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CIA Bob Baer told me..... Some Crimes are Solved Incorrectly and Some Never Solved for a Reason

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

CIA Bob Baer told me in the early 1990s (to my face/ in person) that a Jewish organization connected to Simon Wiesenthal and the CIA and the British Intelligence Agency connected to Bethany Christian Services abducted me and many other babies in abductions to adoptions. CIA Bob Baer told me that Lisa Pare my neighbor growing up was also abducted by Cindy, the woman who raised me. He asked me if I knew that in fact Lisa Pare is Adolf Hitler's biological daughter, I responded with "no, but I had heard that before from Cindy, I don't believe it though."

Bob Baer told me to my face in the early 1990s that the Pentagon was experimenting on infants of all races in a Darwin Baby Project that began in 1960 and is currently still going on and the Pentagon had a big part in Cindy getting away with many world-wide baby abductions that would have naturally put a person in jail for a long time. I responded, "I remember Cindy telling me that I naturally reached for food and I was standing in my crib by age 3 months, and I was talking by 3 or 5 months and walking at 10 months, and that the government was interested in my early development in some ongoing comparison study to other infants in her care."

CIA Bob Baer also told me to my face in the early 1990s that my grandfather Martin Stob was a founding father in the CIA and was also the the non-apprehended Mad Butcher, a serial killer. Then Bob Baer asked me, "do you call Cindy's father Martin Stob 'grandpa'?" Then CIA Bob Baer asked me, "Do you call Cindy, the woman who raised you, 'mom' or Cindy?" Before I could answer CIA Bob Baer, Bob Baer began laughing with another CIA agent, as the other CIA agents nudged at CIA Bob Baer laughing and joking and loudly boasting among themselves, "Our founding father was the uncaught Mad Butcher."

************I do not think that CIA Bob Baer could pass a polygraph test if he tried to deny what I have disclosed here.

CIA Leon Panetta in the early 1990s told me to my face as we sat at a table together that Diane Umstead is not my real mother. He told me that Diane Umstead is paid by the government to play the role of biological mother to many Dutch, German, and Polish adoptees. CIA Leon Panetta told me that my real mother is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. CIA Leon Panetta told me that Cindy and the brothers I grew-up with are in fact serial killers and that the American Government has decided not to arrest and charge them as that would draw attention to the role Cindy has played in the past and the covert dealings Cindy had done for the Pentagon's Darwin Baby Project. Then CIA Leon Panetta paused and looked long and hard at me and remarked, "Germans really are the most intelligent out of all the races of people, your father may have been a German." Then CIA Leon Panetta remarked that the information he (Leon Panetta) gave me cannot leave the room. For the longest time I did remain silent. Then I felt compelled to share the truth. I do not believe Leon Panetta could pass a polygraph test on this subject matter.

*Please note I have never had sex with any CIA agent, ever. What is very apparent is that the Pentagon began a Darwin Baby Project that the Pentagon would like to keep a lid on forever. Those adult individuals over the years, since the infant project start date of 1960, those adult criminals veered off and escalated to numerous other crimes. Such as, but not limited to; many other kidnappings, many other murders, all of which the Pentagon is protecting from prosecution, as those prolific criminals can, or at one time could, and can be traced to notorious unsolved cases, or not solved correctly cases in time. Such as the unsolved case files of D.B. Cooper (Doing Business as Cooper/Charles Vander Ark Jr. deceased since Cindy murdered him in1986) and his friend and criminal associate the Zodiac Killer (Mr. Cline whom passed away of cancer in the early 1990s), both longtime residents of Lamplight Estates in Ottawa County, Michigan (616). Mr. Cline (a former FBI agent) was married to Marge Cline until he passed away. Marge Cline is a very nice lady. On the night of the Airplane Heist Mr. Cline placed tracking devices on D.B. Cooper/Charles Vander Ark Jr., when D.B. Cooper landed, he (Charles Vander Ark) broke about every bone in his legs and knees and was in the hospital for 6 months with leg casts following his leap from the air with the loot. Again, the FBI has solved the case, and had solved the case back in the 1970s, but the Pentagon is ordering a lid placed on any crime of D.B. Cooper (Charles Vander Ark Jr.) and Zodiac Killer whom is Mr. Cline of Jenison, Michigan. The phone area code is 616 in West Michigan.

The criminals have paths to the Pentagon's protection of their deeds due to the criminals involvement with the 1960s and 1970s Darwin Baby Project. And, according to numerous FBI agents that have called my house in 2021 to talk at me, the Pentagon's Darwin Baby Project is an infant testing project that is still ongoing to this day in 2021. I was told by Cindy and several now retired CIA agents that the Pentagon staffs doctors world-wide for the Darwin Baby Project. In fact, since 1960, some doctors will write "stillborn" and have the infant that was never dead to begin with, smuggled out of a country with an abduction to adoption process and human trafficking organization in place, from hospitals to courts to homes.

CIA John Brennan told me to my face in the early 1990s (Atlanta, Georgia) and to my face in 2012 while I lived in East Lansing, Michigan, that Ric Vander Ark will never be arrested for any crime he commits because of his loyalty to the CIA. John Brennan around 1995 told me to my face that my brother Ric Vander Ark (non-biological brother Ric) was like that serial killer in the movie Citizen X. I told John Brennan I had not seen the movie Citizen X, and in fact it was not until 20 years later that I actually watched the movie Citizen X. John Brennan compared Ric Vander Ark in 1995 to the serial killer in Citizen X. I learned from several sources that the CIA is giving orders to the FBI not to open a can of worms on Cindy and her biological sons for the numerous slayings of innocent people, the Pentagon is a building that severely lacks people with intelligence and brains that operate proficiently. The old cliché about the truth on matters could not be a wiser statement, "The truth always comes out in the end."

of his loyalty to the CIA.

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