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East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer expanded, committing many more murders after 1986 in California

Updated: May 8


____________________________________________________________________l***** "Let me put the American Government corruption amount in perspective for the world at large, aside from the mounting and ever-growing American Debt numbers, Ashley Okland was born in 1983. If Carol Daly of the Sacramento County Police Department was not Ric Vander Ark's partner in crime for the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes, (such crimes that will never be brought to a formal court trial of law in America), Ric and Dave Vander Ark never would have escalated to the 10 plus murders in California between 1978-1982. Brian and Katie Maggiore were a young newlywed California American military couple the American Government could absolutely care less about, the FBI could care less about, the California police and detectives could care less about for decades upon decades. Brian and Katie Maggiore were an All-American happy couple that absolutely were very unjustly shot down in cold-blood by Ric Vander Ark, as Dave Vander Ark watched in 1978 and then told me of their California crimes and murders in the summer of 1980, in Jenison, Michigan. If Ric was apprehended in Sacramento for the numerous break-ins and rapes of 1975-1977, so many people would be alive in America and Canada today 12.8.2019, beautiful wholesome people that had wonderful lives that Ric decided to end, cut short, and the American Government knew and knows, and has no intention of arresting and charging one of their own. There are so many felony cases the American Government will continue to overlook, many highway murders Ric's wife told me he committed and the FBI knows and does nothing! And not to the safety of you or I, therefore, I completely, wholeheartedly find the entire American Government behavior unacceptable. A New Order, a New Government needs to rule and serve the people. Before I was born on earth in 1970-1971, I found the behavior, the actions, the decisions rendered by the American Government as "unacceptable to heaven's standards." I Remember Heaven Before Earth, how about you? Meet me in the clouds, if from heaven, you truly understand the meaning on earth, as I sense the time is near for God's Judgement of the wicked, the non-believers of truth and justice. Of course, it's just a feeling I have. Since 2010, both mainstream and evangelical literary agents in the U.K. and America have told me "the government does not want you seen, heard, read or believed, no matter how strong and convincing the material, the government does not want your manuscripts distributed and read by the people." If the government in the U.K. and America is controlling and manipulating the talent agents with orders, the government also has to be controlling the talent that is represented by literary and talent agencies, controlling and manipulating what is read and distributed and disseminated to "the people." For decades upon decades now, the American police and American federal, state and county detectives communicate with overt reiterations, a very similar theme and tone they take with me. Such as they have said to my face and/or over the phone or emails received, "Authority in America has taken a stand that felony crimes against you do not matter and the offender will not ever be punished, as you know by now that crimes against you are completely irrelevant to anyone's job duties." I am not the only victim that has been silenced by powerful vacuum governments, sucking up people's tax dollars, only to then pay themselves (the government) government salaries, massive health benefits, and ample pensions, and in turn the power vacuum government continues endlessly to intentionally hurt and abandon the people the government claims to serve. It is not right. I am calling for a massive revolution, like it or not."

"Since 2010, U.K. literary agents and American literary agents are very adamant with me that "the government" that "intelligence community" that "the CIA" absolutely does not want me seen, heard, read or believed. As of December 12, 2019, according to family sources, smug and cunning Richard Charles "Ric" Vander Ark, age 64, and murdering since age 23 years old in 1978, is a non-apprehended serial killer in the American West and thinks it is laughable that law enforcement has never served and administered a DNA warrant to stop him from murdering anymore or Dave VA. According to family members, David Vander Ark is fretting and worried that eventually law enforcement will come pounding on his front door to serve a DNA warrant to solve for the murders and felony crimes that Ric and him were very much involved with in California and elsewhere. Two totally different personalities, both are each other's natural blood brother, and both Ric and Dave were very much involved with the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes in California while they lived there. Do you think the FBI cares about their job duties? Do you think the police and police detectives care about their job duties? Time will tell, it always does. Revolutions work that way."

~Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Revolution: In political science, a revolution is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population, or an agency such as the FBI or any law enforcement department in any city revolts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression or political or governmental incompetence. (Latin: revolutio, "a turn around").

Since 2010, U.K. literary agents and American literary agents have been very forthcoming with me, with acknowledging the huge scope of how the government in the U.K. and the government in the U.S. influences which manuscripts and which authors receive the "o.k." from government sources on which manuscripts will receive literary publishing contracts, approval for publication from government sources for a manuscript to evolve into a published book for purchase. The government sources are constantly deciding which manuscripts are "acceptable for dissemination" to the people. Massive governments are deciding through well-established literary agents which manuscripts will be published, and which authors will be silenced and not receive a literary contract. Basically, when one walks into a bookstore, one believes the choices are immense, but rather large governments are deciding what reading choices will be made available to the general public to ensure a "sleepy society" remains cloaked to the behind the scenes activity of large governments that may not have your best interest in heart. Do you believe me? You need to believe me!


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