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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

The CIA and FBI and corrupt police and corrupt American judicial court systems will intentionally push Joseph James DeAngelo's trial years down the road, deliberately never revealing the DNA evidence! Keep in mind, America's most notorious serial killers on historical record thus far, such as, but not limited to; BTK, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy, all had their court trial within ONE YEAR of their arrest! But then again, those serial killers and their vile hobby murders had nothing to do socially with very convenient ties to the corrupt and brazen Central Intelligence Agency that the real EAR/GSK has possessed ties to since the 1970s. Exposed: A Central Intelligence Agency that warmly invites murderers into their criminal club and the unlimited resources that go to bat for the guilty. The defendant DeAngelo is very unlikely to take a plea in a court of law or give a plea as he is the CIA's scapegoat in a propaganda plan cooked up by the American government. A DNA propaganda plan that the trusting American people would believe, and will believe for years to come, as the real Golden State Killer escapes justice with the aid of the American government at its worst. Ric Vander Arks' exact years in California, 1973 to 1978 Sacramento, 1978-1986 San Jose/Sunnyvale, California. In 1980-81, at age 10-11 years old, I sat in Dave Vander Ark's blue hatchback during the summer in the driveway of the house on Curwood Drive in Lamplight Estates in Michigan when Dave announced that Ric killed Char in California using a log from her fireplace and announced that Ric hit Char's head until she was dead after Char ran off and married another guy (Lyman Smith). Dave had a large and colorful bucking bronco and cowboy with big brown chaps tossing up a yellow rope tattoo on his right forearm removed in Michigan in 1980-81. A tattoo Dave had professionally etched on himself in California, the cowboy tattoo had a red scarf around the neck and a colorful light blue shirt with white stars on the upper chest area. Ric met Charlene on a Southern California beach directly following his 3-month marriage in San Jose and divorce from Marcy in 1978-79, he began dating Char in California, he sent photos to Cindy in Michigan of Char in 1978-79. Char was older than Ric and that angered Cindy, as Cindy wanted grandchildren. The U.S. government does not want the trusting American general public to even comprehend that Ric Vander Ark was discharged from the U.S. Air Force in Sacramento in 1975 for rape! The U.S. Air Force officer's wives were Ric Vander Ark's first victims within a series, a sequence of holding people captive and raping the woman, as the man, the male victim of Ric's crimes were always tied-up to watch in frustrating horror as revengeful Ric demonstrated the upper hand towards his intended targets > To destroy as "Death and Hades" takes. Taking whatever he wants, just like his own criminal mother Cindy, who in the DeAngelo case, her and her counterparts of power have now inadvertently destroyed the American judicial system at it's roots. Cindy is wholeheartedly in the category of monster. It is all in the book, a must read memoir series of astounding reveals written by the much younger, non-biological sister of the real EAR/GSK. Which begs the question, How long will Sacramento, the American Government across America, Hollywood, and Mainstream Media keep the wool over your eyes? Please see the 1995 film Citizen X. In the 1980s, serial killer Andrei Chikalio embarks on a 8-year killing spree, murdering 52-people. (Stephen Rea) wants to put a stop to the killings, but the Soviet bureaucracy obstructs him at every turn, insisting a Communist Party member could not be the killer. Burakov is determined to catch Chikatilo aided only by his cynical superior (Donald Sutherland) and a frightened but determined psychiatrist (Max von Sydow) in this true story. 

In Old English, Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein, means to "uncover, reveal," which is what I did in my apocalyptic memoir series. Sometimes reveals lead to the destruction of a former belief of something. Visit my blog/author website I opened on July 15, 2019 after Amazon officials began removing information on a off and on basis that I had posted on my Amazon Author Pages :, I now make sure my website here has information in which to gather leads and solve crimes, which is the whole point of posting information. 

     What Americans need to fear the most? California has a tragic false reasoning that Ric's crimes and trail of blood ended in 1986 when he left San Jose, California and moved to Mt. Vernon/Redmond, WA. California is lying about so much concerning the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes- and not to the benefit of your safety or mine! Ric is a massive serial killer entitled to operate without being apprehended since the 1970s!? Same goes for his mother Cindy, some of the most dangerous individuals tied to a corrupt system. Ashley Okland- Was killed by a gun shot wound to her head and chest while holding a real estate open house in West Des Moines, Iowa in Polk County on April 8, 2011 in a townhouse. The manner of how Ashley was shot coincides with Ric's earlier California murders, he shoots when he does not have time, and he bludgeons to death when he has time at the crime scene. Ashley Okland was 27, great smile, educated, middle class, great future, looks tall, thin and beautiful, if you research Ric's victim pool, she was exactly his victim type. Ric's M.O. of victims involves "transference" a theoretical phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings, a pattern of his rapes and murders. EAR/GSK Victim # 5 in California resembles Ric's mother, both in mannerisms and looks. The 1986 California victim bares a striking resemblance to Marcy, Ric's first wife of 1978. Ashley Okland is the girl that Matt Vander Ark was dating in 2008-2009 in Iowa, they met at college or church, she was a physical therapist and had already graduated from college, as Matt was still in college at Dordt. Cindy showed me a picture in Michigan in 2008-2009 of Matt with his Iowa girlfriend, Cindy pronounced her last name with a Midwest twang on the O "O-kLund", she was of Dutch heritage and about 3 years older than Matt. Cindy stated Ashley was financially helping Matt and they were going to marry in 2010-11 when Matt graduated. Then look at the proximity to the crimes> Two of Ric Vander Ark's boys (Matt & Derek VA) were attending Dordt College in 2011 just 30 miles from Polk County when Ashley Okland came face to face with Ric Vander Ark. Theory of Motive: Ashley learned from Matt about Ric's past murders, Ric is in self-preservation mode. In mid-June 2007 in Flathead County, Montana Ric's wife told me to my face that Ric is traveling and murdering women from state to state (see cold case murders committed near major highway routes). I stated, maybe Ric is just having an affair. Ric's wife then informed me, "no, I am constantly finding blood, and hair, and women's underwear in the vehicles." On June 4, 2007, Ric was traveling through North Dakota after visiting Sioux County, Iowa where his son Matt VA received a college scholarship to Dordt College, they also traveled to Jamestown North Dakota to check out the University of Jamestown which is on HWY 52 that also runs through Minot, ND, the exact time, the exact proximity to Anita Knutson at the time of her unsolved murder! Ric specifically stated to me that he traveled near the Canadian border on his way back to Great Falls, MT. On June 4, 2007 Anita Knutson was murdered in her apartment in Minot, North Dakota, just 2 weeks PRIOR to Lori Kay telling me her husband Ric is traveling and murdering woman from state to state. Anita Knutson and Mollie Tibbetts resemble Lindsay Vander Ark (Ric's only daughter). The CIA will comment that I am crazy, insane and not to be believed. In 1977 (I was 7) Mike VA came home from Sacramento and told me he is not going back to California because Ric shot a guy while running through backyards in attempt to successfully get away. Mike became afraid of Ric. In 1980- Dave VA told me that Ric killed Char by hitting her in her head with a log from her fireplace when Char ran off and married another guy (Lyman Smith). On 4/22/2019 I spoke with the FBI in Billings, Montana. On Thursday 4/25/2019 at 7:36pm EST Matt Van Derark called my residence in GA with an over the top intimidating attitude of control and tough guy, threatening me that I am going to end up with a bullet in my face for talking with the FBI, and to stop talking about Ashley Okland if I know what is best for me. Caller ID reads: Matthew Van Derark 406.871.0615 at 7:36pm on 4/25. Matt VA continues to call with threats. Matt VA continues to ask me and ask of my husband Ed to stop the investigation. 

     June 2018, Cindy (Ric's mom) informed me that DeAngelo is going to die in a jail cell so that the ones involved can bury the case from mass public scrutiny. Cindy told me that DeAngelo is not going to make it to trial. Sacramento nor the CA FBI will thus be required to present any evidence if DeAngelo dies once dubbed the Golden State Killer and captured. Cindy then informed me Paul Holes and various media outlets (fake news) were directed by the CIA to put forth to the public who the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer is in lieu of a trial and traditional Due Process. The FBI and/or police have allowed Cindy to continue with her compulsion killings and her son Ric to continue with his compulsion killings over so many decades and so many lives cut short. Many, many innocent men have been incarcerated for Ric's crimes in America since the mid-1970s. Ric is exactly like his mother Cindy and maternal grandfather Martin Stob, they select Christian and middle class communities in which to camouflage themselves! Making the police go in circles, Jurors that wanted the crimes punished no matter the person on trial. So many crimes and many crimes solved incorrectly over many decades! The FBI and detectives alike care about their daily salaries, pride, pension, health benefits, not about your safety or mine, that has been made obvious. What big secrets did I learn in Okemos, Michigan that would prompt the Meridian Township Police to come unannounced and unwelcome to my front door day and night to give me death threats on behalf of? I then began receiving voice scrambler and recorded threats at home from obscure phone numbers that continue, persist to harass and intimidate me for over a decade now no matter where I reside! FBI in Billings, Montana, thank-you for calling (4.22.2019), please end government criminal negligence and conspiracy and criminal cover-ups (plural) of the many rapes and murders, not just in California. Stop allowing Paul Holes to utilize every government resource, mainstream media, and cable movie channels (Oxygen and I.D.) made available to him and his associates to cover-up their chronic crimes, including utilizing millions of dollars in taxpayer money in the process of conducting their elaborate California cover-up schemes of their crimes. Montana FBI- place Ric Vander Ark's DNA into the national crime database and end the no bond allowed of an innocent man of the EAR/GSK crimes held in a jail cell with no court trial date on the docket for Joseph James DeAngelo costing California taxpayers upwards of 20 million to prosecute scapegoat DeAngelo, which has nothing to do with "miscommunication". Ric and his mother Cindy can murder any day and anyone for so many decades now- STOP enabling such criminal behavior entitlement! The police and FBI detectives are never arrested and prosecuted for putting innocent people behind bars to rot! Common sense; A Jury will punish the crimes based on who the detective and prosecutor accuse. Demand truth and transparency from the Sacramento California Prosecutors> request the 1976-1986 California East Area Rapist /Golden State Killer's crime DNA to be made public.

*According to Cindy in April 2019, Matt's grandmother, in 2011, after Ric and Matt Vander Ark murdered Ashley Okland on April 8, 2011 at a real estate open house in West Des Moines, Iowa. Matt Vander Ark then went into hiding in Montana, and changed the spelling of his last name slightly, to not be located by police in a search of suspects to be questioned in Ashley Okland's murder case in Iowa. I learned who shot Ashley Okland in April 2019, from Cindy, Ric's mother and Matt's grandmother whom lives in Michigan. Matt is my non-biological nephew.

The Sacramento Supervisors do not want the DNA of Joseph James DeAngelo posted next to the DNA documented of the EAR/GSK crimes, especially in relation to anyone that is related to DeAngelo. Sacramento is a typical city in America, corrupt, run by corrupt people and officials. An intelligent and moral U.S. President should immediately stop all federal funding to Sacramento and cities just like Sacramento. Excuse me Mr. President, make that the entire State of California ^

Beginning in April 2018, the Bartow County Sheriff's office began calling me at home in Georgia DAILY, when I say or write the word DAILY, I mean Daily with a capital D, with the exception of Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday, warning me that I better shut-up about my brothers, shut-up about Ric Vander Ark, and Dave Vander Ark, and shut-up about what I know about Cindy. The police stop calling as soon as my husband pulls into the garage at 10 Altar Rock Ct. Cartersville, GA 30121, and the police do not give me threats by phone on the Saturdays that my husband works, they must know Ed's schedule. I receive no less than 8-16 warning calls per day, DAILY, with minor exceptions. Sometimes the Georgia Bartow County Police are bold and they come to my front door and warn me to my face to not blog about the school systems or blog about Ric or the CIA. Sometimes the Bartow County Police rest at the base of my Georgia driveway and harass me to my face at the base of my driveway (just like Okemos, Michigan the Meridian Township Police), they park their vehicles aimed at my house or while I walk in my neighborhood. In Georgia- ever since April 10, 2018, the last time the cold case Detective Ron Garvick called me from the Sacramento District Attorney's office. A clear pattern has emerged in my mind, my memory, many states away from Georgia USA:

2011, the very month, April 2011, that Ric Vander Ark shot Ashley Okland in Iowa, the Meridian Township Police in Okemos, Michigan, such as officer Christy Lysik of the Meridian Township Police began banging on my front door at 2374 N. Wild Blossom Ct. in East Lansing, Michigan, warning me to stop contacting the Grand Rapids FBI about my brothers and what I know they did to people.

Among all the other things I have posted to investigate, clearly one needs to investigate who is contacting the police to then make the police give me threats and warnings and harassment to not talk to the FBI about my brothers. Read everything I have posted on my author biography on my Amazon Author Pages, everything! Clearly, a person, a group, a department, an agency, has been fast at work ordering people such as the police to harass me and intimidate me into silence. Ironically enough, I was raised by brutal Cindy, and therefore it will be impossible to scare me or intimidate me into becoming something I am not>silent and demure.

Case No. 12-01740 was filed and pushed through the 55th District Court in Ingham County, Michigan in June of 2012 by CIA John Brennan in a CIA covert "power vacuum" measure but easy to uncover maneuver, in which John Brennan used a court system to silence me for 5 years. CIA John Brennan and seated at the time U.S. President Obama court ordered behind the scenes for Ingham County, Michigan Judge Thomas Boyd to court order me (sanction me) to NOT CONTACT the FBI or any governmental entity for up to 60 months/5 years, as a drastic government maneuver in June of 2012 to silence me in all I know and all the U.S. Government does not want made public or investigated. = John Brennan lost his security clearance over case #12-01740, so I was told by several CIA agents and police in 2018. Ironically, in 2018, is when the Georgia, Bartow County Sheriff's office began harassing me DAILY, for no apparent reason. 11 Altar Rock Ct., directly in front of my mailbox and garage, is a house the Bartow County Sheriff's office will utilize to harm and intimidate me, including untamed animals from 11 Altar Rock Court 30121 in the street while I walk, to harass, injure me, intimidate me, again, for no valid reason, just relentless covert maliciousness on their part to silence me in any means they feel they can get away with doing: But who is "fueling" the injuries to me? Who is "fueling" the police intimation, government scare tactics towards me? For no apparent reason? Or a very apparent reason? You decide.

Eddie received a broken bone at school, South Central Middle, April 26, 2018, the week Scapegoat DeAngelo was arrested in Sacramento. South Central changed it's name to Red Top Middle, the Georgia Bartow County School Superintendent resigned as did Principal Windsor. I wanted to sue, just like every time the government or school system wrongs us. I wanted them to pay! I was furious what happened to Eddie at school. Think back to 11/11/11, Okemos, what that school principal did! The Ingham County Prosecutor Mr. Stuart Dunnings III was removed from office for his participation in that 11/11/11 malicious criminal act upon my son and using the police and school to organize criminal acts against my son in 2nd grade, and what they did to me in the school car line, on school grounds in Michigan.

But why do I not sue any police or school system? Why do you not sue Sacramento? Why do you not sue West Des Moines Police Department? Why are we all not suing the U.S. Government on so many levels of criminal negligence and criminal conspiracy? I have spoken to many lawyers in my life so far, all the attorneys keep repeating the same legal terminology, "Governmental Immunity."

"Governmental Immunity Law and Legal Definition.....Governmental Immunity traces its origins from early English law. Generally, it is the doctrine that the sovereign or government cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution."

In essence, the government in America can intentionally harm and murder its citizens, and not legally be held responsible in a legal sense. Who voted in America for the U.S. Government to have and possess "Governmental Immunity"? Not you or I. Rather, those in city, county, state and federal government positions, school systems, court systems, police systems, gave themselves legal "Governmental Immunity." In which I cannot sue, nor can you sue the government, police, or school systems, or court systems. Freeing the American government to remain non-responsible, corrupt, criminal, non-accountable for actions and decisions rendered, incompetent to function properly and serve "the people with duty". The American government will thus carry on their day as they please, all the while you pay taxes and pay their salary, great health benefits, and pension when they retire! You are paying Paul Holes pension! But even that is not enough money for the U.S. Government, therefore the American Government borrows billions each day from China, and makes the American people pay the price, the interest on the debt borrowed from China, and ultimately the full debt amount. The government remains guilty of evil crimes, un-jailed, but untouchable to a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution from the many victims (American and Canadian citizens) by American law standards devised by the U.S. Government themselves. Who is going to pull the rug on American Government Budgeting? Completely remove American Government Budgeting, and you remove the American Government's ability to keep paying the non-apprehended criminals.

For example: Rolling Stone magazine has reported online that Joseph James DeAngelo's trial is reported to cost California taxpayers an estimated 20 million, mostly for the salaries of the court and jail employees and the prosecutors and detectives and crime lab and elected officials, and Joseph James DeAngelo is not even the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer! And they all know that fact! But the California authority keeps paying themselves and raping Californians, as those in California can say "no," but it is rape, and "no" does not matter, authority will do it anyway.

Perhaps a massive Sting Operation needs to occur, in whereas, all American and Canadian authority are arrested, anyone collecting a government paycheck should be arrested in America and Canada, charged at least a minimum with Criminal Conspiracy felony and Criminal Negligence felony, and jailed to await Judgement by "the people of the New order." As the governments will never remove "Governmental Immunity," while in power.

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