• Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Huge Injustices, In Conjunction With Decades of American Government Corruption

Updated: Apr 3

I would very much like to reach the American people by the written word. The Communist American Mainstream Newspapers do not want Americans to know this information:

Democracy Dies in Darkness:

Thank you again for contacting the Opinion section at The New York Times. An editor has reviewed your submission and unfortunately we’ve determined that we will not be able to use your piece. Because of the large volume of submissions, we have to reject many excellent essays every day.


"Democracy Dies in Darkness" is the official slogan of American newspaper The Washington Post, adopted in 2017. The slogan was introduced on the newspaper's website on February 22, 2017, and was added to print copies a week later.

Democracy Dies in Darkness - Wikipedia

In my Opinion, the New York Times, all The Times newspaper outlets, CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, all have done an excellent job in keeping this information from the people of the United States, leaving many Americans, most Americans in the Darkness. When the American people finally do read this information, I think they will feel as if hit by a ton of bricks that Mainstream Media and Literary Agents thought this information should not reach the people way back in the 1970s, so change could occur in America vs. War. According to many sources, the FBI offices domestically and internationally work in tandem with Bethany Christian Services to ensure no one is investigating the two agencies ongoing human-trafficking. The FBI's job is to investigate human-trafficking, and in reality, the FBI has been aiding and abetting human-trafficking since the early 1960s. The current United States President's hand-selected FBI Director Christopher Wray is completely creepy and criminal, and just like Cindy, the woman who abducted Baby Paul Fronczak in 1964, FBI Director Wray appears visibly normal, he is not! I met him in 1991-1992 at The Gold Club in Atlanta, Georgia, he is very involved with human-trafficking, Comey Contracts to sell girls/women. OMG

The Roots of The Conflict; Good vs. Evil, True Intelligence vs. Totally Corrupt

* Attorney at Law Genie Eardley of Eardley Law Offices located in Rockford, Michigan wrote to me on 3/21/2022 and explained to me that the State of Michigan and Bethany Christian Services have every right to perform as many abductions to adoptions as they want, just as long as they are not caught doing so. Genie Eardley explained to me that No Compensation will ever be made available by the State of Michigan or Bethany Christian Services to the victims. What is Gennie Eardley's actual area of practice in the field of law? Genie Eardley works as a liaison between Washington D.C. Politicians and the human-trafficking mega organization called Bethany Christian Services. I am sure Genie Eardley can bellow out a song or two that will hurt your eardrums in that ol' colloquialism, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." Cindy and Genie once explained to me the China Connection to Bethany Adoptions headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan while I was in the basement of Genie Eardley's Rockford house. Cindy and Genie during the spring of 2001, told me that the Communist Chinese Government owns a silent portion of Bethany Christian Services, as does a Jewish Group located in Southern California connected to Simon Wiesenthal. Both Genie and Cindy told me that many girls and boys that are adopted through Bethany are chained up beginning as toddlers and are kept in dark rooms domestically and internationally until their master ends their life. Both Cindy and Genie told me that the American Government is both weak to China and corruptly intertwined to Communist China, as many adoptions/sold deals occur on American soil or African soil or Chinese soil through legitimate courtrooms of well-paid Judges that sign the paperwork legitimizing illegal criminal paperwork. Both Genie and Cindy explained to me in the spring of 2001, that the growing economic dependencies between China and the United States ensure that human-trafficking will not end, police and federal agencies will do nothing if a victim comes forward, no arrests will be made, keeping a victim a true victim for life. Both Genie and Cindy told me in the basement of Genie Eardley's house that once an infant or child is sold/adopted, that child is owned for the duration of a lifetime and that I am apparently lucky to not be chained up in a dark room for my lifetime. Both Genie Eardley and Cindy Honderd told me that the Communist Chinese Government is constantly scanning and surveilling for blonde hair, blue-eyed infants, children, and teenagers, as is the Simon Wiesenthal group, that's why Bethany's existence is so important. When I lived in East Lansing, Michigan, I once contacted via mail, the Ingham County House of Representative in 2003, Gretchen Whitmer, with my childhood medical records revealing my childhood horror while in the care of Cindy, adopted by Cindy through Cindy's illegal work for Bethany Christian Services. Gretchen Whitmer sent me a letter in response and stated "that holes in the system need to be plugged" so that I do not tell my story. I read the letter over and over, I just could not believe her response. I remember Cindy stating to me over the years; in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s, that no American Politician would ever allow for her/Cindy to be arrested because of her status with the CIA and the Royal British Intelligence Agency. Politician Ted Cruz of Texas, told me to my face in the early 1990s that Bethany Christian Services gives financial kickbacks to the States so that Bethany is not investigated for any abduction to adoption process, the police know this fact, the abductees are silenced. The State of Michigan has had and continues to have contracts for many decades with Bethany Christian Services. Human-Trafficking is huge business, within the Jewish-organization owned subdivision in Cartersville, Georgia of Rowland Springs Estates where I have resided for the past 7 years, there are 3 households heavily involved with moving lifeless blonde-blue eyed children and teenagers of all ages in and out of their residences of Rowland Springs Estates. For over four years the FBI has done nothing. Genie and Cindy told me in the spring of 2001, that police chiefs, police detectives, state detectives, FBI Directors and Governors are on the payroll of Bethany Christian Services, with Churches in West Michigan being the largest donors to a human-trafficking organization, whether aware of it or not, the donations flow to the big business of slavery with no donations to the silenced victims. If you sit behind your computer, you are utilizing the internet, and within that same framework of the internet is what is known as the dark web. The two-sided business of Bethany Christian Services operates with licensed caseworkers and unlicensed caseworkers, Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel is one of hundreds of women and men that have worked for Bethany Christian Services as an unlicensed nurse and caseworker in the 1960s and 1970s. Today the human-trafficking organization has grown to staggering numbers of both criminal employees or criminal sub-contractors for Bethany Christian Services and the staggering numbers of victims, some dead by their owners, some barely alive and literate, and others alive without chains, but silenced by the American and British Governments. Silenced by the American and British Media, and silenced by American and British literary agencies on this topic and the following topics of truth. Cindy told me that she has walked into some homes in the Grand Rapids area and has seen with her own eyes, children with large heads and small bodies chained at the ankle like a dog, kept in a basement room or a main floor closet, shoved food once a day and unable to form a sentence or eat with utensils. If given soup, the child has no idea how to use a spoon or eat with a fork, utensils are completely alien to them. Cindy told me that they may be eight years old, but have the body of a five-year old, and the mentality of a toddler. Cindy told me that when she had come across such a child abuse case in the past, Cindy would give orders to murder the child to the adopted guardians of that child, because Cindy believed that the damage to the child is so severe that the child will never acclimate into normal society. Cindy would never use the word victim. Rather, Cindy would just use the word "child" when telling me such a story about her unlicensed caseworker/unlicensed nurse days with Bethany Christian Services. Cindy told me as recently as 2021, that she (Cindy) knows for a fact that Bethany Christian Services is adopting out infants and children to "the network" of child molesters located in Michigan, no birth certificates or signed adoption paperwork is ever issued by the courts or by Bethany Christian Services to an infant or child brought into "the network." Cindy stated that the children do not receive any type of schooling, and more than likely will end up in a hole in the ground when the master is done with them. Decade after decade of such activity, is going to inevitably upset other countries in how America continues to operate. If America cannot clean-up its act, other more powerful countries will clean-up America and declare war on America. Silencing me as America and Great Britain has done, does not erase the problems and crimes committed by certain countries. Americans are left in the Dark and that is exactly where China, Great Britain, and America prefer to keep the populations, in The Dark Ages, so the corrupt governments can operate undetected. I believe war is headed to America, and the American Government, including the DOJ, and the FBI, and CIA, will continue to keep Americans in the dark. My voice is not heard in America, but other countries do hear me. Other countries have evidence that the American Government does not want to be known to Americans. Brace yourselves for what the American Government has done and continues to do. For how many years now have the pits of hell surfaced demons to operate the American Government? Or perhaps it is Genetic Essentialism that unveils a deeper level of who you are and who I am in the blueprint of life on earth? War is kind? Perhaps you need to read the Red Badge of Courage poem, one more time. Here is a somewhat familiar jingle to some, and a question proposed towards the American Government, Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Goinna Do? Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Goinna Do When the Russians Come For You? This post was last updated 3/23/2022.

Many Americans are left in the Dark about this Information. When I have asked the American Government for help, I never, ever, received help. How does The White House or any State in America handle a complaint about a Federal or State Agency? According to feedback received from American Government entities, they do not handle complaints. If the criminals are exposed and captured, it would mean the end of the criminals committing crimes, in which case, the American Politicians along with the American Media do not want Americans to know this:

Dear Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot and Michigan Attorney General, I want you to bring justice and closure to the unsolved and non-prosecuted case of the Chicago baby kidnapping case of 1964 of Baby Paul Fronczak, by arresting and criminally charging the West Michigan woman who dressed up as a fictitious nurse and walked right out of the Michael Reese Hospital with Baby Paul in 1964. The woman's name is Cynthia Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, DOB: December 13, 1934. She has many various aliases while working as an unlicensed nurse and caseworker for Bethany Christian Services, under an umbrella for a human-trafficking organization that shockingly still is in operation domestically and internationally to this very day! Cindy has lived a life of both freedom and freely kidnapping many other babies, she is a serial killer that remains under the radar. And because Cindy is so closely connected to the CIA, the CIA sees to it that the FBI leaves her alone. No police department or federal agency has arrested her since 1970-1971, for any felony crimes she has committed over and over again during her lifetime. Cindy did spend a brief stint in a Florida port jail in 1968-1971 for a baby abduction. Even though the correct jurisdiction police and FBI in both Chicago and West Michigan (Ottawa County Sheriff's Office and the Grand Rapids Police Department) know about her crimes for decades now, they do not charge her with her numerous murders of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that she has committed. Cindy is alive and healthy, very active, has a condo in Grandville, Michigan. Located at 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan, 49418. Cindy can be reached for questions at: 1.616.457.2036.

****THE STATE of MICHIGAN has a contract with Bethany Christian Services. Is the State of Michigan trying to start World War III????????? I have received no restitution for being Abducted and then Adopted through the State of Michigan's Bethany Christian Services! No apology!!! Do you know what family/kingdom Cindy & Chuck Vander Ark stole me from? Claus Von Amsberg is my real father! The DOJ and FBI are allowing Cindy to kidnap and murder since she began her career with the Royal British Intelligence Agency and CIA in 1960.

China- By my observations is playing both sides of the coin. Russia is one side; America is the other side of the coin. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Chinese news reporters ride along with Russian soldiers, producing news that reflects Russia in a better light than American or British news of the Russian-Ukraine War. Then on the Chinese-American Government side of the coin, the Chinese Government keeps producing fictitious, fraudulent Chinese money converted into American dollars to purchase U.S. Savings Bond to float the American Government payroll and Medicaid and Medicare and the many American Funded Programs, including the DOJ. Healthcare and the American criminal justice system are all funded through the Chinese Government purchasing U.S. Savings Bond. The American Mainstream Media will not produce the truth to the people, and I remain silenced by the American Media and the American Government as Democracy dies in the darkness. All of which, this information in and of itself, is considered politically incorrect by most American and British standards, hence the truth, the actual truth has also then been ruled obsolete by the ruling parties. If I screamed or if any other victims screamed, no one would hear us, and that is precisely where the Chinese need me to be, along with others, as Bethany Christian Services is a business located in China, located all over China. And the Chinese now know that Putin is on my biological family tree. Communist China owns a portion of Bethany Christian Services. Deep Politics?

“Upset the apple cart” is an idiom that began as an expression during Roman times, and the number 3 is very significant to the Biblical End Times, where eventually 1/3 of the earth’s population will be no longer. Suppressing this information does not change fate. I would best describe myself as a “thought leader” and my life to be just as fateful as yours.

Deep Politics and insiders to Deep Politics are aware that China created Coronavirus and released the virus into the atmosphere at the beginning of 2020 to create a worldwide pandemic. By creating a health pandemic of Covid-19 the world would focus on other matters. Especially Americans would not be paying attention to what was in the news at the time: The Golden State Killer criminal trial to nail and jail Joseph James DeAngelo as the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer Ric Vander Ark could slip away in a poof of smoke as other issues surface and Americans re-focused their attention. Another issue: Chinese companies such as McKinley Homes and many such real estate development companies are in Georgia, USA, and other states, buying up land and building with fake Chinese counterfeit money converted into American Dollars. McKinley Homes in Peachtree Corners, GA, has a whole department within a building that takes counterfeit money and converts the fake Chinese money into American dollars through American banks. When I learned of this I was fired from McKinley Homes. The FBI knows of this since 2018-2019. However, the additional nightmare twist gets twister as the American Government depends on counterfeit Chinese money to buy-up U.S. Savings Bonds to float the American Government payroll, the DOJ, and Government Healthcare systems. China buying U.S. Savings Bond is the lifeblood to the American Government to stay in operation. It would be suicide on the part of the American Government to not accept Chinese money that is counterfeited. The term “Crazy Rich Asians” is given a proper light.

Notice the facial similarities between Richard Craig Vander Ark above and his mother below.

There is no excuse why the State of Michigan should not have arrested Cindy back in the 1960s and 1970s for the numerous infant and child abductions she did for Bethany Christian Services. There is no excuse why the State of Michigan should not have arrested Cindy for the mid-summer 1977 murder of West Michigan, Ottawa County resident, Deb Polinsky. What if Carter Gent from WoodTV in Grand Rapids, Michigan is correct, and Russia is going to bomb the United States?

WHEN PUTIN TAKES OVER AMERICA, HE WILL LOOK LIKE A SAINT COMPARED TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. If the American Government had any moral integrity, the American Government would provide each and every one of Cindy's victims with a sincere apology and one billion dollars to rebuild their lives.

June of 2012, CIA John Brennan, who would become President Barack Obama's selected pick as the CIA Director in November of that same year (2012) tells me to my face at the MAC (Michigan Athletic Club) outdoor lap pool located in East Lansing, Michigan, that "the reason no victim of Cindy's will be receiving a settlement is because England will not allow the American Government to give restitution to the victims of Cindy. England is calling the shots, not America." *****I do not believe CIA John Brennan would be able to pass a polygraph test if asked.

James Brien Comey Jr. is an American lawyer who was the 7th director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2013 until his dismissal in May 2017. Christopher Wray became the eighth Director of the FBI on August 2, 2017. Both FBI Directors are also attorneys by education and have done a marvelous job as Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel and her son Richard Craig Vander Ark's staffed defense attorneys, that were also appointed FBI Directors by the United States President. Are you starting to understand the deck of cards the USA is presenting and has presented to both the world and U.S. citizens? Both Comey and Wray have solved absolutely no crimes since being appointed by the President. Comey and Wray, like the FBI Directors before them, are all merely CIA cards ready and willing to be played by Ric VA and his mother Cindy.

FAST-FORWARD now: On 3/16/2022, I opened my mailbox and noticed I had received a hand-written note that stated "On or by December 21, 2022, Russia will end the American Government's Human Trafficking Program." The note was signed by Carter Gent WoodTV. What did I do next? I mailed the original and only copy to the FBI Headquarters for the FBI to do their great detective work, the FBI headquarters that is down the street from The White House. The greatest minds are in Washington, D.C.? What is my response to receiving that note? Americans need to brace themselves to the reality, the reality of what their American Government has been doing decade after decade behind their backs, the reality is not pleasant. Please do brace yourselves.



The Central Intelligence Agency is an agency that scapegoated the California Hillside Murders of 1977, the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer Murders, Mollie Tibbetts Murder in Iowa, and is overseeing West Michigan's 1977 Deb Polinsky unsolved murder to remain unsolved forever or at least until the real murderers die of old age after living a life of unheard of freedom. There is a slew of other unsolved murders, such as but not limited to the unsolved murder of Iowa's Ashley Okland in 2011. The CIA can travel to any state and any country, throw their weight around, and use CIA clout to ensure the real murderers, the real serial killers, serial kidnappers, remain off the hook of prosecution, no jail-time, and no likely death row. The CIA is a virus that spreads through police department's evidence boxes and files, skims-off public school budgets, and places political puppet candidates on ballots.

Why did the FBI's buddy and confident CIA John Brennan lose his security clearance in August of 2018 under the Trump Administration? Yet, the American Government does not have or possess the intelligence to criminally charge CIA John Brennan and the American Government hopes all of this information will just evaporate. Stupid people should not govern.

CNN has all of this information and photographic evidence since June of 2018. CNN would like to keep the American people in the dark about information that pertains to Americans, as would the New York Times Newspaper. American and British literary agencies have had this information in a 175,000 word unpublished manuscript since October 2018. The Associated Press in Sacramento, Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco and New York have had this information and photographic evidence since March of 2018. Not one American or British owned company is bringing this information to American bookstores or American news outlets, including WoodTV Channel 8 News in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Holland Sentinel Newspaper in West Michigan. 1994-1995 CIA John Brennan told me to my face "the American Government can do whatever it wants to do, it's not like Russia is going to step in and stop the American Government!":

Since 1960, the FBI has been aiding and abetting such crimes as terrorism, kidnappings, rapes, and numerous murders of Whites. Scroll down and review the photographic evidence. Since 1960, The White House has been operated by the Royal British Intelligence Agency that works closely with the CIA, consider those two agencies in bed together, decade after decade. How would I know that fact and other very relevant facts mentioned within this blog? My family through adoption is part of the intel community, their associates are heavy-hitters in the intel community as noted. Each U.S. President and each U.S. Vice-President creates a bond with the Royal British Intelligence Agency and essentially becomes a political puppet to the U.K. spending more and more time overseas somewhere doing work for England with little strides towards greatness in America for Americans. If the Royal British Intelligence Agency demands the U.S. National Debt to increase, such an increase in spending occurs. If a political puppet in office becomes a stubborn problem to the U.K., the political puppet is silenced. The Royal British Intelligence Agency does not work alone, there is what is termed "the big three" within the intel community. Who and what the big three are, is mentioned in detail within this blog and the front home page of my website here. Thirty minutes of reading and review are very important reads for the American people. Why have the big three not murdered me? Putin is on my family tree, a family tree on paper, resting within a file at Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And therefore, I can only assume, that is why the big three have not dared to murder me, because Putin has the most powerful nuclear weapons. If I was not adopted into the Vander Ark Family, I do not believe I would know all of this information to provide so freely to the American people. Most, if not all, of America's Intelligence information is gathered through the Royal British Intelligence Agency and the CIA and then brought to the U.K. to be bundled and sold to countries such as but not limited to: China, Russia, and Pakistan. If you were to ask a member or participant of the big three if any of this information is true on this blog or website, they will tell you that I am crazy, or nuts, and not to be believed. Become a news reporter within the news industry and ask on camera to anyone at CNN about this information. Go further and inquire to police departments, FBI departments, district attorneys, the scope of the lens widens in a huge conspiracy against the American people by those operating American departments. Those operating America do not want me to be heard, and therefore do not want a platform for me to be heard or believed. It would foil the big three's plan for their America, with each of the big three having a different plan based upon their ideologies for this land. Need more free information? Of course you do! Keep reading and reviewing here:

*****December 21, 2012 Judge Thomas Boyd of the 55th District Court signed a court order issued on State of Michigan court paper prepared and presented by Ingham County Michigan Prosecutor Mr. Stuart Dunnings III, in case #12-01740, the State of Michigan vs. Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo that I be silenced for five years in regards to any crime committed by Ric Vander Ark, his mother Cindy Vander Ark-Honderd and Dave Vander Ark, and if I contact any governmental entity in the next five years about any alleged crime committed by those three individuals that I be placed in jail for up to one year. What happened? Judge Boyd signed the paperwork, and created a court order to silence me and refrain me from contacting any governmental entity for five years beginning on December 21, 2012. Now, fast-forward to 2021. Sgt. Greg Griffin of the Grand Rapids Police Dept. (Grand Rapids, Michigan) informs me via email, his 2021 email to me is posted on my home page on this website here, Sgt. Greg Griffin writes that he will seek legal remedies if I contact any police department concerning any alleged murders committed by Cindy Honderd-Appel or alleged crimes committed by her sons. Sgt .Greg Griffin gives me threats to shut-up or he will silence me through a court of law, same as the 55th District Court did on December 21, 2021. What did the ancient Mayans predict about December 21, 2012 ??? In relation to what? All of this information pertains to YOU!

I learned in high school at Unity Christian High that in the last days (Matthew 24:7) of life as most people on earth know life to be for them, that nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, there will be earthquakes, fires and floods, and famines, etc. I also learned that eight countries have nuclear warheads and that seven out of the eight will rise against the United States of America, simultaneously on all sides of America. I learned that America would stand as a nation of corrupt doers in the last days and that a great Judgement will befall upon the people. I learned that the earth will lose 1/3 of all of it's inhabitants. I learned that England would be covered in water from some cataclysmic catastrophe, and that King Charles would be the last king of England. I learned that the Beast 666 is a man that resembles Nero Caesar in both appearance and behavior and brutish crimes committed.

There is a very important question that I must ask: If the actual truth on any matter in America is viewed as Politically Incorrect, would the actual truth then be ruled obsolete by the American Government, the American Media, and the American culture? It already has been ruled obsolete by America, over and over many truths are ruled obsolete by America. The Beast 666 will rise-up and appear everywhere at the time of nuclear warheads reaching American soil by land and water, so I learned and was informed in the Bible high school I graduated from in 1988. I learned so much about the real America.........

1992-1995, I learned from CIA John Brennan that the CIA is planning a terrorist attack on American Infrastructure as a ploy to create worthiness of a large budget for the CIA at a time the CIA was being questioned by Congress as to their importance within the scope of fiscal budgets in the early 1990s. My response to John Brennan? I told CIA John Brennan that was a bad idea. Barack Obama was there at the table, he was not President yet, he heard what John Brennan said at the table and Barack Obama remained quiet. In the early 1990s when the CIA agents learned, or rather figured out for themselves that I am not evil like Cindy my adopted mother is evil, the CIA agents began to shun me, and fear me as to what knowledge and information I had acquired of their corruption since being raised by Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of West Michigan. In 2021, CIA John Brennan and Ric Vander Ark are 66 years of age. CIA John Brennan has been giving orders to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office in Ottawa County, Michigan to NOT SOLVE the solvable homicide of the mid-summer 1977 murder of Deb Polinsky. Why? CIA John Brennan had nothing to do with the demise of Deb Polinsky. What CIA John Brennan does have in common with Ric Vander Ark and Cindy are crimes of rape and murder in California, beginning in 1977, when CIA Irish John Brennan became friends and criminal partners in their endeavors of getting away with as many rapes and murders as possible with his new CIA confidant and colleague, Ric Vander Ark (featured below on poster board and photos). The whole reason CIA John Brennan and Ric Vander Ark joined the CIA was to get away with rapes and murders and then to turn around and influence the investigators to not investigate them, or Cindy, or anyone within their group of corrupt CIA, corrupt FBI, and corrupt police, and corrupt police detectives, corrupt prosecutors and corrupt judges, in their combined joint efforts of having a life-long career of being camouflaged criminals deserving of respect given to authority. Then adding to the cultural climate in America, the truth is so politically incorrect, that the truth has been ruled obsolete. The American Government is sealing the truth from a culture that does not want to be shown the truth, and therefore, the criminals remain at large and undetected to keep raping and murdering Whites, planning and plotting. The influential and perhaps intimating criminals want the literary agents and mainstream media to keep me silent and unpublished.

****I have been contacted by 2 news media companies that have informed me that the FBI is adamant that they (the FBI) do not want the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer re-opened. Why? Why does the FBI not want this case re-opened under a new light? You will ask yourselves one day, is it the systems within America? Or is it the people operating the systems that have failed the people? Decades after decades the police, the police detectives, the D.A. cold case detectives, the FBI, the county prosecutors, all refuse to believe me, or they do believe me, but are too corrupt to care. What year is it now? Are you starting to understand American Government values? The government does not care to be dutiful, the media does not want to inform the people, and literary agencies across the board do not want to represent a manuscript such as The Woodpecker that discloses a truth outside the box of what the American people were told to believe in the case of Joseph James DeAngelo being the decades long-sought after East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. In 1995 CIA John Brennan told me to my face in Atlanta, Georgia that my older brother Ric Vander Ark was a serial killer like in that movie Citizen X. I told CIA John Brennan that I had not seen the movie Citizen X. CIA John Brennan and his sidekick Paul Holes and Barrack Obama (not the President yet) were there when CIA John Brennan spoke that statement to my face. CIA John Brennan and his CIA group and his FBI group are a corruption disease that has spread into many police departments. They all are very well-deserving of California's Death Row if arrested and convicted. CIA John Brennan told me that Ric would never be caught, nor would Cindy the woman who abducted me and then raised me, ever be caught. West Michigan's Jeremy Baum (half-Jewish) who is employed by the Ottawa County, Michigan Sheriff's Department, and cold-case detective Sara Fillman (a Jew) are purposely not solving the unsolved mid-summer West Michigan 1977 murder of Deb Polinsky so that Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel and her biological sons (Ric, Dave and Mike Vander Ark) and several of Cindy's biological adult grandsons fathered by Ric Vander Ark can continue as serial killers murdering the Gentiles. The actual truth is very Politically Incorrect and therefore the actual truth has been regarded as obsolete by American organizations in-charge of justice matters. Cindy, the mother of Ric Vander Ark told me in the summer of 2018, that Ric murdered Molly Tibbets when Ric went to visit his youngest son Derek Vander Ark who has lived in Montezuma, Iowa since Matt Vander Ark graduated from Dordt College in 2011. Molly Tibbets' murder was scapegoated by the FBI and local law in Iowa with zero evidence from the man that took the fall for Ric Vander Ark. Cindy told me since the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo (at the end of April in 2018), Ric and his boys have been on hunting sprees of murdering people in Canada and across America. Cindy told me that the murders will go unsolved or solved with a scapegoat, even if no evidence points to a puppet perpetrator. Cindy, very confident that she (Cindy) will remain an uncaught serial killer told me that info as she (Cindy) laughed a haughty dry laugh in 2018-2019. CIA John Brennan and his CIA confidant Ric Vander Ark are not only born in the same year of 1955, they have committed many crimes together and gotten away with many crimes. Such crimes the Barack Obama Administration and Barack Obama himself worked thoroughly as an enabler to the crimes and the loyal criminals, with complete disregard for human White life. CIA John Brennan made sure that the California 1977-1980 Hillside Strangler crimes were also not blamed on Ric Vander Ark and Dave Vander Ark. The EAR/GSK crimes were not the first set of serial murders to be scapegoated in California while Ric and Dave Vander Ark murdered together while they lived in California, the Hillside Stranger murders were also scapegoated by CIA John Brennan. At times, during the 1970s, Cindy, the mother of Ric and Dave Vander Ark, left me in West Michigan and joined her sons in California to murder for the sake of being able to murder and get away with as many murders as the American Government will allow, or rather the organizations operating America will allow. Adopted family and American Government unsustainable secrets eventually emerge. Ric Vander Ark lived in California from 1973 through mid-fall 1986. Ric's biological brother Dave Vander Ark lived on and off in California from 1975-1983. Ric drove a bright orange Datsun in 1977 and later a dark green Datsun convertible. On one visit to California in 1980, I was ten years old when I rode in Ric's Datsun. I remarked to Ric in 1980ish and he got really furious when I inquired, "why would you pull the seats out of your Datsun?" I rode in a wiggly seat that was void of factory fabric and padding, with just a dirty towel over yellow sponge as a front seat in his California Datsun during a vacation to visit him in 1980. Ric had pulled the cloth and seat padding off the Datsun seats and told me he was going to have them re-upholstered at a later date. I thought that was so weird that he pulled out the old seat material before even having the new car seats ordered and installed. In 1982, I was raped at age 12 in California. Ric dragged me under water in the ocean as people on the beach noticed in Santa Cruz, California (the Boardwalk). One California local lady during the summer of the 1982 vacation, actually wrote down Cindy's Michigan car license plate as we walked back to the car after a day at the beach in California. Cindy was actually nervous that Ric was going to get caught and their crime sprees would end. Ric and Cindy beat me up out of their nervous apprehension the summer of 1982. By October 28, 1982 I had surgery in Grand Rapids, Michigan from the severe California attack and my inability to recover from the wounds inflicted upon my body. Not an abortion, not pregnant in 1982, serious wounds on my body that were not healing that required surgery. By the way, do you have any clue as to why God has eyes on America? America is not a nation under God or for God. America is a Godless nation with the Big Three operating America. America is also not the most powerful nation on the planet. America may perhaps be the most corrupt government on the planet, but not the most powerful nation. In 1992, Jerry Seinfeld told me the exact same info that CIA Bob Baer told me later in 1993, in the same building, just on different floors, different rooms in Atlanta, Georgia. Both Seinfeld and Baer told me to my face that the 3 big organizations are operating the U.S. Presidency and every facet of American life; from the news, what is allowed to reach Americans as the news or in book material through a traditional literary agent. And then through the big three's liaison of CIA John Brennan a whole slew are in operation of police departments, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, hospitals around the world, schools, skimming allocated school funds off the top for their massive control of America. AIDS was a disease created by one group of the big three to knock out another group in the quest for king of the mountain, the mountain being America. Hollywood is largely controlled by the big three, and California as a territory is largely controlled by the big three. Why has the big three not murdered me? I have a unique superpower within me, or about me. The big three are aware that Putin is on my family tree, and the big three, do not want to be eliminated themselves, as in off the earth eliminated. Who are the big three organizations? *The Royal British Intelligence Agency. *The NAACP. *A group connected to the L.A. Simon Wiesenthal Group. Each of the big three are resources to one another. Yet each of the big three has their own separate motivations for being in power, just ask Jerry Seinfeld and CIA Bob Baer about the big three organizations. I do not believe Seinfeld and Baer could pass a polygraph test on the aforementioned above subject matter. *If asked by the prosecution, such as Anne Marie Shubert, who is the Sacramento District Attorney that refused to prosecute Joseph James DeAngelo, I would be willing to provide to the prosecution a list of literary agents going back to 2018 that were and are very adamant that they do not want their literary agency to represent The Woodpecker to a mainstream large publishing house or any publishing company, as the literary agents very overtly do not want the truth to be read by Americans. In 2019, Carter Gent the producer of NBC in Grand Rapids, Michigan's WOODTV Channel 8 News called me at my residence and told me that he has taped interviews of the FBI and the FBI claim they have enough evidence to arrest and criminally charge Cindy Honderd-Appel with many baby abductions, including the kidnapping of Baby Paul from a Chicago hospital back in 1964. Carter Gent told me in 2019 that the evidence against Cindy was mounting. Carter Gent told me that the story, the news story, was going to break soon and he was giving me a courtesy call, that was February 2019. Cindy continues to commit felony crimes with her sons and grandsons (Ric's adult sons) and brags about the crimes and how the American Government allows for her to murder whomever she wants, just as long as they are White victims. *After the 1977 mid-summer murder of Deb Polinsky that began at 8271 Curwood Drive in Jenison, Michigan, the killers Dave Vander Ark and his mother Cindy Vander Ark joined Ric Vander Ark in California once I entered Greenfield Christian Elementary for the 1977-1978 school year beginning just after Labor Day 1977. The killers (Dave & Cindy Vander Ark) went on a murdering spree in California during the autumn of 1977 while I remained in school and was watched/babysat by Chuck Vander Ark (my adopted father). Mike Vander Ark told me that after Deb Polinsky, that mom (Cindy) joined Dave and Ric in California for a month and lured women for Dave to murder for the sole purpose of blackmailing Dave as Dave was so distraught over mom/Cindy killing Deb Polinsky. Mike told me that Cindy feared that Dave was going to go to the police on her (mom/Cindy) that she (Cindy/mom) made Dave kill women in California as a poignantly concocted scheme of mother's blackmail of Dave, following the demise of Deb Polinsky. The blackmail of Cindy witnessing Dave murder California women in the autumn of 1977 provided Cindy/mom a newly acquired power hook into Dave, her son, over the faraway West Michigan secret of what she (Cindy) did to Deb Polinsky just weeks and months earlier. The Hillside Strangler murders were very much premediated murders by the mastermind Cindy that needed Dave to be more of a sinner than her/Cindy. Mike told me that mom (Cindy) made Dave stab Deb Polinsky, but that it was unnecessary because Deb was already dead. After the murder sprees in California, Cindy made it back home for Thanksgiving 1977. Cindy would talk about a very homely California girl that Dave murdered in California. Cindy talked about in the 1970s about how she (Cindy) did not like how Ric left a crime scene, something about a car, and she (Cindy) thought they might get caught or that someone might have seen them near a car that had evidence left behind after the crime they had just committed. Cindy wanted to make a prodigal son out of Dave Vander Ark, and sadly, it worked, people viewed Dave as the prodigal son. Cindy needed her sons to be sinners and therefore all eyes off her evil deeds of what she had done closer to home-base in Michigan. According to Dave and Mike Vander Ark, their brother Ric Vander Ark possesses police uniforms and police I.D. to handcuff victims and get a victim to go into their car, real I.D. and real police uniforms through Ric's police contact in Sacramento, Carol Daly, who is a legit but corrupt police woman in Sacramento. Cindy would fret in the mid to late 1970s that she/Cindy feared Carol Daly would be un-loyal and Ric would end up behind bars and tell on all of them, shattering the Dutch Christian Reformed façade that Cindy had spent years to attain in the close-knit religious community of West Michigan. Back in California, Ric and Carol Daly had an affair while Carol Daly was married, beginning in Sacramento in 1975/76. Ric met Carol Daly at a Sacramento shooting range in 1975-1976. Following Deb Polinsky's murder mid-summer 1977 in Michigan, Dave, and his mother Cindy Vander Ark roamed on and murdered countless victims in California. The serial killers remain free to this day and continue to murder and brag about how they get away with their hair-raising crimes spanning many decades. The uncaught, unprosecuted serial killers do not care about anyone else's physical pain or the scores of miseries and agonies that they cause a victim and the victim's family. The American Government and the serial killers have an array of many things in common, such as, as long as the blood is not from their wounds, they could care less about this serious subject matter. The American Government and mainstream media does not even have the decency and integrity to tell the American people the truth, or warn the American people! The American Government must sincerely believe that nothing will ever change in their world; the salaried checks keep flowing, the health benefits are not interrupted, the pension checks always arrive, everything appears the same as always, so why rock the boat?!?! Has the NAACP emailed any of its members to protest over the death of White victims? The answer is obviously and boldly no. The NAACP has successfully created ideologies within you to only care about Black people. The NAACP is a world-building organization to eliminate White people and advance the colored people. The NAACP is very successful in all of their endeavors to become king of the mountain.

***** In in the autumn of 2002, an FBI agent by the name of Mr. Moore located at the Grand Rapids FBI location in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, told me to my face that there is no way that any American law enforcer will ever arrest Cindy or her sons for any murder. Since the mid-1970s the serial killers associated with CIA John Brennan have grown in numbers and protection from prosecution. Since the mid-1970s they exercise their power to circumvent the media from broadcasting the actual number of murders and rapes by the large organization of American Government protected serial killers, keeping the American general public of White folks in the dark. Google posted today: From the icons of yesterday to the leaders of tomorrow. Celebrate Black History Month. My response to Google's post? No matter the skin shade, no matter the month, or year, there is no cause for celebration when the U.S. President and Congress keep raising the national debt ceiling to fund corruption:

Above is Ric Vander Ark (DOB: August 2, 1955) and his biological brother Dave Vander Ark. Cindy their biological mother is featured below. Ric Vander Ark lived in California from 1973 to 1986. Ric then moved to the State of Washington, currently Ric lives with his wife Lori Kay Sudengay-Vander Ark in Sommers, Montana. The FBI really does not want the cases solved. Cindy told me in the late 1970s that the international human trafficking with FBI assistance is big business for the FBI, and therefore the FBI will never formally charge her (Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of West Michigan) or her biological sons for any crime of murder they commit, any crimes they commit will be covered-up with FBI assistance. OMG America! Fact: A DNA Warrant was never issued for Joseph James DeAngelo. The DNA used to arrest and convict DeAngelo was sourced/provided as evidence thru the now retired infamous county detective from California; Paul Holes. Mr. Holes retired the day after collecting discarded DNA. Paul Holes apparently did not work alone with the headline-making discarded DNA story that appeared to be solely of his making. Paul Holes is an associate of CIA John Brennan. It was John Brennan that instructed Paul Holes in 1994-1995 to become a detective to work the EAR/GSK cases to protect Ric Vander Ark from capture and prosecution. CIA John Brennan and Ric Vander Ark go back to the 1970s together through CIA ties and criminal ties. Both CIA John Brennan and Ric Vander Ark are born in 1955.

On April 10, 2018, I received a phone call from a Sacramento D.A. cold-case detective by the name of Ron Garvick. This would be the third phone call received from Ron Garvick. On April 10, 2018, weeks prior to the actual arrest and public announcement made of the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, Garvick told me that Paul Holes and the FBI used discarded DNA from Ric Vander Ark who is living in Somers, Montana to pin another for the EAR/GSK crimes as ordered by higher-ups.

***Now in 2020-2021: A neighbors (John & Brooke) at 11 Altar Rock Ct. in Cartersville (John) will go to the edge of his property and call me crazy for saying bad things about Cindy to the FBI. How does John know Cindy? Why would John care? Then throughout 2021 before and after any hair appt. an FBI agent will walk-up to me and call me crazy or nuts right to my face. *Twice in 2019 I had filled out an online FBI Submit-A-Tip on John and Brooke at 11 Altar Rock Ct. NE. In 2020, I received 2 phone calls from an FBI agent out of Rome, Georgia from number 1.404.922.1455. The Rome, Georgia FBI agent told me that it is not uncommon for a U.S. Army Sergeant such as John to continuous change out his vehicle and plates every 24-hours, and not to be alarmed at such behavior by either John or Brooke. Then the FBI agent from Rome, Georgia stated to me towards the end of our phone conversation, "You should not be such a Mississippi blood-hound when gathering intelligence information, or rather, what you believe to be intelligence gathering skills." ****Then there is this man that keeps calling me, stalking me, he calls from 1.404.593.4898. He calls my residence line and tells me that I am crazy for posting this information about Cindy, specifically Cindy. I could pick-out his voice if given a line-up of numerous male voices.

Cindy (Ric's biological mother) told me in the summer of 2018 (soon after the Sacramento, California arrest of DeAngelo) that Ric and his grown adult sons are going on murdering sprees throughout Canada and America. Cindy told me that the FBI is trailing Ric and his sons to cover-up the evidence and continue with the American lie of DeAngelo. Cindy told me in 2018 that the FBI is aiding and abetting Ric's murders by creating scapegoats for Ric. Cindy told me that Ric drove to visit his youngest son Derek Vander Ark in Montezuma, Iowa during the summer of 2018 and murdered Mollie Tibbets. Cindy told me a year later during the summer of 2019, that Ric and his sons went up near the Alaska border to fish and ended up murdering a young couple in broad daylight. Cindy was adamant that the FBI will continue to cover Ric's tracks when Ric leaves Montana to go on a murder hunt, a murderous spree. Scapegoat DeAngelo is jailed and dubbed the Golden State Killer by the BBC and the Mainstream American Media; including CNN, the most trusted name in news? Biblically speaking, I believe DeAngelo has become "the angel of death" as in the Book of Revelations. Therefore, the real and true Golden State Killer (Ric Vander Ark) is able to roam and murder, while the FBI is apparently covering Ric's murderous tracks (size 9 tennis shoe).OMG America!

*****The very deceitful BBC and the American Media, in conjunction with the American Government has convinced the American people and the world, "they got their guy."

Question: Is each and every FBI Director encouraging such bad behavior from the FBI? The U.S. President should nominate me to be the FBI Director. I can cleanse the FBI through a series of new systems. I can create transparency by posting a suspect's DNA profile publicly and a convicted criminal's DNA per case file/per crime made public to build trust through transparency of facts.

Ric Vander Ark DOB: August 2, 1955 and his mother Cynthia Ann Stob DOB: December 13, 1934 (Royal British Intelligence Agents and CIA operatives) created a scapegoat for the EAR/GSK murders and the California Hillside Strangler Murders. Cindy worked as an unlicensed caseworker and unlicensed nurse for Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and since 1960 millions of infants (some babies marked stillborn by paid doctors) and children snatched up where kidnapped and then had Bethany Adoptions filter adoption paperwork through American Courts. Russian Intelligence has gathered the millions of files, and seven countries in particular were targets of the Jewish-owned Bethany Christian Services. The big three operating America would like to keep a lid on activities and therefore the real East Area Rapist and Golden State Killer goes free, as does Cindy for all of her abductions and murders she has committed. The American Government knows this info and is aiding and abetting the crimes, until stopped by a more powerful nation or league of nations. American courts are more than corrupt or dysfunctional, the American Government robs and rapes its victims, the prey.

Letter sent to Cindy on December 9, 2021

Merry Christmas!

Today is December 9, 2021. Eddie has school Christmas parties tomorrow and I have shopping to do today. Eddie very much appreciated the $10.00 you gave to him for his birthday. The book you gave he has not read yet. He is currently reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. He would like the book Jaws for Christmas, or money or gift cards are the best gift that he appreciates the most. Eddie has all A’s in school. For Eddie’s 17th birthday we bought him a shiny candy-apple red Mustang with 15,000 miles on it. We splurged at $28,000 for his birthday gift. With Eddie’s excellent grades he will have multiple scholarship opportunities. He is set on getting a business degree with a minor in film studies. He has lots of girls texting him these days.

What would I like for Christmas this year? I want to know your motivations for certain crimes you have committed. You are well into your senior years of living. As you well know by now, you will never be arrested for the abductions to adoptions that you did back in the 1960s and early 1970s for Bethany Christian Homes/Services. But what I want to know most, is why, what was your motivation and thoughts when you abducted Baby Paul Fronczak from that Chicago hospital, what motivated you to kidnap him? What motivated you to kidnap me? Diane & Greg Umstead and others have told me over the years the truth, the hoax of my adoption. I want to read your words on paper on why you kidnapped Lisa Pare as an infant, when you went on a trip south of the border and brought Lisa back to Jenison, Michigan to become Lisa Pare, why? Was it some plan? I want you to tell me the worst things you have done, crimes you want to release and not take to the grave with you, such as maybe California? Sacramento breaking in and entering homes with Mike, Dave, and Ric? Spill the beans. The American Government is protecting you and my brothers from prosecution/jail time.

I want to know your motivation for the crimes you committed, maybe it was your 1980 to 1985 Blodgett Hospital murders of patients on hospital beds that sticks with you? Or maybe the murder of your husband Chuck Vander Ark? Or the knowledge and presence of being with Mr. Cline when Mr. Cline shot the taxi driver in San Francisco? What crimes haunt you the most? I want to know what crimes haunt you the most, bother you the most, or the crimes you cannot forget. Or are all the crimes a treasure-trove within your filing cabinet of memories that you hold so dear to you?

No law-officer on this planet and no prosecutor is going to arrest an elderly person such as yourself. I have included 2 blank, lined pieces of paper here. For my Christmas gift from you, I would like at least 2 pages of written details, motivations, thoughts from you on the crimes that bother you the most. Maybe it is a crime you committed that is not mentioned here, a crime you hold close to your heart in secrecy that you want to confess to, or at least talk about on paper. I want you to share your thoughts.

10 Altar Rock Ct. NE

Cartersville, Georgia 30121


Can you think of any reasons why the American Government would give orders to American literary agencies to NOT OFFER me a literary contract for my 2018 manuscript The Woodpecker? The Answer: Deep Politics. Why does the American Mainstream Media and the Canadian Mainstream Media NOT BRING this information to the American and Canadian people? Answer: Deep Politics. Those controlling America and the world decide what Americans are allowed to know as facts to be believed.

Agent Query Letter for The Woodpecker (Serious Nonfiction/YA & Adult)

Hello (literary agent’s name),

The most important story within Deep Politics, could very well be my untold insider story. The reader is sure to feel as if handcuffed to a heater, warmed by the stories, all the while feeling hair-raising chills in which case there is no pleasant escape from the truth. There is a relation deep inside Deep Politics that connects like tributary rivers towards a slew of non-apprehended criminals running from the radar of the potent content of The Woodpecker. My unpublished manuscript could possibly emerge as a controversial book. Most untold powerful stories are usually within the vein of serious nonfiction and scandalous. A concoction of profound and eye-opening to what occurs deep within the figurative iceberg referred by some as Deep Politics. Never has an impactful story held as much weight to the word profound as my untold story. If published and unleashed to the general public, The Woodpecker is sure to set-off a revolution, or at least an uproar from “the people,” the American citizens. Which is why the American Government may want to silence you? Or you may want to silence me, with no literary representation to offer to me and my edgy, most interesting manuscript.

Do you really like off-kilter nonfiction narratives that resonate with the beat of a strong untold story? Clearly you would have to believe in your heart that my manuscript holds a very important story to share with mankind, or you would not feel the urge to represent my unpublished manuscript, you would toss it aside. I reviewed your lists of best-known literary projects; none are as remarkable and notable as my unpublished manuscript. I assume that you are very busy with current clients and current reading projects. I do not expect for you to stop everything to read the first three chapters copied and pasted of The Woodpecker for your review. I do expect decency from you. Decency to realize the scope of my unpublished manuscript and the magnitude of not bringing the truth to the people. So often the status quo creates a standard of what the truth is to be believed. The Woodpecker challenges the status quo, offering truthful content ricocheting the mainstream truth on several criminal cases that appear solved by police and FBI. Furthermore, The Woodpecker brings forth astonishing information on unsolved cases. When serial killers join alliances with police detectives, chaos ensues. Once in time the status quo made civilization believe the world is flat and scoffed at anyone who presented a fact otherwise. Truthfully, the serial killers and their alliances are behind what is being presented in what a nation is to believe on certain crimes in history. Metaphorically, the serial killers and those who have presented one truth, hope this book is before its time, and you maintain the status quo belief that the world is flat.

Have you ever desired to represent a significantly valuable, one-of-a-kind manuscript that makes you question everything in a new light? Few manuscripts- to-books-to-screen create a better world as does my untold story. Have you sought to hold onto a book that sells millions of copies because others in the world also hold a desire deep within themselves to have new ideologies, new philosophies, and new systems? A highlighted realization for a New World Order is based upon newly exposed captivating American Government corruption secrets that I bring to readers within an interesting read. As you sift through the dirt in hopes of locating gold today, you may perhaps be closer to the discovery of gold within your reach of representation. This could very well be the most important manuscript-to-book proposal that you have the opportunity to represent to a publisher. By all accounts, and knowing the uniqueness of my untold story, this could possibly become your most famous book you ever represent. I would really like a premier literary agent possessing both professionalism and extensive connections within the literary world and beyond to support my endeavors of bringing many haunting truths into the spotlight.

I have classified The Woodpecker as volume two within my memoir series and is very much a big idea society-moving story. My compelling insight into the crimes that made the headlines and the infamous criminals within my adopted family that I know committed the crimes is nothing shy of fresh insight, and is the premise of my unpublished story. I would not describe my non-fiction narrative as “a refreshing read”. The premise is all about making the reader aware. The set of stories are riveting reads. Shocking information and true accounts of the crimes that made headlines and the true criminals behind the crimes that I knew and know on a family-basis over many decades now. The story is left with a resounding echo; how could all of this happen in America and the American Government has just sat back and not apprehended the criminals within my adopted family? “Adopted” is a loose term, the woman Cindy who kidnapped me also abducted Chicago’s 1964 Baby Paul Fronczak, all the details are within the pages. Cindy’s father, Martin Stob is also the never apprehended 1930s Mad Butcher of Cleveland, I devoted chapter one to him, The Stob Family Secret. In my formative years and beyond, I have grown-up and lived with hair-raising insider knowledge of the numerous famous crimes my adopted family committed and got away with, time and time again, which is the content within The Woodpecker.

Fact: A DNA Warrant was never issued for Joseph James DeAngelo. The DNA used to arrest and convict DeAngelo was sourced/provided as evidence through the now retired infamous county detective from California; Paul Holes. Mr. Holes retired the day after collecting discarded DNA. Paul Holes apparently did not work alone with the headline-making discarded DNA story that appeared to be solely of his making.

On April 10, 2018, I received a phone call from a Sacramento D.A. cold-case detective by the name of Ron Garvick. This would be the third phone call received from Ron Garvick. On April 10, 2018, weeks prior to the actual arrest and public announcement made of the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, Garvick told me that Paul Holes and the FBI used discarded DNA from Ric Vander Ark who is living in Somers, Montana to pin another for the EAR/GSK crimes as ordered by higher-ups.

Outlandishly, the American Government from the police departments, straight-up to the FBI and DOJ know the information I have provided to them, and they willfully look the other way, as if I am bothering them with information to solve important cases of murder and kidnappings. The insensitivity and adversity felt and experienced caused by America not really caring if a case is solved or if another grave headstone is placed over another victim that falls prey is unsettling and stressful to process as a fact. The lack of duty from the American Government in charge of the criminal cases, is another whole layer of realized horror experienced. The desensitizing value of the media, the government, literary agencies, the culture of America having a diminished value on life, is a layer of distressing cruelty, that adds to a system, and corrupt people within the system, that shove shit at people who actually care.

Jane Dystel of Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret LLC gave orders, devised a policy for her literary agents to NOT represent “The Woodpecker” or any manuscript that would indicate a “Rebuttal Book” to circulate and sway public opinion that Joseph James DeAngelo is not the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. Jane Dystel is a Jew that stands with other NY and LA Jews that want to ban any manuscript-to-book rebuttal that DeAngelo is NOT the real EAR/GSK. Jim Levine and Daniel Greenberg, both Jews, and both literary agents have strongly indicated to me that Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Literary Agency only support manuscripts to books that point fingers at Joseph James DeAngelo as being the EAR/GSK. Daniel Greenberg, a Jew, and a literary agent represented “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark”. Is there in fact, a Jewish Conspiracy in action, at work, in a permanent play mode, that DeAngelo is the EAR/GSK, so that the real serial killer or serial killers can keep murdering the Gentiles? Is the actual truth politically incorrect? And if the actual truth is politically incorrect, has the actual truth been ruled obsolete? Jane Dystel, Jim Levine, and Daniel Greenberg are joined by other Jews who are also revered, well-established and very respected literary agents and who also have taken a stance between 2018 and 2022 that they do not want any “rebuttal manuscript-to-book” on the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to go before a Judge, General Public, or Publishing House. Since 2018, NY literary agent and Folio Management agency founder/owner Jeff Kleinman gave orders for his group of literary agents to not represent The Woodpecker or any manuscript authored by me. Simon Lipskar, a Jew and a NY literary agent and managing owner of The Writer’s House gave specific orders to his group of literary agents to not represent any rebuttal manuscript that Joseph James DeAngelo is not the EAR/GSK, and to also not represent any manuscript authored by me. The Big Picture of what has occurred and continues to occur in America and Canada is not a picture Jewish literary agency owners would like the world to know and read about in a book format. The Jewish literary agents stand together in a fortress of deciding what Americans can and cannot know in literature format, such as a book. What is inside Jewish DNA that would make a person behave the way they do? What is inside my DNA that does not allow me to give-up? Somehow perseverance is located within my DNA, no matter the horrible odds and obstacles I may face in my life’s journey of bringing the truth to the people, I persevere. I am very strong-willed and I do not fear easily. I do not get too discouraged, which is bothersome to some people and to some races of people. Somehow wanting the truth to be known is also an attribute within my DNA, like a light located inside of me that some people cannot seemingly burn out, such a light is not located within others.

Why The Woodpecker? The woodpecker never gives up doing what he or she innately, behaviorally does, as is my nature to never stop trying on behalf of getting justice for the victims and never give-up trying to get justice for the crimes that were committed against me, it’s just the way I am. In, The Woodpecker, I describe the woodpecker as being like me, incessantly pecking away at my computer keyboard, trying to get justice, it is just in my intrinsic nature to not give-up. I also describe the relentless murderers in my adopted family as being like a resilient woodpecker, innately doing what their thirsty in-born nature compels them to skillfully master. Intrinsic motivation in doing activities for its inherent satisfaction rather than for some separable consequence. Willful dominance is not complacent, who will win is anybody’s guess. God rolled me onto a gambling table, with a strong, favorable desire to win against evil. Those that have bet against God, bet against me.

The written narration style by me has a sharp quality. A writing style that gives a driving force towards powerful, critical, unsentimental. Most of the time the reader is sure to feel as if slapped with a splash of freezing cold water with the hard-edge content. The tone is refreshingly bold. The mood of the stories are bound to surprise and elicit critical awareness that everything is not as it appears in America, despite mainstream contradictions to the content. The collection of stories are not cookie-cutter, you may feel a wide range of emotions, all at once.

My story and my personal perspective are one-of-a-kind. A must-read nonfiction narrative that is meant to foster change in the America that I grew to know, just like I grew to know my adopted family. I learned of the story behind the crimes. The Woodpecker advances the public conversation on crucial issues. Subject content involving the unsustainability secrets of both family and American Government emerge. A slightly similar book is Sudden Terror by Larry Crompton.

I only want to commit to the crème de la crème in the business of professional book representation and publishing, and that would be you. I am going to wait to hear back from you before I ship this submission to another agent. I think The Woodpecker encompasses exactly what every American should read for themselves. A book placed in every household, next to the coffee machine and money jar in material importance. The powerful material is so riveting, so shocking, and yet very artfully non-fiction. The reader will feel as if they have fallen into the pages, and stained their soul with a resounding premise read and felt. The content of what I bring forth to the citizens of America is awe-inspiring that I am alive to even tell my story. Please be my author advocate. I could easily be compared to Erin Brockovich.

Most Sincerely,

Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Author Bio: I have authored 2 self-published books: Doggy Baby Book (gift-book/2011) and I Remember Heaven Before Earth (2011). Also, I have authored 2 unpublished manuscripts: The Woodpecker (riveting, shocking, and artfully non-fiction) and Alien Galaxy (adult fiction). The Woodpecker is adult nonfiction and still very much in need of literary representation combined with a courageous author advocate willing to bring The Woodpecker to an equally courageous publishing company.



Written by

Lori “Cleopatra” Vander Ark

Approximate Word Count 110,000

Volume II in the memoir series, I Remember Heaven Before Earth

A revealing 2021 never before published book (manuscript) that sheds light on the possible true identity of the notorious Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run and several of his psychopath descendants, many of whom have also eluded being apprehended. The eleven gripping chapters showcase new light on famous murder cases, including the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer cases. My words and photograph evidence echo the need for transparency in the flawed American judicial system in America, flaws within a system that remain hidden to the general public, such revelations unveiled within my necessary impactful memoir series. Imperative reveals as to why detectives purposely will not solve a crime case or with premeditation will solve incorrectly to allow the real East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer to remain off the radar and why. I was kidnapped overseas between 1968-1971 as an infant, taken by the same fictitious R.N. nurse that resides in West Michigan that abducted Baby Paul in 1964 from the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, our kidnappings were then filtered through a West Michigan adoption agency, Bethany Christian Homes/Services. Baby Paul Fronczak and I were one of hundreds of newborns kidnapped by a powerful and connected to American law enforcement human trafficking organization that still is in operation in America. I was kidnapped and brought into the most powerful crime family in America. I devoted a chapter to the 1977 unsolved homicide of Ottawa County Michigan’s Deb Polinsky, and a chapter on the 2011 unsolved homicide of Ashley Okland of Iowa, both women murdered by non-biological family members of mine, cases the police detectives and FBI, apparently, do not want solved. I turn my life inside out in a tell-all volume II memoir. Within the series of books, I write about my life lived thus far and reveal the famous crimes of my adopted family. I shed astounding light on the piracy cold case of D.B. Cooper. Volume II of my memoir series takes a critical and often cynical perspective on such people and others that have entered my life at some point with their depicted camouflaged existence that I in turn expose with my mere words. I divulge secrets to those seeking information about the real, the dark, and the unusual, bringing to light edgy haunting true crime cases. Displaying my courage and tenacious spirit, I bravely wrote the avant-garde. Serious breakthrough reveals that invoke critical thinking woven into a very compelling set of stories. I would best describe myself as a “thought leader” and my memoir series in the exact groundbreaking genre of; “big think non-fiction.” The impactful manuscript deciphers the complicated in a very gripping way. Controversially emerging as “the manuscript” that illuminates with purpose. I have a compelling perspective, unique voice, and I offer plenty of fresh insight on important subjects that enhance and engage the reader “to think” for themselves. *See my separate attachment for the cover images. Within the book there will also be images and photographs and other evidence related to the content of what is written and exposed.

Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

Genre: Memoir

Subgenres: Cultural Criticism, Deep Politics, Serial Killers, True Crime, Narrative Non-fiction, Family Saga, Philosophy, Humanity, Politically Incorrect, “Big-Think” Non-Fiction, Crusader, Victim’s Advocate, Cultural/Social Justice.

The Potential Target Audience: People that read mysteries. People interested in the startling story and untold details behind a crime that has made the headlines; such information I have accumulated over the decades by having an adopted family-basis relationship with the uncaught notorious criminals. People interested in reading a memoir from a non-criminal, non-biological family member of a multigenerational family of serial killers that have eluded prosecution and death row and all the reasons why.

Similar Books: My important story and my personal perspective are one-of-a-kind, adding incredible value to my unpublished manuscript. Slightly similar book would be Sudden Terror by Larry Crompton.

Investigate. Gather Witness Testimonies. Push for DNA Warrants. DNA Warrants were never issued in the East Area Rapists/Golden State Killer case.

Lee Fisher, (Prosecutor in Ottawa Co., West Michigan),,

Today’s date is 12/23/2021. Cindy Appel just turned 87 years of age on December 13, 2021. Cindy Appel was born Cynthia Ann Stob in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 12/13/1934. Cindy is a non-apprehended serial killer that has bragged about her crimes over the many years and numerous decades. Cindy resides in a condo at 709 Waterview Ct. in Grandville, Michigan. Cindy is very active and healthy, and will be leaving next week for Texas for 2 months after the holidays. Cindy can be reached at 1.616.457.2036. Cindy was very responsible for the murder of Deb Polinsky mid-summer 1977, Deb Polinsky was face up, passed out at 8271 Curwood Drive in Jenison, Michigan, Ottawa County, carried out by David Lee Vander Ark, Mike Vander Ark, and Cindy. Ottawa County Michigan Cold Case detective Sara Fillman thinks I am full of shit, and Fillman told me so last late winter/early spring 2021. In 2020, Det. Jeremy Baum made it very evident he does not want Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel apprehended. Lee Fisher, you have the power and ability to reel in a very big fish, Cindy, a career criminal that camouflages herself within a middleclass sleepy Dutch Christian Reformed community. Please sign a warrant for her DNA today, do not let her slip away, and remain uncaught forever. Plug her DNA into a National Data Crime Lab and solve crimes today.

Lee Fisher has not signed a DNA Warrant on Cindy or her sons. Lee Fisher probably never will.

Ottawa County Sheriff's Dept.

12220 Fillmore Street

West Olive, Michigan


(616) 738-4000

NOTE: In 2020 Ottawa County Michigan (located in West Olive, West Michigan) Cold Case Detectives Jeremy Baum and Det. Jake Sparks told me during a recorded by them phone interview that a federal agency is preventing any criminal warrant or any DNA warrant to be requested by law enforcement or issued by a D.A. on Cindy, the woman who raised me. In the late winter of 2021, Cold Case Detectives Sara Fillman and her partner Det. Anderson said the same information to me over a recorded by them phone conversation. Why would a federal agency order for decades upon decades to police stations across America to not issue criminal warrants or DNA warrants for Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel and her biological sons; Ric, Dave, and Mike Vander Ark? Why would a federal agency and so many police not want to solve murders? And why would those law enforcement agencies want to allow Cindy to keep murdering and her sons to keep murdering innocent people? Why?

Advancing the Power of Facts:

1977, mid-summer murder of Deb Polinsky committed by Cindy Stob-Vander Ark and her biological sons Dave and Mike Vander Ark. Substantial overwhelming evidence, the Ottawa County Sheriff's detectives and the Ottawa County Prosecutor do not want to issue DNA Warrants. The FBI in conjunction with the West Michigan Ottawa County Sheriff's Office does not want the 1977 unsolved homicide of 20 year-old Deb Polinsky of Ottawa Co., Michigan solved. Why? It would open a can of worms up on the FBI's involvement with Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel and the other serious crimes, other unsolved felony crimes of kidnappings that involved FBI assistance, internationally and domestic baby abductions.

*8271 Curwood Drive, Jenison, Michigan, Ottawa County, Michigan.

Mr. Cline (now deceased) was the Zodiac Killer. He was a former FBI agent, and heavily involved with human trafficking in the 1960s-1970s along with Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark.

I became part of America's problems, to expose the truth about America. I remember heaven before earth.

In the Hebrew Bible, the destroying angel (Hebrew: מַלְאָך הַמַשְׁחִית, mal'ak ha-mashḥit), also known as mashḥit (מַשְׁחִית, 'destroyer'; plural: מַשְׁחִיתִים, mashḥitim, 'spoilers, ravagers'), is an entity sent out by YHWH on several occasions to kill the enemies of the Hebrews.

Cindy Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of West Michigan (616) (DOB: 12/13/1934)> Targets, murders, commits crimes mostly against the Dutch, the German, and the Polish. The American Government at the city, county, state and federal levels allow for her to murder, and her biological sons and biological grandsons to murder. Locking up the wrong guy, such as DeAngelo, which means angel, allows Cindy and her biological sons and grandsons to continue to murder, making DeAngelo "the angel of death". At the time of DeAngelo's arrest, a Jew was the mayor of Sacramento. The mayor is always above the police department. Push for DNA warrants to be issued and served, as DNA warrants were not issued, nor served, nor processed in the Joseph James DeAngelo case. Are Jews operating America? The Jewish religion is a genetic religion, both the mother and father need to be Jewish, or the child is not Jewish. The Jews want to be the dominating race and behind the scenes eliminate all other races of people; they hardly tolerate anything or anybody that is not Jewish. Investigate. Bring the truth to all people. Open the can of worms.

How does a U.S. President prioritize their day and their agenda to value all people? If I was Black these cases would receive priority between 1970-2022. I am not Black and the other victims are not Black. In America, so I have experienced, so the other victims have experienced, only Black Lives Matter, no other lives matter to the culture of America or the American Government. I went to a parochial school kindergarten thru-my first year in college. Here is some Biblical insight to the Beast. Could the Biblical Beast with 7 heads, possibly represent 7 warheads from 7 countries? Does that Beast challenge the notion and the nation that all lives matter? Does the Beast go into war to prove all lives matter?

If I was a well-paid advisor to the U.S. President, I would disband the NACCP on grounds of racism and push for a bill to be signed to disband and outlaw any group/organization that does not include the promotion and/or interest of the rights and interest of all people. I would push for a bill to be signed to also include 5 years mandatory jail time per individual, if the new law was to be disobeyed. Disband the NACCP and replace with a national civil rights organization that is not based upon the color of one's skin tone.

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