• Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Hitler was not killed following World War II, Adolf Hitler and Ava Braun had a daughter in 1969.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

"What?!?!, Eeehh, I had never heard that one before?"

What Americans have not heard before is not the bar for determining truth, I know, "what?! What did you just remark?" The bar for determining truth of any matter seems to be fogged with the notion of "status quo" determines the truth of the matter. That is why the American Government determines what Americans should know through various mainstream media outlets, the Government understands how to create "reality" for Americans. Sometimes what you do not know, what is not presented through American Government media puppet stands such as NBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, is exactly what you need to know as Americans.

***** In Jenison and Hudsonville, Michigan during the years 1970-1988, I grew-up with CIA agents filtering in and out of my childhood homes. I would learn that the CIA controlled the FBI, called the shots in the FBI's movement within investigations. Another example of the CIA controlling an FBI investigation was when I learned in 1979 at age 9 years old while sitting at the kitchen table eating pecan cinnamon rolls at 7:30am-8am before Sunday 9:30am church service, I overheard Cindy and Dave VA talking about how the CIA got Ric off the FBI's hook and that my non-biological big brother in California was never going to be charged with numerous rapes and home invasions in Northern California and a host of other illegal activity that the American people do not need to know about and that is why Ric joined the Central Intelligence Agency team in 1978. I would secretly wonder to myself if Ric's sincere prayers to God to not get caught were actually working so well in his favor, and that if Jesus forgave him, maybe Ric was really never going to get caught and brought to a traditional court trial. Maybe Ric would simply lead a very blessed life as a Christian, who by the way, just so happens to commit horrible acts against innocent undeserving people of the type of violence he can administer as a hobby of his, a mental compulsion of his, just like Cindy. But what did I know, I was only nine years old in 1979. I would always disagree in my heart with Ric's prayers never to be caught, what about the victims? And what he did to the victims when the victims upset him! And he is so smug and confident committing and premeditating any crime his mind desires, just like Cindy. The CIA just keeps wiping up his bloody messes decades after decades in America and Canada, the CIA and FBI rebuking lower ranked officials and detectives to "look elsewhere," censuring a warrant for the murderer Ric. Unfathomable! What may be difficult to process, is actually the truth, which is not only a hurdle I had to conquer inside myself, but it will be each reader's journey in understanding the unfathomable concerning the American Government, and the great lengths the American Government will go to to keep secrets. Please see the 1995 film Citizen X today. The first and only time I saw the film was in June of 2019, I could not believe the similarities within the frustrating dynamics and great lengths of time in trying to bring Ric and Dave VA into the sunlight of American awareness in what has occurred in the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case for so many endless decades now and then reflect in what transpires throughout the movie, Citizen X, stunning similarities in case studies.

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