Written in 2018 by

                        Lori “Cleopatra” Vander Ark

                       Approx. 175,000 word count

                 Volume II in the memoir series,

              I Remember Heaven Before Earth

I am not in Politics. For the most part, the world within America does not know me. However, I am an insider to Deep Politics in America, based on Cindy and others. 

1800s - Queen Wilhelmina's grandfather is William II of The Netherlands, and her grandmother is Queen Anna Palovna of Russia. Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia is married into the Dutch Royal Family Tree. Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia is also on Putin's family tree, so I learned through the CIA and Bethany Family Services. See yellow envelope rightside alongside the left column here. Take a look at photos posted on my blogs, a photo can be like a thousand words.

Please take the time to view photographs and more information on my blogs, such info and intelligence gathering that the American Government purposely shuns by those in charge of cases. I expose government officials inundated with cover-ups and why.

The American Government does not want me seen in America. The American Government does not want me heard in America. The American Government does not want me to be read in America. The FBI has told me numerous times that they want all of Cindy's victims silenced forever and the cases closed, sealed. I do not accept being silenced by the American Government because of what I know concerning American Government corruption. I am bigger and more powerful than the corrupt in America, I am the number 8, the American Government does not believe me, therefore the American Government continues to commit crimes against me and countless other victims. However, if I whispered the words "a new earth" into the correct ear or ears, what would occur on earth? Would positive changes occur? February 20, 2020-Ask any FBI agent any question about any of this posted information here or posted here on my blogs. Review my "teaching flashcards" alongside this column. Place a video camera set on record and make sure the audio is boldly on play. Post your findings on Social Media, as no American or British owned news station will ever broadcast your findings, let alone this information I have pushed forward since 2018. Between 2010 and 2021 I have received numerous emails and letters from Paradigm Literary Department, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), ICM Talent- Partners, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WMEE), the Levine- Greenberg-Rostan Literary Agency, and well over 100 other literary agencies, all informing me that the current American Government has requested literary agencies to NOT represent my manuscripts or any of my literary works. Apparently the FBI is the biggest culprit in slamming the lid on this information from going public. Consequently, the FBI would like to keep all Americans "in the dark." The American Government would like to keep all of this information "hushed," "not trending" "not talked about" "not read." The satanic cross is a symbol that has a double-handled sword piercing into the number 8 laid on the ground. The number 8 is very representative of me. The FBI is heavily involved and very covertly might I add, very involved with satanic worship, mass world-wide human trafficking, kidnappings, murders, and illegal adoptions. Men Who Stare at Goats? As of February 2020 the current U.S. Debt is 23.3 Trillion. The national debt clock in real numbers; what happens to a civilization and government when they all stop thinking? Do you know? Do you have an educated guess? When you go to work and pay taxes, what are you working for, working towards? Has your American Government informed you? Do you think the NAACP will disband and create an organization that cares about all people no matter the skin color or origin? The answer is obviously no. Do you think the Royal British Intelligence Agency will stop co-running American departments and agencies all on their own accord now that they have gained so much power in America? The answer is no, they are not going to loosen their grip on their power in America and the power they hold over the President and Congress. Do you think the Simon Wiesenthal Organization and the countless Jewish Organizations will ever stop co-running America? Between 1970-2021 most, if not all literary agents in the book or book to movie deal industry have either a Jewish last name or a British surname and will keep squeezing out what is not from their own origins, to then allow the dominance of the Jewish and English origins. The organizations I have just mentioned are all co-running America with greed, selfishness, lack of true intelligence, they are taking for themselves and spitting out trillions of debts for your ancestors to pay as they live in a carpe diem world that they created and will not let go of in how they have destroyed internally all they can and all they will. When evil cannot stop, then evil needs to be stopped. The song that suddenly appears out of the blue, is Stand by R.E.M. I think we in America are all supposed to just stand. Cindy of West Michigan 616, has always been collecting newspapers and newspaper clippings of her crimes and the crimes of her biological sons, as did her father collect newspapers of his crimes, Martin Stob the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run of Cleveland, Ohio. Stand by R.E.M. is very poignant, not stupid at all, but very revealing... The American Government values getting away with horrific felony crimes against others. Are Americans aware that the Covid-19 vaccination causes infertility and that is the precise governing reason the crown of Great Britain along with Queen Elizabeth's Intelligence Agency is mandating to "Ball-less Biden" to mandate by absurd law and policy directed towards all Americans to have the Covid-19 vaccination or else loose everything, such as jobs, college education, grocery shopping, traveling, will all be removed as a possibility for you or Americans in general. Hollywood/Beverly Hill's talent agencies are mandating to A-list celebrities to promote the Covid-19 vaccination or else!  Did you know that since 2020 American hospitals are given American Government funding to write that the cause of death was because of Covid-19? The conflict that will be arising is that other countries on planet earth disagree strongly with the "in-charge" American Government getting away with horrific crimes decade after decade. FYI- the Russians have perfected the talent of Astral Projection, and have since the 1970's. The soul leaves the body and travels boundless, infinite miles to project images with information of futuristic value. I do understand. When the Great Biblical Battle is over, a beautiful and deserving society will shine as they are in heaven, as they will be on earth. Right now, in this era, it's like that song by R.E.M. titled Stand. 1988 was a very significant year for me. The very valuable information posted on my blogs right here is just a glimpse of information each and every U.S. President and every level of the intricately layered American Government does not want the American people to know. It is very weighty information that every American should learn about, read about, invest time and gain knowledge. Such information that has become news in 2021 in other regions of the globe. Information that is not going away. I have a compelling perspective, a lyrical voice, and I offer plenty of fresh insight on important subjects that enhance and engage the reader "to think" for themselves. The 1990 Atlanta painting > is of me at age 20. However, I was told by the Vander Ark Family and the Stob Family of West Michigan that I was the age of three, two-years in a row during the early 1970s living on Pinewood Street in Jenison, Michigan, Lamplight Estates. The FBI will not allow any investigation into Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, of West Michigan, DOB: 12/13/1934. The FBI will block any interview or investigation into Cindy as the kidnapper of Chicago's 1964 abducted Baby Paul Fronczak, or any baby or child Cindy has abducted in the 1960s and 1970s. Decade after decade, the FBI will block any interview or investigation into Cindy's 3 biological boys that are responsible for the EAR/GSK crimes. In fact, the FBI will go to great lengths to make you not believe me, so that Cindy and her boys can continue committing felony crimes freely and unnoticed by the unassuming general public. I am requesting a written apology from the U.S. President and his men, the apology to be sent by FedEx and received at my residence no latter than 9/26/2021. I must also receive in that envelope an equally apologetic letter from the intelligence agency that co-runs America, an apology of sincere lengths from the Royal British Intelligence Agency for orchestrating my abduction as an infant and filtering my adoption through Bethany Christian Homes in West Michigan in 1971. The apology needs to include details of what the American Government and the Royal British Intelligence Agency is apologizing for within the two individual letters to be received in the same envelope. Ask yourself this question: If the actual truth would be considered "Politically Incorrect" would the American Government and the American Media, and the American Culture rule the actual truth obsolete? What if the detectives investigating are protecting the criminals from prosecution? The frame would widen. Join the bigger conversation that is occurring in all four corners of the universe: 

     The upcoming new moon on June 10th, 2021 at 6:52 a.m., ET, is also a powerful solar eclipse in Gemini. And as the second eclipse of the season, many signs can expect this cosmic event to usher in new realities. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruling over information, communication, and mental energy, so during this solar eclipse in Gemini, we can expect the reveal of information, especially from the past, to increase and to empower us to stand in our truth, rely on our intuition, and emphasize the power of discernment. Two to three thousand years ago the Magi studied the patterns in the night sky. The Magi, also known as kings and also referred to as Wise Men, were knowledgeable men of wealth and status who studied a combined subject of astronomy and astrology that had been passed down to them. Back in the ancient days, astronomy and astrology were not separated subjects.


     Aside from seeking literary representation to present my work to a large and established publishing house for publication of several unpublished manuscripts that I have authored in my collection of written literary works that engages the American mind to begin thinking again, ultimately my most selfish goal is to receive an honorary doctorate degree from Princeton University for my solid achievement in the distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. However, those in powerful positions would like me and other victims silenced......forever, and my knowledge and understanding crushed and forgotten.


     The Royal British Intelligence Agency works very closely with the CIA. Consider an intertwined vine with prickly briars weaving itself through police stations and detective offices to make sure certain felony crimes that could potentially put away a person for life; such as kidnappings, rapes, and murders are not solved correctly, or in their greater schemes, not solved at all. Forever mountains of American and Canadian cold case files to collect dust, scores of miseries and mysteries, leaving the murdered victims to scream unheard and unnoticed, removed of all rights and worth as a young individual. All the while, the criminals relish in pleasure, living free to kill again amongst a White society that remains in the dark.

     On August 17, 2021 at 10:18am, I received a startling email from Andrea Somberg who is a very well-respected literary agent at the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. Andrea wrote to me in an email and told me that she and others like her are very angry with me for stating publicly that Ric Vander Ark and his mother Cindy are murderers. Ironically enough, the Jewish community has also stated to me during my formative years in West Michigan, that Ric and Cindy look identical to Nero Caesar of ancient Rome. Both ancient and modern Jews believe that Nero Caesar is the Beast 666. Because the Beast 666 is associated with being the devil on earth, the Beast 666 is very protected by the tentacles of the Jewish community around the world. The "Big Three" would like for you to believe that I am crazy, and therefore not credible, and therefore the real criminals conspiring are able to run free from detection and prosecution.


     The intertwined communist vine threads itself in all facets of American life and politics to evade the countless score of murders it commits of Whites of non-British bloodlines, protecting the criminals from prosecution. To allow no criminal to be exposed to the point of capture and defeat. The murderers, British hired serial killers, grow a victim pool larger and larger for the British. Keeping the paid serial killers and plump police conspirators from making the news, as the vine decides what Americans are allowed to know as the news. The vine is almost impossible to detect, unless perhaps, one lives within such a family branch within the 1970s and 1980s. Perhaps then, just then, a glimpse into Deep Politics can take view, which is what occurred to me. I learned so much about America, the real America...

     If one was to say All Lives Matter to a Black person holding a sign of Black Lives Matter, they will shake their head at you. Try it. If you write in a manuscript that "All Lives Matter" each and every literary agent will make it very clear that they will not represent you, or in this case, represent my 2018-2019 literary work titled, The Woodpecker to an established publishing house for mass distribution, or any publishing house for that matter. I have been canceled since 2010 from traditional literary agency representation to an established publishing house for a traditional literary contract and million-dollar advancement to publishing process. If the U.S. Department of Justice requested a list and proof of each and every biased literary agent from my stash of papers on my desk, I would comply with the investigation. However, such an American investigation would never occur based upon the cultural climate within America. Ask yourselves this question, "If the truth is considered politically incorrect by the culture and institutions within America, would the truth then also be ruled as obsolete in America?" The answer is yes. Yes in the past, yes in the present and yes will continue in the future unless something drastic is done to emphasize the importance of the truth.


     Ask yourselves this question: Why would a literary agent not be daring enough, brave enough, to bring the American people the truth on the matter of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer's identity? True identity. Perhaps it is unbeknownst to the literary agent as to why they genetically do not have the inborn ability to care about past victims or future victims. Because the truth is politically incorrect, the truth is considered obsolete by those in charge. Perhaps it just is not in the genetic make-up of the current literary agents, to care. The impactful manuscript deciphers the complicated in a very gripping way. Controversially emerging as “the manuscript” that illuminates with purpose, it is everything the FBI would like to keep buttoned up, sealed, and never read. Gregory Griffin of the Major Case Team of the Grand Rapids Police Department located in West Michigan does not want any of this information investigated, I am in receipt of his email, which I have taken the liberty to post on Blog One #77-00010018 the 1977 unsolved homicide of Deb Polinsky. GRPD Mr. Gregory Griffin does not act alone in his intimidations, abuse of power, and complete dedication to protect the killers of the unsolved homicide of Deb Polinsky. Gregory Griffin, like the detectives before him, is dedicated in making sure that Kent County Michigan resident Cindy Honderd-Appel is never investigated for her 1964 kidnaping of Chicago-born Baby Paul Fronczak who became West Michigan's Paul Cline within 3 weeks after Cindy filtered Chicago Baby Paul's abduction to adoption process through Bethany Christian Homes/Services based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GRPD Gregory Griffin would throw his body on the Bethany Christian Homes/Services files before allowing any real detective to investigate any abductions to adoption files located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GRPD Gregory Griffin would protect Cindy from any Major Case Investigations, especially, crimes such as kidnappings and murders. In conclusion, staff positioning, is more than likely why Gregory Griffin was well-positioned within the power of a police department in charge of investigations. More than likely well-positioned by a large and powerful human trafficking organization based in West Michigan, that cannot be exposed, with roots throughout America; Police, Judges, and FBI on the payroll. Google the question: How many children go missing each year in America? Missing in the world? Each and every FBI Director appointed by the President of the United States of America, does not want Americans to know that indeed the FBI is and has been heavily involved with human trafficking, baby abductions, children abductions and adult abductions since 1960, when Cindy came onboard. The FBI does not want you to know the West Michigan woman who abducted Baby Paul Fronczak from a 1964 Chicago hospital and drove him to his new home in West Michigan. The FBI does not want Cindy arrested as that would open a whole can of worms into the hundreds of infants and children that underwent an abduction to adoption process through Bethany Christian Services and the FBI. The 1964 original Baby Paul Fronczak from Chicago and I have adoption paperwork through Bethany Christian Services, both him and I (1971) and hundreds of missing, had Cindy as our abductor. According to the Associated Press out of Chicago and WoodTV in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the FBI and police are threatening lawsuits, legal action, if anyone exposes the FBI and police as protecting Cindy from prosecution. Since 1960, Cindy the abductor, with many aliases, and usually wearing an R.N. nursing outfit provided to her by the Grand Rapids Michigan FBI, has worked with the FBI, hand in hand, to make sure an African American Judge signs Bethany Christian Services adoption paperwork. Once the adoption is completed, the kidnappers believe they have created a proper and  legal barrier for any proper investigation to actually take place into their crimes. The kidnapped victims are always molested by the FBI, and many murdered by Cindy and the FBI, as a means to rid the world of any evidence. Elaborate cover-ups go into place by the direction of the FBI. The FBI's human trafficking with Cindy that goes back to 1960, goes slightly noticed, always under investigated at the direction of the FBI, to the point of know return, dust in the wind.


     Ironically enough, most, if not all literary agents in today's modern world that I have queried since 2018, have rejected submitting my unpublished manuscript to a publishing house. Most, if not all of the literary agents have a Jewish last name, or an English surname that have rejected the notion or suggestion of representing  The Woodpecker. Is that a fluke? I do not believe so, I believe the truth about people and the truth about real history has a way of emerging and moving to a spotlight. One fact remains evident, each and every Jewish and English surname literary agent adamantly does not want to represent my manuscript The Woodpecker to a publishing house. Rather, they wish to refrain from the encouragement of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer files to be re-opened, re-examined, in a new light. Are my words politically correct? Or correct? Folks, sometimes the truth is politically incorrect. The American Government and American Mainstream Media in powerful conjunction with the British Government and British Media has created a world of bringing you the news, the outcome, and eliminated bringing the general public the actual evidence to support the news, the outcome. In turn, they have successfully conditioned mindless Americans and mindless British people to not think for themselves, as the British and American Intelligence Agencies work together with Ric and others like him, to murder and silence those of German, Polish, and Dutch ancestry. The two countries are constantly collaborating with big names and big companies and big businesses to create barriers for victims to be heard. For example, 60 Minutes News in NY, NBC Channel 8 WoodTV News Producer Carter Gent in Grand  Rapids, Michigan, has had this news since 2018-2019. The Associated Press has had this news since 2018, as has The Grand Rapids Press, and The Holland Sentinel in West Michigan. Oprah Winfrey has had this news since 2018, and believes that her audience, her followers, her network of people should not know this information, it is viewed as politically incorrect news, and therefore obsolete in value to save future victims, to warn future victims of what is occurring covertly behind the scenes in America to Dutch, German, and/or Polish prey. 



Learn to pronounce


  1. the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group

    "a campaign of genocide"

      The Woodpecker challenges common assumptions, you believe Paul Holes got it right. You believe that the American Government has not hurt you and will not murder you, ever. You believe the Mainstream American Media in conjunction with the Mainstream British Media in conjunction with the U.K. Government and the American Government in a conjoined common assumption, Paul Holes got it right. The two powerful countries, or should I write "accomplices" brought you the news, the outcome, and failed to reveal the evidence. Hollywood gave out awards and recognition in a California ceremony to honor NBC, CBS, BBC and Fox news reporters that covered the news of the hearings and trial of Joseph James DeAngelo. The American and British award-winning reporters that had covered the court hearings and trial of Joseph James DeAngelo graciously accepted the journalistic awards of excellence for their coverage of Joseph James DeAngelo. Governors clapped as the U.S. President applauded, "great work." What an absurd America! An intelligent pure-bred German-Dutch mind would innately, naturally scrutinize such bad behavior of those two countries, and scrutinize Hollywood! The corrupt criminals in operation hate such a mind. Why? Please google search this question, "Who monitors or oversees the FBI?" The answer that will appear is the FBI's activities are closely and regularly scrutinized by Congress, the US Department of Justice, and the Director of National Intelligence. However, I know for a fact those three agencies/departments do not have the intelligence and integrity to back up words with actions. Read on folks, the corrupt American Government should be completely disarmed of its national weapons and brought to a world court arena for the sake of the numerous victims in the past and to prevent anymore victimizations at the hands of the American and British Brutish Governments. The American Government  knows it is a huge detriment to the American people and a detriment to other countries, and yet the American Government continues covertly down the same path of continuing to harm and murder others, as does the United Kingdom. The Woodpecker is written by me, a concerned citizen with great knowledge of Deep Politics in America. Richard Craig Vander Ark (DOB: August 2,1955) and his biological brother David Lee Vander Ark (DOB February 1957) are the ones responsible for the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes. In 1986, Ric Vander Ark moved out of San Jose, California to the State of Washington, and according to his wife Lori Kay, Ric and her moved specifically after he murdered a 16-year old girl that he had met at a California beach. In 2007, just after Ric and Lori and their children moved to Somers, Montana, Lori Kay told me that Ric and the boys were going across state lines in every state in America and also into Canada and murdering women and men of non-British bloodlines, and that she was always finding evidence in their vehicles. Lori Kay told me that if I go to the FBI, the FBI is actually assisting many of Ric's crimes and cover-ups, and my reporting would go nowhere within the American Government due to Ric's status within the Royal British Intelligence Agency, an agency with status and influence over the American Government. Since 1977-1978 all of Ric's income comes in the form of  payments from the Royal British Intelligence Agency. America has joined Sacramento in the largest BET ever- on Paul Holes, a now retired detective, who never received an issued DNA warrant for Joseph James DeAngelo's DNA sample to compare to the EAR/GSK's DNA police and FBI case profile. What Paul Holes did according to Ron Garvick who works at the Sacramento DA's office on cold case files is corrupt. Detective Garvick called my residence on April 10, 2018  from 1.916.874.6565 and informed me that Ric Vander Ark's discarded DNA was gathered by the FBI visiting in Somers, Montana and  Paul Holes and the FBI are going to pin another very quickly for Ric's California crimes of murder. I asked Detective Ron Garvick why? Detective Ron Garvick told me "that Gen. David Petraeus cannot have you known, and what you said about him needs to remain confidential, therefore Paul Holes is in full cooperation with the CIA's plan to pin another for the EAR/GSK crimes. Paul Holes was guaranteed many things from the CIA in exchange for his cooperation. Whatever it is you know about 9/11 and General David Petraeus's involvement, the CIA does not want made into public knowledge for the record, it's just the way this will go, we are not calling the shots here, we are simply following orders. The CIA has their scapegoat.  And the CIA cannot have you known, they do not want you to testify under oath, the CIA does not want you questioned by reporters. Good-bye."     Ric and Dave actually have 1975-1978 FBI forensic sketches rendered of them on FBI Posters that the FBI posted online and on billboards across America in 2016. I have contacted the FBI over 105 times on this aforementioned subject matter, the FBI tells me that I am not credible and the FBI will hang-up on me. The American Government in conjunction with large and powerful organizations would like to keep me silenced, along with permanently silencing all of the other victims. In 1980-1981, Dave Vander Ark informed me that British sponsored American FBI agents were aiding and abetting Ric's murders in California and elsewhere. Only a courageous literary agent would dare to represent the secrets to an equally courageous established publishing house to bring the truth to the people in America.

*See a sampling of the photos posted on my Amazon Author Pages that will be displayed in the publication of The Woodpecker. The manuscript challenges common assumptions, and is the manuscript the American Government does not want a literary agent to represent. Attorney Robert Barnett who is a partner at the law firm Williams & Connolly adamantly does not want my manuscript The Woodpecker published and purchased by Americans. The manuscript content is exactly what the unscrupulous and powerful American Government does not want the American people to know about what is really going on in America. The deceitful American Government does not want the solvable 1977 Ottawa County, Michigan homicide  #77-0010018 of Deb Polinsky solved, or it would end the murder streaks going across America and Canada created by British sponsored $ Cindy and her biological sons and their sons. Profound literature engages the American mind to begin thinking again. However, will the CIA see to it that American, Canadian and British literary agencies, including Hollywood and New York keep me silenced and unknown so that the murder squad can continue? Are the Americans in power of spreading knowledge that awful to not want The Woodpecker to receive literary representation and a large publishing house to distribute pertinent information to the world? Such information that saves lives! The trial for Joseph James DeAngelo cost the California tax payers 20 million dollars between 2018 and 2020. Twenty million the good tax paying people of California will never get back from the American Government, as the American Government continues creating a hoax, a scapegoat, a cover-up, so that Cindy and her biological sons and their sons and other British sponsored serial killers and organizations just flourishing with the aid of the police and FBI and CIA can continue murdering Whites of non-British bloodlines and live their lives free of being noticed as the British sponsored- American born serial killers keep murdering within the unassuming society in America and Canada. The police, the FBI, the CIA, have so much blood on their hands! They are responsible for so many early graves of good people!!!!!!!!! Lock-up the entire American Government. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan informed me in 2020 that Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd and the other events that sparked the Black Lives Movement were sponsored events and created catastrophes by the Royal British Intelligence Agency to keep a lid on covert White killings going on in America and Canada, an agency institution that financially funds Cindy and the other serial killers that elude justice. Ironically, the covert murders of Whites of non-British bloodlines continues? Continues to go unnoticed by other news produced out of the U.K.  to then filter into the American airwaves as the news to focus on. The United Kingdom/Great Britain news media outlets, were the most active to cover the trial of Joseph James DeAngelo. The FBI was betting that the media blitz in March of 2020 of the government created Corvid-19 would prevent mass public scrutiny into the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer hearings and trial of their selected scapegoat Joseph James DeAngelo, closing a door on a scandal of corruption the FBI does not want publicly opened. Ask the U.S. President for much needed answers? The U.S. President is just a puppet. Americans are clueless, and the FBI knows this fact. Complacency and corruption as the general norm within any government transcends to the norm within a country, and is ultimately a dangerous morale, a cesspool, or rather a wasteland. Darwin would theorize the more intelligent, the higher quality of integrity of the people, the more powerful, will take over what? Americans sit in their teepees, the American Government sits in their teepees, waiting for change to occur naturally, as everything changes, nothing stays the same.

In 1998, I had a renowned psychic approach me and tell me that I would be compared to Erin Brockovich for what I know. The renowned psychic stated that many books and movies would be made on what I know and what I bring forth publicly. The renowned psychic stated "the people" would be rioting and bringing down the government on two continents. Ask yourselves this important question, the question that does not want to be raised by the NAACP: Has the NAACP ever in the history of the organization, ever protested about their rage of the death or murder of a White person? Is Black Solidarity in observance of all people, no matter your skin color? What does BET stand for on the cable network of CBS, Paramount +? Why is there not a CBS channel called WET? Super intelligent races do not divide and conquer! Super intelligent races of people think differently, they think outside the box.  Super intelligent people do not judge by skin color as a measure of a person's worth. The direction in America is a great divide, and in the end, historically speaking, if one was to examine history, the ones that do the dividing, are the ones that always lose in the history books. The American Government in conjunction with the American Media controlled by the British, would like to keep all Americans "in the dark", to their covert comings and going-ons behind closed doors. Since the 1960s and currently, America  has a communist disease threading through the heartland, weaving within departments taking control and power like an unshakable parasite to a host while America sleeps. Since the 1960s, the very organized and very large communist policy based BIG THREE organizations the 1) NAACP, 2) Simon Wiesenthal, and 3) the Royal British Intelligence Agency would like for me to remain the most marginalized voice in the world: The most marginalized voice for the thousands of White victims of non-British bloodlines. CIA Operative Bob Baer told me to my face in 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia: That since the 1960s, the NAACP,  Simon Wiesenthal, and the Royal British Intelligence Agency, all THREE have been working together like communists in America gaining control, and have since the 1950s and 1960s. Furthermore, I was told by Cindy and many CIA agents that each of the BIG THREE is a resource to the other, they create propaganda to keep the focus on them, there was some propaganda that was in the news in 2020. There is much you do not know. The BIG THREE paid Cindy and Chuck Vander Ark to kidnap Lisa in 1969 out of Mexico, and they did. Placing Lisa Pare in 1969 in Jenison, Michigan. Lisa Pare is the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler and Ava Braun. Adolf Hitler is not my biological father, rather Claus Von Amsberg is my biological father. My biological mother is a Dutch Royal. The British Royals had a plan for the world to hate the Dutch Royals and Dutch people in general. The British along with a Jewish organization wanted to display that the Dutch Royals are associated with Adolf Hitler and Nazism. I was then placed in Jenison, Michigan around 1971, in a campaign of the BIG THREE. ASK CIA operative BOB BAER!!!! CIA Operative Bob Baer told me to my face in 1992, that the BIG THREE control the American Media outlets in what Americans know as the news, and what Americans do not know in the news. CIA Bob Baer told me in 1992 that the BIG THREE, for the greater extent, control many court outcomes. Do you require more examples of the amoral BIG THREE? Ask yourselves why has USA Today News Network, or CNN, or the Associated Press news, or NBC News, or CBS News, or Fox News, ever produced a news article or news segment on this information? A) Because it is not true, or B) Because the BIG THREE do not want you to know this true information. Is it A or B folks? Need another example how the BIG THREE have turned America into Communist America? Unbelievable? Investigate. Please do investigate. Wake-up. Everyday I wake-up to a Communist America. Need another example? CIA John Brennan told me to my face in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, that my brother Ric Vander Ark is an uncaught serial killer known by the FBI as a non-apprehended serial killer, a protected from prosecution CIA operative, adding that "Ric Vander Ark, your brother, is just like the serial killer in the movie Citizen X," that was told to my face in 1995 by Obama's best friend CIA John Brennan!!!!  I never even saw the movie Citizen X until on vacation on Hilton Head Island in 2018. Need more examples of the unscrupulous BIG THREE? Does the FBI  want this information investigated? The FBI has discouraged the Media from investigating, at the great detriment of the unassuming general public. The FBI has gone to great lengths to convince U.S. senior intelligence officials that I am crazy, in the FBI's aim to paint me as not credible, not a credible witness to what I know, with an FBI strategy this information will not be investigated, and therefore, Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan 616 and her biological sons will always get away with many murders, murders of many Whites of non-British bloodlines, such information that should be investigated. The FBI does not want to draw attention to their evil deeds that go unnoticed by most Americans. The FBI does not want my unpublished manuscript titled, The Woodpecker to receive a publishing house. Again, the BIG THREE have been fast at work to keep infecting American courts and departments and to keep me silent. Will the BIG THREE win, or will the people win? The BIG THREE worship the Beast 666, that is what is wrong with America. During the 1950s and 1960s the British Royals began joining forces with the NAACP, The Royal British Intelligence Agency, and the American Media and the American Government and the Simon Wiesenthal organization to secretly remove and murder Whites of non-British bloodlines in America. A covert unprincipled British Intelligence plan going back to the 1950s. The British Royals theorizing that a Black America will be a America that will be easier to control. In fact, they enlisted "Cindy Stob" in the mid-1950s to work for them. Since the 1950s, the British Royals will only step-out of Buckingham Palace to comment on the death and/or murder of a Black American or any Black Americans for that matter. The NAACP has never protested on the death and murder of a White American. The Royal British hold on the American Media and the American Government and American Literary Agencies goes unseen by most Americans not paying attention to the exact thing the British Royals do not want Americans to notice about Cindy Stob, and the other covert murderers, murdering Whites of non-British bloodlines, just inquire to Billy Jensen and Paul Holes, both of English ancestry, and both working for the British. Furthermore, the U.K. wishing for the American police reports to forever collect dust in America. For the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer criminal files to remain sealed, removed from American minds and public scrutiny, so that they can continue with their covert plan for a British America, with Buckingham Palace as "the plantation house." What did Nostradamus predict about the Royal British line? Could Nostradamus foresee during the 1500s, what would be taking place now, uncovered in modern times? I do wonder.  Look up the word definition of: Apocalypsis. Latin from Greek: apokalupsis, from apokauptein, to "uncover, reveal."

     Without writing the words “legal thriller” as a genre, the manuscript content of The Woodpecker is about corruption, deceit, family saga, zero transparency within America’s legal systems and the definite need for transparency within America’s legal systems. The manuscript wholeheartedly spotlights the insane societal trust towards the ruling class and government officials that value money over people, such government officials that hail from the wrong side of the tracks. Paul Holes is a prime example. Paul Hole's 1990s Coors Light drinking buddies and partners in crimes> Richard Craig Vander Ark and David Lee Vander Ark. The American Government is a fraud, at the expense of so many victims! The American Government has gone to great lengths over many decades to make others believe that I am crazy or dead, I am neither. Why do Americans not know about all of this information as of June 10, 2021? A singular foreign country operates the majority of the American Mainstream Media, making this information very difficult to reach Americans. The singular foreign country that would like to make the world one, own the world, run the world, is the United Kingdom.

     Bombard yourself with the shocking information by taking a sneak peek into the avant-garde of compelling facts and stories well told by me. I am an unknown secret insider to deep politics and crime and justice in America.

     If you have a deep and abiding love for untold true stories, you may feel fortunate to receive my query today. My memoir series transcends from my personal experiences to shedding outstanding light on larger themes or societal concerns. I would best describe my unpublished volume II within my memoir trilogy series titled The Woodpecker, as “Big think, non-fiction.” I offer a fresh perspective on compelling information.

     If you are drawn to voicey non-fiction, gravitating towards slightly dark, boldly original, and forever interesting content to read and re-read, you may just want to consider representing my latest unpublished manuscript titled, The Woodpecker. A manuscript with fascinating forthcoming knowledge on current crime and cultural subject matter that quintessentially involves multi-generational family sagas.

     Take a peek, and do hurry to act, as I have already received an offer of representation from a U.K. literary agency based in London. I have not signed, as I feel the pressing content is more relevant to clueless Americans.

Think>RE: Books>Sudden Terror and I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.

West Michigan’s phone area code is 616, where the story begins……..In February 2019, I received a call around 6:30pm in the evening at my residence in Cartersville, Georgia from a Mr. Carter Gent, the NBC Wood TV news producer for Channel 8 News in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Carter Gent informed me that the FBI has sufficient evidence to arrest and charge Ottawa-Kent County, Michigan based Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel with the 1964 kidnapping of 1964 Chicago Baby Paul Fronczak. Kidnapped Chicago Baby Paul whom now resides in West Michigan as an adult,  began his life in West Michigan weeks after he (Baby Paul) was kidnapped by Cindy. Cindy worked as a fictitious R.N. nurse and fictitious caseworker for Bethany Christian Services under many different name aliases when entering hospitals around the globe. Baby Paul Fronczak was given the name Paul Cline through Bethany Christian Services in 1964, through an African American male probate judge named Judge Miles whom was on West Michigan based Bethany Christian Services human trafficking payroll, an African -American family of probate judges and attorneys still involved with human trafficking of White babies and White children to this day, as a punishment to White mothers and fathers of non-British bloodlines. Carter Gent indicated to me that the FBI was also involved with many 1960 and 1970 "baby crimes" involving Cindy as the FBI's criminal business partner in the world-wide White baby abductions, and therefore he highly doubted the FBI would arrest Cindy for the Chicago kidnapping of 1964 Baby Paul Fronczak, due to the fact the FBI was also criminally involved with many of the baby abductions in many Bethany Christian Services abductions to adoption cases. Carter Gent stated the Associated Press out of Chicago has evidence of who my biological parents are, and the Associated Press story was going to be released overseas first. Carter Gent informed me that the FBI has unraveled connections of more or less "a program" "a human-trafficking program" led by the British Royals and a British Intelligence Agency that has strong financial ties to the NAACP and American Politicians. The American FBI, the American Government as a whole is very aware that Paul Holes created a scapegoat for Ric and Dave Vander Ark and their mother for the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes. The American Government > together with the FBI are very aware the Hunt is Not Over for the real Golden State Killer. The American Government and the FBI know the real Golden State Killer remains at large, uncaptured, not apprehended, in order to fulfill his duty to the crown of England to dutifully keep hunting and killing Whites of non-British bloodlines in brutal slayings of the most brutish ways possible across America and Canada. I find this all unacceptable behavior carried out by the thrills of the American Government in conjunction with the Royal British Intelligence Agency.

*****Since 2010, I have had a numerous stream of American and Canadian literary agents announce to me that the Central Intelligence Agency in combination with the FBI does not want my information within my memoir series to reach Americans. Do agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency spotlight through the mainstream media what Americans should read or not read as relevant intelligent information? The American Government is a useless conglomerate to its own people, and should not be a world power. In fact, all power should be removed. At least the British Government is useful to the British. On February 3, 2021, I received a call from 1.616.215.1595, a female detective (Det. Sara Fillman) and her female partner, two female detectives from the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department located in West Michigan. The females informed me that the Deb Polinsky case from the summer of 1977, #77-00010018, was ordered not to be solved by the highest law in Washington, D.C. Unbelievable America! The American Government has allowed Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel and her boys to get away with murder! Not just Deb Polinsky's 1977 murder in Ottawa County, Michigan, so many other murders, kidnappings, and slaughters of humans!! Unforgivable crimes. Shame on the American Government for not preventing so many murders!!! Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s in Jenison, Michigan the population was around 30,000 people. In 2019 Jenison, Michigan the population census was 17,431. In 2000, Jenison, Michigan dropped lower in population to 17,211. Jenison, Michigan is primarily a Dutch Christian Reformed area with purebred Dutch people. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, along with her Ottawa County Sheriff's department, in conjunction with her biological sons featured on a 2016 FBI Poster, would prefer that no one of real authority investigates. The institution of the Royal British Intelligence Agency will prevent higher law enforcement in America from investigating the dwindling numbers. *Research this fact America> NO DNA warrant was signed by any level of American authority to test the DNA of Joseph James DeAngelo to the DNA of the EAR/GSK. The media created a frenzy through British led Paul Holes in who he wanted to name as the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer, and all of America jumped on the bandwagon of Paul Hole's doing. America "not thinking" is not a world power by any stretch.

     A revealing 2021 never before published book (manuscript) that sheds light on the possible true identity of the notorious Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run and several of his psychopath descendants, many of whom have also eluded being apprehended. The eleven gripping chapters showcase new light on famous murder cases, including the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer cases. My words and photograph evidence echo the need for transparency in the flawed American judicial system in America, flaws within a system that remain hidden to the general public, such revelations unveiled within my necessary impactful memoir series. Imperative reveals as to why detectives purposely will not solve a crime case or with premeditation will solve incorrectly to allow the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to remain off the radar and why. I was kidnapped overseas between 1968-1971 as an infant, taken by the same fictitious R.N. nurse that resides in West Michigan that abducted Baby Paul in 1964 from the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, our kidnappings were then filtered through a West Michigan adoption agency, Bethany Christian Homes/Services. Baby Paul Fronzcak and I were one of hundreds of newborns kidnapped by a powerful and connected to American law enforcement human trafficking organization that still is in operation in America. Kidnapped 1964 Baby Paul Fronzcak became Paul Cline within 3 weeks of his kidnapping through West Michigan 616 court and police systems. I was kidnapped and brought into the most powerful crime family in America. I devoted a chapter to the 1977 unsolved homicide of Ottawa County Michigan’s Deb Polinsky, and a chapter on the 2011 unsolved homicide of Ashley Okland of Iowa, both women murdered by non-biological family members of mine, cases the police detectives and FBI, apparently, do not want solved and prosecuted. I turn my life inside out in a tell-all volume II memoir. Within the series of books, I write about my life lived thus far and reveal the famous crimes of my adopted family. I shed astounding light on the piracy cold case of D.B. Cooper. Volume II of my memoir series takes a critical and often cynical perspective on such people and others that have entered my life at some point with their depicted camouflaged existence that I in turn expose with my mere words. I divulge secrets to those seeking information about the real, the dark, and the unusual, bringing to light edgy haunting true crime cases. Many crimes the American Government was a participant in the crimes and the cover-ups. The American Government continues to commit crimes against American citizens and others, then locates scapegoats for the crimes and cover-ups. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence, such evidence the American Government seals from the general public. In the history of the existence of the American Government, the government has never "corrected any wrongs" of its doing. It is as if the American Government has defective DNA located within the many brains of American Government elected and American employed workers. Five Washington insiders that need to be interrogated at once, that will never pass a serious polygraph test or in-depth real interrogation by officials, and all 5 should receive a DNA Warrant to compare to the DNA cataloged on the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer 1976-1986 California criminal cases, to enlarge the bigger picture of the crimes they committed  against the American people, the five men are: Christopher Mellon, Richard Craig Vander Ark, David Lee Vander Ark, CIA former Director John Brennan and Gen. David Petraeus. However, America prefers to keep their head in the sand (not a safe place to be) and allow the Washington insiders to continue with their crimes against American citizens and others in the world, crimes they do and will commit in America and beyond the borders. The American Government would like to keep a lid on the crimes and cover-ups and reporting. I disagree with American Government values. Others disagree with American Government values. Displaying my courage and tenacious spirit, I bravely wrote the avant-garde. Serious breakthrough reveals that invoke critical thinking woven into a very compelling set of stories. I would best describe myself as a “thought leader” and my memoir series in the exact groundbreaking genre of; “big think non-fiction.”   *Within the book there are also images and photographs and other evidence related to the content of what is written and exposed. *****Go to Blog #2, scroll through the information as "the bigger picture" of Biblical portions emerges.

                                                                                                     Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Update: On April 2, 2021, to my great surprise a U.K. based literary agency offered me literary representation. I have not accepted. I am mulling over whether or not to publish volume II within my memoir series, titled, The Woodpecker with a British literary agency. I am shocked the literary offer came out of London. I could not be more shocked, to be very honest with you. However, every week since November 2018, I receive weekly emails from American and Canadian literary agents that adamantly do not want the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case files re-opened and re-investigated. Many New York literary agents such as Jenny Bent from the Jenny Bent Agency have boldly emailed or called me (see blog #2) and have stated to me that because I am White, she and her agency will not represent me, informing me that only BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) are being represented for their literary work at this time, not White people. I asked her how long this will be going on, how long will White authors with unpublished manuscripts not be able to receive a publishing contract? Oprah Winfrey Network has had my information for over five years. White lives do not matter to the NAACP and their members. To even bring up publicly that all lives matter, not just Black lives, is a frowned upon statement in the current American culture. The NAACP throughout history has never protested against the trampling of civil rights with any other race of people than Black. Historically speaking, the NAACP has never rioted when a White person has been murdered, or any person murdered outside of a person of Black color. The NAACP boldly hates every race, but Black, and no American authority disbands the powerful NAACP as they run the American culture and convenient politics, pulling the puppet strings for only Black Lives Matter. Buckingham Palace will only speak out when a Black American is murdered. Buckingham Palace has never publicly spoken out about a White person of a non-British bloodline being murdered on American soil. Which begs the Biblical question: What has this world come to folks? The NAACP and Oprah and the Mainstream News and the American Government do not want you to know about this website here. Only Black Lives Matter on this land, or trending White people that only support people of color, like some kind of Black Solidarity Movement funded and fueled by Americans and British in power since 1960 to push out the rights and lives of Whites and have no one notice. Whites are being snuffed out and no media, including Oprah, will report any of this information and no FBI or police detective will bother investigating. I want a New Earth. I want a New Heaven, because when I left heaven to live this life on earth, Heaven was very empty 1968-1971. I want heaven full with my people, people with my values. Clear your heads Americans. A clean slate can occur with God's help. Who can assist me on earth to create a New Earth? An earth with my values, will indeed be the New Earth.

Number of the beast

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For other uses, see Number of the Beast (disambiguation) and 666 (number).


The number of the beast is 666 by William Blake

The number of the beast (Koinē Greek: Ἀριθμὸς τοῦ θηρίου, Arithmós toû thēríou) is associated with the Beast of Revelation in chapter 13, verse 18 of Book of Revelation. In most manuscripts of the New Testament and in English translations of the Bible, the number of the beast is six hundred and sixty-six or χξϛ (in Greek numerals, χ represents 600, ξ represents 60 and ϛ represents 6).[1] Papyrus 115 (which is the oldest preserved manuscript of the Revelation as of 2017), as well as other ancient sources like Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, give the number of the beast as χιϛ or χιϲ (transliterable in Arabic numerals as 616) (χιϛ), not 666;[2][3] critical editions of the Greek text, such as the Novum Testamentum Graece, note 616 as a variant.[4]

The Apostle John exiled on Patmos by the Romans, encoded his writing for his protection, the protection of the early Christians, and to sneak his writing past Roman guards who would destroy it. 'Kaisar Neron' in Greek transliterated into Hebrew gematria equals "six hundred sixty-six 666". 'Caesar Nero' in Latin equals "six hundred sixteen 616".[5]

I am aware that you may not believe in the Bible. However, I do. Read Matthew 24:7 today.


In the year 2012, the exact year the Mayans predicted the world was going to come to an end and a new beginning would occur, the BIG THREE went to the authorities in Michigan, filed a complaint in Ingham County (Mason, Michigan) at the 55th District Court that I was spying on them, Det. Harris was their spokesman and they even hired a Black Prosecutor to try and prove I was spying on the BIG THREE. The Black Prosecutor, was latter arrested and convicted a year later by the FBI on 13 counts of human trafficking, what was his name, oh, Stuart Dunnings III, his father was also an attorney in Lansing, also involved with the African-American family business in Michigan of human trafficking of Whites of non-British bloodlines. The BIG THREE in 2012, were adamant that I spy on people to gather my information. I do not spy on people, well, maybe when I was a little girl I would spy on people. I truly feel that God has placed me in all the right areas in life to bring this information of concern to the American people, which has nothing to do with spying.  

*Key> On July 8, 2021, I received a call at 1:36pm from 404.593.4898, the man claimed to be an FBI agent, giving me warnings to stay quiet about what I know and what my family knows or the FBI was going to have me and my family murdered. The man on the other end of the phone was a man with many different aliases, one such name he goes by is "Mark Stevenson." Mark heads  a group of Jewish real estate investors, Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan and Rowland Springs Estates in Cartersville, Georgia are just some of the many Jewish-investor neighborhoods built and developed by a Jewish investing group. In the seven years I have lived in Rowland Springs Estates, I have noticed that consistently three (3) households are constantly bringing in and out of their households; asleep, lifeless bodies of blonde-haired children of all ages and sizes, carried by a woman that calls herself June and her muscle-head younger guy that assists her goes by the name Jeff. Both Jeff and June work for Mark Stevenson, info according to all three. The 3 households in Rowland Springs Estates are: 28 Aaron Lane, 301 Boulder Lake, and 23 Bluestone Way, formally known as 23 Granite Parkway. Mark Stevenson spoke at me and told me that he heads a Jewish group that collects debts owed to his people. The FBI is heavily involved with human trafficking money, I highly doubt the FBI, the ones that are supposed to investigate will actually investigate human-trafficking in America. The American Government is dangerous and harmful to those that they can prey on. In ancient numerology the number three is associated with "the end times." The number three in numerology means something hidden, something not revealed, that will be revealed at a later time. Very significant. The term "free coffee" is a term child molesters use to communicate to one another within a neighborhood association. *Open the millions of adoption files 616  404. According to John and Brooke at 11 Altar Rock Ct. NE, Cartersville, Georgia, John spoke at me and told me as he yelled at me that the U.S. Government thinks I am crazy and therefore not believed by anyone, which apparently is some kind of USA American Army plan, all according to John. My response? American Army Intelligence is precisely an oxymoron, a real moron. 

Why do Americans not know about this information posted here? In conclusion, if the truth is considered politically incorrect, the truth is obsolete in the United States of America by those who are running America, operating America. The current society on planet earth is requiring great improvement. I am the Truth, the Light, and the Way......Who am I? Do you know me? More people should be like me.

Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023

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