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*Golden State Killer Case, The Book That Explains The Root Cause In The Troubling Trial Delays.....

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

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Product Description Everything The FBI Does Not Want You To Know:

My ideal career would be to set-up various brand new government systems to service the people in America. One well-deserved idea includes changing salaries to commission checks and serious repercussions (jail time) for FBI and detectives that fail Americans. More CIA fraud exposed that the police, FBI and CIA want covered: Rich Geer of 283 West Grand River Ave. in Okemos, MI informed me years ago in 2008 that his best buddy CIA "Hal" of Eaton Rapids, Michigan earns $200,000 plus a year by hustling money from millions of dollars for allocated school funds across America since the 1980s, collecting and skimming off the top from USA school systems for covert operational money for the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2005, Hal advised Rich Geer to turn his wife Carol into a vegetable and then blame the hospital for her permanent injury. Rich lost the lawsuit against the hospital. Then in 2008, CIA Hal and Richard Thomas Geer set up Michigan mobile nursing front companies, such as Advise-A-Care and a slue of other healthcare companies set up to appear legit through Michigan attorneys and accountants on the payroll to fraudulently over-bill Lansing's PHP Sparrow Ins. (which is the State of Michigan employee healthcare insurance) defrauding the State and Sparrow PHP. Investigate Medicaid, other insurance frauds connected to Richard Thomas Geer. Rich Geer has had a homosexual relationship with his brother James Geer since they were kids. Rich Geer is very involved socially and financially with a group of CIA men that are married, but homosexual on the side since the 1970s. > In June of 2012, CIA Director of that year John Brennan (Brennan who ended up losing his security clearance in August 2018) court ordered Judge Thomas Boyd of Ingham County, Michigan to legally, yet illegally silence me in 2012 when I learned from Rich Geer why II was the covert target, the symbol of the duality between a man and a woman. Join me in my American Revolution against criminals by exposing the crimes and criminals. 

Since 2004, I have submitted upwards of 104 FBI Submit-A-Tip (in English). And 10 on the new 2019 FBI Submit-A-Tip forms concerning major cases that fall into the parameters of what the FBI investigates! Concerned and responsible citizens and media>Please and immediately request Sacramento to publicly display the GSK/EAR DNA match findings of DeAngelo to the crimes, include DeAngelo's wife and children's DNA to confirm DNA relation. DNA does not lie, detectives do. April 2019> Cindy Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan finally confessed that her son Ric Vander Ark shot Ashley Okland in 2011 in Iowa, Ric was the trigger man. Cindy also informed me that Ric has been on murdering sprees in the USA and Canada, often with his sons, Jon VA and Matt VA. Sacramento DA's office to postpone Scapegoat DeAngelo trial indefinitely due to the DNA cover-up. In 1986, Ric moved to Mt. Vernon, WA and began murdering in British Columbia after the 1978-1986 California murders. Google: Golden State Killer, The Book That Explains The Troubling Trial Delays. On April 10, 2018, I received a 3rd call from a Sacramento DA's cold case detective Mr. Ron Garvick at 1.916.874.6565. Garvick informed me that Ric's discarded DNA had recently been tested by the California FBI in Montana and Ric is indeed the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades, but the CIA is not allowing for Ric Vander Ark's arrest, and the case is now taking a turn. Informing me, that Ric's arrest would imply my written statement that the CIA structured 9/11 would also be true, and the CIA and FBI are not in agreement, therefore the FBI would be pinning another for the California murders utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation.

In the spring of 2018 Cindy (Ric Vander Ark's mother) informed me that she had a conversation with Gina Haspel and Gina in March of 2018, stated in bold confidence that the CIA would make sure another would be arrested in place of Ric for the Golden State Killer malice crimes (Interview administration at Stillwater Christian School, Kalispell, MT). Gina agreed with Cindy that Ric cannot be interviewed and exposed. June 2018, Cindy informed me that DeAngelo would die and the case buried. 1978- Daly's scrapbook is to her what Ric's stolen items do for him. 1978- Ric showed me photos of him with Carol Daly.  Ric in his heart seeks to obtain a good woman, all of his victims are good women, intelligent, bright futures, educated, usually tall, thin, great smile, wholesome (Ashley Okland, his son Matt Vander Ark's Ex, 2007-2011 Matt VA/Dordt College). Ric waits with aroused anticipation for when the "good girl/woman" will inevitably reject him so that he can murder, enabling his nefarious compulsions. Since the 1970s, murder has become an unbreakable psychological cycle between Ric's heart and warped mind ACROSS AMERICA and into Canada! Ric was discharged in 1975 from the Air Force for rape in Sacramento! The "Good Girl Murders" (between the mid-1970s -) Ric began renting storage units and traveling as a chronic criminal, 4 women disappeared in MT, 2010-11. Iowa began experiencing a surge in missing and/or murdered women and girls. In 1976, all 3 of my non-biological brothers were living in an apartment in Sacramento, occasionally Cindy stole with her boys 1975-1978. In 1979-80 in MI (age 9-10 and curious) I unknowingly held all the EAR/GSK stolen jewelry items. The early 1900s pure gold and ruby ring slid on my finger perfectly. Then one day the ruby ring and jewelry were gone. Cindy informed me that Ric took all the jewelry back to California with him. I contacted the Grand Rapids, Michigan FBI in Oct. 2002 (in person) and Feb. 2018 (by phone tip-line major cases) on the GSK/EAR case on three separate occasions. Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested in California on Wednesday April 25, 2018, as of July 22, 2019, Scapegoat DeAngelo has not confessed, nor given a plea, the FBI and CIA want him to die before any trial. Cindy called laughing in June of 2018, remarking that Ric thinks it is funny the police got the wrong guy-reminding me that he is not done killing and he is planning a trip to Montezuma, Iowa to visit his son Derek that works at Pella Windows. A month later, Mollie Tibbets goes missing (see film Citizen X ).   


For the latest updates on my life in America click onto my last name next to my book title on USA website, to reveal an enormous amount of information that should be investigated on my Amazon Author USA Pages. I expose an uncaught, yet to be prosecuted American totalitarian regime through my writings.....The beginning of my story begins during the Civil War, during another lifetime lived as a young southern girl named Lilly. The middle of the book explains how I arrived in America as a baby in this lifetime. In the lifetime lived now I actually begin to write my story on a paper canvas, many mysteries in history never forgotten by me and finally told by me. In modern times as an infant baby I am brought into America's human trafficking booming business that is run and directed by the American CIA. The same CIA that controls many police, detectives, and court Judges as written in my book with intricate details and facts. I write about the never ceasing and vast American human trafficking world connected within layers of court employees and elected officials with bosses in the CIA tied to Nixon and most U.S. Presidents. I expose how the U.S. government uses and pays citizens to handle their illegal dealings all in the CIA's attempt to keep their hands clean of any connections to crime and scandals associated with the illegal dealings. Many cases and situations of crime and scandal exposed within the pages of my book, volume one in my memoir series, as the readers embark upon a journey within volume one of my memoir series. Read case after case in modern times of cases involving the relentless and infamous CIA, an agency department that created a totalitarian regime government for itself of citizen beware. The reader experiences the exposing of the crimes and scandals as if catching the CIA within the crimes now exposed. The CIA is prospering in very illegal ways all the while remaining off the American radar of investigations. My book provides many true examples based on facts in how the American totalitarian regime operates and profits from victims such as myself.

The beginning of my story begins in a different time, during the outbreak of the Civil War in the South..... "The Atlanta Buckhead roads are worn trails of dirt. As one enters an established home with walnut hardwoods greeted by a black mamme named Bessy with bewitching eyes and youthful radiance, one realizes that the year is sometime before the ravaging Civil War blazed through Atlanta." The front door shuts behind the reader, and I the author, lead you through my former father Morgan's Buckhead mansion he built in the mid-1800s'. Bessy would gather with other slaves behind the ol' barn in the wee hours of the full moon. Not able to sleep, I (Lilly) would follow the sounds of the chanting and parading fire to find the house servants in a trance stomping on the weeds outlining a path in the backyard. Mystified at the practice of voodoo rituals carried on by Bessy my black mamme. I (Lilly) speak up the next morning as Bessy prepares breakfast. Learning Bessy had used the seven jars of sea water to cast a powerful voodoo spell on Lilly (me) and America. I (Lilly) die in the South after a slip and fall from a magnolia tree in 1864. It would be many years later that I become Lori in a new lifetime as a baby brought to America on a cruise ship as an infant from the Dutch Caribbean Islands during the tail end of the CIA's covert baby intelligence testing program that had already been going on for ten years in the unassuming conservative Midwest before I was brought on-board. In my later years I then begin to write about my experiences.

I would best describe myself as a "thought leader" and my memoir series in the exact genre of; "big think non-fiction." In volume one, I begin to reveal many mysteries, including past Biblical mysteries finally explained in modern times, government conspiracies explained, religious conspiracies explained, and so much more. If you like to read about the unraveling of deep mysteries explained, the kind of mysteries ordinary citizens rarely get a glimpse to read, let alone, hundreds of pages, you will consume the memoir series. Volume two is currently unpublished and is under review at a literary agent's office for literary representation for a major publishing contract.

The Age of Pisces is passing us now. The dawn of the Age of Aquarius is upon us now. The Age of Pisces is represented by the meaning of the planet Neptune. The Age of Aquarius is represented in meaning by the planets Uranus (shock and revolution) and Saturn (restrictions, the teacher, oppression). Which begs the question, why has the American government, with great deliberate moves, purposely harmed, murdered, slaughtered, so many innocent people over such an extended amount of time? Complete and utter government corruption, reckless endangerment of its citizens, gross negligence in city, county, state and federal bureaucracies. Why again, does the American government NOT WANT Ric Vander Ark arrested and charged for any crime? Direct your questions to those in charge in American and Canadian government positions.

The American and Canadian government flounders at making correct decisions, curtailing the safety of so many innocent wholesome people.

Perhaps a monarchy would make the best decisions, vs. what you currently have in place.

What to expect during the Age of Aquarius: (knowledge or pure predictions based upon known patterns to observe?)

* USA Social Security and USA Medicare and Medicaid will be eliminated. Each and every religious congregation will be instructed to act as financial assistance to the needy, the poor , the elderly. Members of the community will be the givers, the ones giving contributions, not any government.

* China will no longer buy American bonds to float the American govt debt to fund the govt budget deficit each American year to make America function the way she does.

* Privatization of all businesses will be the general growing norm.

* The American dollar will be replaced with a new financial currency within 100 years.

* China and all of Asia will be under a strict iron hand, similar to an iron curtain.

* Without China buying USA Bonds to float the American economy, the American govt power vacuum systems and departments would not have the financial funds (fueling $ power) to operate. Such as but not limited to the following American departments; the American court system PV (power vacuum), police stations, district attorneys, city, county, state, and federal prosecutors and detectives, the FBI, the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) as a whole. Asia likes and financially fuels American power vacuums on American soil by continually buying American Bonds to float the American economy and departments. The American courts are mere formalities to lock someone behind bars, American Judicial Legal Due Process is not enforced of regulated. Please do notice, there are no Asians behind bars in America. A person will only statistically or physically locate Blacks, Mexicans and Whites behind jail bars in America. Power vacuum systems are designed to suck-up power and freedom and thoughts. Government power vacuums cannot exist without genetic incompetence, genetic willingness to corruption and/or corrupt ways. Power vacuums thrive and survive in areas with ample non-thinkers, and basic mental sloths. >>>> Understanding how and why the PV exist gives a person a glimpse as to what is going on behind the scenes.

* Canada, Alaska and all of North America, Mexico, Central America and all of South America, all the way down to Antarctica, Wilhelmina Bay, named after my Great-Grandmother Queen Wilhelmina, will be land and sea under one governing rule, less government power vacuums, more power to the new thinking people.

I know and can see more........

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Are all people under God? Open the Bible, open my book. Does this offend the unbelievers?

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