if she (Cindy) had Carol Daly's loyalty of the Sacramento Police Department. What Carol Daly and Paul Holes did in the Joseph James DeAngelo case proves loyalty and criminal felony conspiracy. But then again, no one in America is paying attention, or Americans simply select corrupt ways over justice. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office has MORE EVIDENCE of the hundreds of world-wide kidnappings of White babies abducted by the non-apprehended criminal Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, including the case of Baby Paul Fronzcak, whom Cindy kidnapped in 1964. The police and detectives at the Ottawa Co. Sheriff's Office worship Cindy and the evil work she does for a group of them, including the mid-summer 1977 murder of 20-year old Deb Polinsky, whom was passed out with a head injury/drinking at 8271 Curwood Drive in Lamplight Estates, Jenison, Michigan. The American police worship Cindy and her biological boys and will always refuse to solve Deb Polinsky's murder until Cindy, Dave and Mike Vander Ark, all pass away of happy fulfilled lives and ultimately of old age. The police and detectives get paid American dollars by the American Government to show-up to the job site, never paid to solve a crime or solve a crime correctly by the American people. A warped system, with no stiff penalties enforced to jail corrupt detectives that hover and hide evidence. Such evidence that could have solved crimes of murders so many years ago, beginning in Michigan, saving the lives of others along the path of Cindy and her biological boys. What about the resonating unbearable loss and grief felt by the parents and families of the kidnapped victims? The murdered victims? Devil 666 worshipers never care about that perspective, it is always about getting away with the crime and continuing in self-preservation mode. Criminals are always hoping that no one notices and ensuring no one notices, such as the Ottawa Co. Sheriff's Office in West Michigan, the Sacramento Sheriff's Office in California and the West Des Moines Police Department in Iowa are just 3 prime examples of departments just as corrupt as the criminals they refuse to prosecute and allow cases that are solvable to remain cold, no justice served. However, God does notice and care. Defund America and send armies to stop countries that fund America. The FBI is betting that no one will read my memoir series or locate this website to launch an investigation into the FBI, an FBI whom have been insisting on keeping a lid on all of this, as the FBI has threatened to my face since I was in elementary school and beyond  that they "as a department" will indeed retaliate against me with federal powers invested in them. OMG America! July/August 2020 and now beginning in September 2020 every time I order Japanese or Chinese food in Acworth, Georgia I get deathly sick for 2 days. Only Japanese or Chinese food. Who would poison my Japanese and/or Chinese food? And why?

Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023


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"Volume two within the memoir series is coming soon. For more product information about the memoir series visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon online bookstores."

“A memoir that begins so whimsical and in the setting of another lifetime delivers so many raw truths exposed about her family, a religion in the Midwest, and the CIA tied to her modern existence today. There are a few mysteries that unravel from a very unassuming author in our day with quite a story beneath her wings."

San Francisco Chronicle


“A prose of many pages, but easily consumable. The author, Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark, known to many as Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo, supplies the reader with an in-depth analysis of what it means to think for yourself."


" A student in the graduating class of 1988 from Unity Christian High School has made some very shocking claims. Procured assertions derived during her formative years growing up in West Michigan and written within volume one of a book series titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. A must read if you live in West Michigan or are from West Michigan."

The Grand Valley Advance

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