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Golden State Killer DNA Scandal Brewing, What FBI Director Wray Does Not Want Americans To Know:

Updated: Apr 3

Deep Politics and insiders to Deep Politics are aware that China created Coronavirus and released the virus into the atmosphere at the beginning of 2020 to create a worldwide pandemic. By creating a health pandemic of Covid-19 the world would focus on other matters. Especially Americans would not be paying attention to what was in the news at the time: The Golden State Killer criminal trial to nail and jail Joseph James DeAngelo as the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer Ric Vander Ark could slip away in a poof of smoke as other issues surface and Americans re-focused their attention. Another issue: Chinese companies such as McKinley Homes and many such real estate development companies are in Georgia, USA, and other states, buying up land and building with fake Chinese counterfeit money converted into American Dollars. McKinley Homes in Peachtree Corners, GA, has a whole department within a building that takes counterfeit money and converts the fake Chinese money into American dollars through American banks. When I learned of this I was fired from McKinley Homes. The FBI knows of this since 2018-2019. However, the additional nightmare twist gets twister as the American Government depends on counterfeit Chinese money to buy-up U.S. Savings Bonds to float the American Government payroll, the DOJ, and Government Healthcare systems. China buying U.S. Savings Bond is the lifeblood to the American Government to stay in operation. It would be suicide on the part of the American Government to not accept Chinese money that is counterfeited. The term “Crazy Rich Asians” is given a proper light.

A DNA Warrant was Never Issued in the Arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo

December 25, 2021

The DNA that nailed Joseph James DeAngelo was provided/sourced by Paul Holes, a detective who retired one day after creating his DNA story in how he arrived at the conclusion of who the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer is in life. A DNA Warrant was never issued by any agency or department in the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, who is the man dubbed as the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. Paul Holes, now retired, is the detective that created the DNA story that DeAngelo is the long-sought after California rapist and serial killer. Paul Holes utilized discarded DNA, but no DNA Warrant was ever issued. DeAngelo had a California trial in 2020, where no DNA profile of DeAngelo or the crime scene DNA profile were ever made public in a court of law. Joseph James DeAngelo weighed his option of either facing Death Row, or accepting a plea deal from the man that moved forward to prosecute DeAngelo. The tall bald-man that prosecuted DeAngelo in 2020 is very good friends with John Brennan. Not one of DeAngelo’s court appointed attorneys returned any of my phone calls in 2018, 2019 or 2020.

Why was the process of the DNA Warrant skipped over, if it was DNA that nailed DeAngelo’s coffin and closed the EAR/GSK case files? Many evidentiary steps were purposely skipped over to railroad another for the EAR/GSK crimes. Can authority do that? They did. Joseph James DeAngelo is more than likely going to die behind bars. The real EAR/GSK continues to murder and brag to family members of his CIA ties that enabled his harrowing escape from California’s Death Row. People do not necessarily trust the American authority, but people are also not paying attention, creating an indifference to the American judicial system.

Paul Holes was a Contra Costa County Detective in California’s Bay Area. Holes specialized in cold cases and serial predator crimes. Holes was first appointed by CIA John Brennan to specifically watch Ric Vander Ark’s back in crime, as Ric Vander Ark is and has been with the CIA since the 1970s. Ric Vander Ark’s status with the CIA affords many crimes of his doing to go unnoticed and scapegoated. The California Hillside Stranger Murders were also scapegoated on behalf of the CIA.

Paul Holes is most notably connected as the California detective that pointed fingers at Joseph James DeAngelo. Holes appeared to work alone in his innovative DNA story in how he arrived at pointing the finger at DeAngelo. In reality, Paul Holes had the entire CIA behind him. And with FBI Director Christopher Wray friends with CIA John Brennan and CIA Ric Vander Ark, the real EAR/GSK would escape justice to murder again and again, with no American or Canadian authority to stop him in his tracks.

If one was to sue the CIA, one would have their attorney send the lawsuit to The White House. That is the location where all lawsuits against the CIA are directed to be sent. The lawsuit would be trashed and no further questions allowed and absolutely no traditional lawsuit discoveries would be made in the case. The loss of rights for the American or Canadian victim, male or female, whomever they may be in life, ended when a particular CIA Agent decides or decided to rape and murder that particular victim. If the victim is left to live, no further rights of the victim will ever be allowed by the CIA located at The White House. All CIA hobby crimes are scapegoated, no roads will lead to The White House, the place of employment for the CIA, ever. Ric is not alone in his crimes, there is a large group of serial predatorial killers lodged within the status of the CIA.

In August of 2018, CIA John Brennan lost his security clearance over what he did in the criminal case of the EAR/GSK, yet the Trump Administration never criminally charged Brennan, it would open a can of worms that the American Government cannot afford to have publicly opened. The American people are not informed of what I have brought forth, as the American Government is too involved with the crimes and corruption and cover-ups of the crimes and corruption. That's right folks, John Brennan is very good friends and CIA buddies with Ric Vander Ark. In August of 2018, CIA John Brennan lost his security clearance from the Trump Administration for scapegoating the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case. No further arrest and charges were filed to indict, just a loss of CIA John Brennan's security clearance. Joseph James DeAngelo remains to this day, the scapegoat, and will more than likely die in the darkness. Take the time to visit my website and go to my blogs at: or visit my Amazon Author pages, by typing into your computer keypad, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. Review the posted evidence. One begins to understand that the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer may not have been captured. Are you starting to understand the American Justice system in a closer light? What is your opinion on this matter?

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Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

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