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     Aside from seeking literary representation to present my work to a large and established publishing house for publication for several unpublished manuscripts that I have authored in my collection of written literary works that engages the American mind to begin thinking again, ultimately my most selfish goal is to receive an honorary doctorate degree from Princeton University for my solid achievement in the distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. However, those in powerful positions would like me and other victims silenced......forever, and my knowledge and understanding crushed and forgotten. A dissertation or thesis is a long piece of academic writing based on original research.

     I'm a book author and profound thought leader. Best known for my quote: "DNA does not lie, detectives do." I am a leader in making others aware of the need to have prosecutors publicly post evidence when an arrest is made, including publicly posting DNA matches to crime scenes and relation DNA, such as the suspects sibling and/or offspring DNA to ensure the correct suspect is caught and caged. Failing to capture the correct criminals in any felony case is incompetent, reckless, extremely unsafe, and horrifically disastrous on so many levels. Since 2004, I have submitted upwards of 104 FBI Submit-A-Tip and 10 such FBI Submit-A-Tip on the FBI's new 2019 online forms (all in English). FBI Submit-A-Tip forms DO NOT have the feature to upload documents to support what a person alleges and is communicating as supportive evidence in a case; such as photographic evidence, hand-writing evidence, court documents. In particular, evidence of what I know and can provide concerning Cindy and her biological sons (Ric, Dave, and Mike Vander Ark) extensive and non-apprehended involvement with the EAR/GSK crimes and numerous murders. Some murders solved purposely incorrect by the American Government watching their backs, and some murders remain unsolved by the American Government purposely, boldly, brazenly, and very deliberately and very actively making sure Cindy and her biological sons get away with many murders across the board. If you were to report a human trafficking case on the FBI's Submit-A-Tip online form, on the second page is a red star line for the known *Passport Number, which means you have to input the red star info or the FBI online form cannot be submitted. If one was reporting human trafficking to the FBI, you would be required to also know the Passport Number of the victim. Making an FBI investigation into human trafficking nearly impossible, even though human trafficking and kidnapping across state lines or country borders is exactly what the FBI is paid by job duties to investigate and solve. In the 1970s and 1980s Cindy Stob-Vander Ark (now known as Cindy Honderd-Appel) told me that the FBI is heavily involved with human trafficking through adoption agencies and child protective services, such as Bethany Christian Services. Cindy told me that human trafficking is such big business monetarily and sexually for the FBI and a Jewish Organization, that she would never be prosecuted by the FBI for abducting Chicago-born-1964 Baby Paul Fronzcak from the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, nor prosecuted for any other Baby Abduction domestically or internationally, as the American Government and Jews have her interest and are actively watching her back. Concerned and responsible citizens and media>Please and immediately request Sacramento to publicly display the GSK/EAR DNA match findings of DeAngelo to the crimes, include DeAngelo's wife and children's DNA to confirm DNA relation. DNA does not lie, detectives do. April 2019> Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan, finally confessed that her son Ric Vander Ark shot Ashley Okland in 2011 in Iowa, Ric was the trigger man. Ashley Okland dated Matt Vander Ark in Iowa from 2008-2010. Matt's mother Lori Kay announced on a Christmas Holiday 2-page letter with photos, a photo of Matt VA with Ashley Okland next to a sofa. Announcing in the Holiday Letter that Matt and Ashley are/were to wed when Matt graduates from Dordt College in the spring of April 2011. Ashley is older than Matt VA by 3 to 5 years. Then Ashley ran-off with another guy, crushing Matt and Ric and Lori Kay of what they had envisioned as a future for Matt VA. Cindy then informed me in 2019 that Ric has been on murdering sprees in the USA and Canada, often with his sons, Jon VA and Matt VA. I had heard such facts in 2007, from Lori Kay (Ric's wife), however, I just selected not to believe. It's easier to not believe than face facts. Sometimes it is a lot to realize all the evil committed from such normal-looking-middleclass people! OMG

     I am not a criminal, nor am I crazy. I am not on drugs or alcohol. I am truthful. Truth is a wonderful quality!

     Sacramento DA's office to postpone Scapegoat DeAngelo trial indefinitely due to the highly illegal California and U.S. Government DNA cover-up? In 1986, Ric moved to Mt. Vernon, WA and began murdering in British Columbia after the 1978-1986 California murders. Google: Golden State Killer, The Book That Explains The Troubling Trial Delays. On April 10, 2018, I received a 3rd call from a Sacramento DA's cold case detective Mr. Ron Garvick at 1.916.874.6565. Garvick informed me that Ric's discarded DNA had recently been tested by the California FBI in Montana and Ric is indeed the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades, but the CIA is not allowing for Ric Vander Ark's arrest, and the case is now taking a turn. Therefore, the FBI would be profiling and pinning another for the California murders utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation.
     In the spring of 2018 Cindy (Ric Vander Ark's mother) informed me that she had a conversation with Gina Haspel and Gina in March of 2018, stated in bold confidence that the CIA would make sure another would be arrested in place of Ric for the Golden State Killer malice crimes (Interview administration at Stillwater Christian School, Kalispell, MT). Gina agreed with Cindy that Ric cannot be interviewed and exposed. June 2018, Cindy informed me that DeAngelo would die and the case buried. Or if the EAR/GSK court case goes to court> NO DNA evidence will be presented publicly by the prosecution or requested to be displayed publicly by defense attorneys for Joseph James DeAngelo. No DNA evidence will be made public. Only trust from the American Government to the people is allowed in any court case, ever! Transparency from the American Government to all people on planet earth is nonexistent. 1978- Daly's scrapbook is to her what Ric's stolen mementos do for him (Detectives should see Ric's storage units in multiple states). 1978- Ric showed me photos of him with Carol Daly. Call the FBI and Sacramento District Attorney immediately and demand the DNA match that apparently warranted for Joseph James DeAngelo's arrest to the EAR/GSK crime scenes to be made publicly available TODAY, publicly posted, create transparency within the American Judicial Court System. It is for everyone's safety, well-being, and for justice to be served properly and correctly. The FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, his staff of FBI agents, the CIA Director and her staff of CIA agents, numerous police and police detectives, Ventura County DA detectives such as Dirk Boone, Sacramento County DA detectives such as Ron Garvick, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Paul Holes, the entire County of Sacramento Board of Supervisors, President Donald Trump, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, the California DOJ and the Washington DOJ, are people from outstanding backgrounds that have graduated from prestigious American universities to then be elected by the American people and hire their staff of experts in various fields, are people that very much know what they have intentionally done to the American people and the intentional criminal harm inflicted upon the innocent. Such criminal negligence conducted and carried out by American authority is a brief understatement of actions rendered upon innocent people in America and Canada. CNN and NBC Wilshire Studios is shoveling buckets of money to now retired California Detective Paul Holes to keep fueling lies to the American people about the identity of the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer since the 1970s!

     OMG***** Understand your ideologies people. Understand the "American Power Vacuum System." American authority very much knows what they are doing to innocent American people by dubbing Scapegoat Joseph James DeAngelo as the one the American Government in conjunction with the American Mainstream Media, with great premeditation on their part, have jointly selected to dub as the Golden State Killer! CALL THE FBI MAJOR CASE LINE today folks, the FBI receiver of your call will inform you that Joseph James DeAngelo is the Golden State Killer, he has been captured and the case is closed at the FBI and no further information from the general public is needed. My only conclusion: The American Government and the American Mainstream Media is at its worst, and not to the benefit of any U.S. citizen.


Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo's Latest Releases-A Book Ban-Learn Why.
I am requesting the American Government to donate and stand with the Victims and stop the Cold War created by the American Government: 


     I would best describe my life as a deep investigative dive into the study of crime, the study of humanities, and the study into the components that glue governments together- for better or worse. The behavior of the American Government is so outlandish- and the American Media prefers- mute-as the criminals work undeterred- and threats and intimations from counties emerge:

     On November 28th, 2022, the Ottawa County Michigan Sheriff's Dept. in Michigan had a respectable sounding woman call me at my residence in Georgia to warn me "not to tell on Cindy and her sons, the uncaught serial killers murdering people in America." Or, in retaliation, she/Ms. Sampson (at the Ottawa County Intervention Crisis Team) would contact the Bartow County Sheriff's Dept. in Georgia and have me arrested for what I said about Cindy and her biological sons committing felony crimes. Her/Ms. Sampson's Midwest voice sounded distinctly West Michigan in accent, she sounded methodical, slow-steady speech pattern, with a base of reason and logic, a dash of sincerity, controlling, a tone of authority. Perhaps in her 30s or 40s. In addition, she/Ms. Sampson did not want me talking to anyone or emailing any police dept. or investigator in any State in America or Canada on what information I know concerning Janice Hooker, a colleague of Cindy's through Bethany Christian Services, regarding any abductions, torture, drugging, murders and the like, etc. The lady, Ms. Sampson, stated that I am crazy and there are resources for mental people that she can resource and provide if she had to, and she also stated that it was the Ottawa County Sheriff's Dept. and the Ottawa County Prosecutor that requested her/Ms. Sampson to call and put a stop to me reporting to the police and FBI about murders and kidnappings committed by Cindy and her biological sons and their colleagues. Beginning on November 28-30th, 2022, I received at my home multiple threats and intimidation from the women calling herself Ms. Sampson at the Ottawa County Crisis and Intervention Team to keep my mouth shut about what I know and remember about 1977 (when I was seven years of age). OMG! Who is paying her salary? The State of Michigan? Ottawa County? Bethany Christian Services? Ottawa County Michigan does not want the 1977 solvable homicide of Deb Polinsky solved- the authorities and the criminals alike do not want DNA Warrants issued as it would just open a can of worms into the police purposely not solving the 1977 Deb Polinsky unsolved homicide and the incorrectly solved Southern California Hillside Murders (1977-1980) committed by Cindy and her biological sons following the demise of Deb Polinsky mid-summer 1977. I am not going to shut-up about the corruption and the crimes. I strongly know that DNA Warrants should be issued on Cindy and her biological sons and the DNA samples placed in a National Crime Database to correctly solve many unsolved rapes and homicides and many scapegoated rapes and murders! Ottawa County, Michigan authorities have created a very unlawful situation of threats and intimidation towards me, simply because of what I know and what I can recall about the criminal family the State of Michigan placed me in through my abduction-to-adoption involving Bethany Christian Services. Ms. Sampson continuously calls and threatens me.


     My first book within my memoir series is available on Amazon to purchase, titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. The sequel, titled, The Woodpecker is resting on a literary agent's desk. I am hoping for a literary contract and publication of more secrets!



Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

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