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I Know the West Michigan Woman who abducted Chicago Baby Paul Fronczak in 1964, she abducted babies:

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Huge Injustices, In Conjunction With Decades of American Government Corruption

In my Opinion, the New York Times, all The Times newspaper outlets, CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, all have done an excellent job in keeping this information from the people of the United States. When the American people finally do read this information, I think they will feel as if hit by a ton of bricks that Mainstream Media and Literary Agents thought this information should not reach the people way back in the 1970s, so change could occur in America vs. War. According to many sources, the FBI offices domestically and internationally works in tandem with Bethany Christian Services to ensure no one is investigating the two agencies ongoing human-trafficking. The FBI's job is to investigate human-trafficking, and in reality, the FBI has been aiding and abetting human-trafficking since the early1960s. OMG The Roots of The Conflict; Good vs. Evil, True Intelligence vs. Totally Corrupt * Attorney at Law Genie Eardley of Eardley Law Offices located in Rockford, Michigan wrote to me on 3/21/2022 and explained to me that the State of Michigan and Bethany Christian Services have every right to perform as many abductions to adoptions as they want, just as long as they are not caught doing so. Genie Eardley explained to me that No Compensation will ever be made available by the State of Michigan or Bethany Christian Services to the victims. What is Gennie Eardley's actual area of practice in the field of law? Genie Eardley works as a liaison between Washington D.C. Politicians and the human-trafficking mega organization called Bethany Christian Services. I am sure Genie Eardley can bellow out a song or two that will hurt your eardrums in that ol' colloquialism, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." Cindy and Genie once explained to me the China Connection to Bethany Adoptions headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan while I was in the basement of Genie Eardley's Rockford house. Cindy and Genie during the spring of 2001, told me that the Communist Chinese Government owns a silent portion of Bethany Christian Services, as does a Jewish Group located in Southern California connected to Simon Wiesenthal. Both Genie and Cindy told me that many girls and boys that are adopted through Bethany are chained up beginning as toddlers and are kept in dark rooms domestically and internationally until their master ends their life. Both Cindy and Genie told me that the American Government is both weak to China and corruptly intertwined to Communist China, as many adoptions/sold deals occur on American soil or African soil or Chinese soil through legitimate courtrooms of well-paid Judges that sign the paperwork legitimizing illegal criminal paperwork. Both Genie and Cindy explained to me in the spring of 2001, that the growing economic dependencies between China and the United States ensure that human-trafficking will not end, police and federal agencies will do nothing if a victim comes forward, no arrests will be made, keeping a victim a true victim for life. Both Genie and Cindy told me in the basement of Genie Eardley's house that once an infant or child is sold/adopted, that child is owned for the duration of a lifetime and that I am apparently lucky to not be chained up in a dark room for my lifetime. Both Genie Eardley and Cindy Honderd told me that the Communist Chinese Government is constantly scanning and surveilling for blonde hair, blue-eyed infants, children, and teenagers, as is the Simon Wiesenthal group, that's why Bethany's existence is so important. When I lived in East Lansing, Michigan, I once contacted via mail, the Ingham County House of Representative in 2003, Gretchen Whitmer, with my childhood medical records revealing my childhood horror while in the care of Cindy, adopted by Cindy through Cindy's illegal work for Bethany Christian Services. Gretchen Whitmer sent me a letter in response and stated "that holes in the system need to be plugged" so that I do not tell my story. I read the letter over and over, I just could not believe her response. I remember Cindy stating to me over the years; in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s, that no American Politician would ever allow for her/Cindy to be arrested because of her status with the CIA and the Royal British Intelligence Agency. Politician Ted Cruz of Texas, told me to my face in the early 1990s that Bethany Christian Services gives financial kickbacks to the States so that Bethany is not investigated for any abduction to adoption process, the police know this fact, the abductees are silenced. The State of Michigan has had and continues to have contracts for many decades with Bethany Christian Services. Human-Trafficking is huge business, within the Jewish-organization owned subdivision in Cartersville, Georgia of Rowland Springs Estates where I have resided for the past 7 years, there are 3 households heavily involved with moving lifeless blonde-blue eyed children and teenagers of all ages in and out of their residences of Rowland Springs Estates. For over four years the FBI has done nothing. Genie and Cindy told me in the spring of 2001, that police chiefs, police detectives, state detectives, FBI Directors and Governors are on the payroll of Bethany Christian Services, with Churches in West Michigan being the largest donors to a human-trafficking organization, whether aware of it or not, the donations flow to the big business of slavery with no donations to the silenced victims. If you sit behind your computer, you are utilizing the internet, and within that same framework of the internet is what is known as the dark web. The two-sided business of Bethany Christian Services operates with licensed caseworkers and unlicensed caseworkers, Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel is one of hundreds of women and men that have worked for Bethany Christian Services as an unlicensed nurse and caseworker in the 1960s and 1970s. Today the human-trafficking organization has grown to staggering numbers of both criminal employees or criminal sub-contractors for Bethany Christian Services and the staggering numbers of victims, some dead by their owners, some barely alive and literate, and others alive without chains, but silenced by the American and British Governments. Silenced by the American and British Media, and silenced by American and British literary agencies on this topic and the following topics of truth. Cindy told me that she has walked into some homes in the Grand Rapids area and has seen with her own eyes, children with large heads and small bodies chained at the ankle like a dog, kept in a basement room or a main floor closet, shoved food once a day and unable to form a sentence or eat with utensils. If given soup, the child has no idea how to use a spoon or eat with a fork, utensils are completely alien to them. Cindy told me that they may be eight years old, but have the body of a five-year old, and the mentality of a toddler. Cindy told me that when she had come across such a child abuse case in the past, Cindy would give orders to murder the child to the adopted guardians of that child, because Cindy believed that the damage to the child is so severe that the child will never acclimate into normal society. Cindy would never use the word victim. Rather, Cindy would just use the word "child" when telling me such a story about her unlicensed caseworker/unlicensed nurse days with Bethany Christian Services. Cindy told me as recently as 2021, that she (Cindy) knows for a fact that Bethany Christian Services is adopting out infants and children to "the network" of child molesters located in Michigan, no birth certificates or signed adoption paperwork is ever issued by the courts or by Bethany Christian Services to an infant or child brought into "the network." Cindy stated that the children do not receive any type of schooling, and more than likely will end up in a hole in the ground when the master is done with them. Decade after decade of such activity, is going to inevitably upset other countries in how America continues to operate. If America cannot clean-up its act, other more powerful countries will clean-up America and declare war on America. Silencing me as America and Great Britain has done, does not erase the problems and crimes committed by certain countries. Americans are left in the Dark and that is exactly where China, Great Britain, and America prefer to keep the populations, in The Dark Ages, so the corrupt governments can operate undetected. I believe war is headed to America, and the American Government, including the DOJ, and the FBI, and CIA, will continue to keep Americans in the dark. My voice is not heard in America, but other countries do hear me. Other countries have evidence that the American Government does not want to be known to Americans. Brace yourselves for what the American Government has done and continues to do. For how many years now have the pits of hell surfaced demons to operate the American Government? Or perhaps it is Genetic Essentialism that unveils a deeper level of who you are and who I am in the blueprint of life on earth? War is kind? Perhaps you need to read the Red Badge of Courage poem, one more time. Here is a somewhat familiar jingle to some, and a question proposed towards the American Government, Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Goinna Do? Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Goinna Do When the Russians Come For You? This post was last updated 3/23/2022.

West Michigan Cindy Stob-Vander Ark (now known as Cindy Appel) told me numerous times during the late 1970s that she would never be arrested by the FBI for kidnapping Baby Paul Fronczak. Cindy explained many details about the kidnappings she did in the 1960s and 1970s, including the hospital abduction of Baby Paul of Chicago. Cindy told me that the FBI is her partner in crime, and therefore, she, nor Chuck (her husband) or her boys would ever be formally charged for any kidnapping or murder they commit. Cindy told me that the FBI would always watch her back and locate a scapegoat for her crimes. Cindy told me that most of the missing children around the world were snatched by the FBI and smuggled out of the country and then raped and murdered or adopted through Bethany Christian Services. Cindy told me that the FBI is the only agency that investigates abduction cases and therefore she and the the FBI would never be caught. Cindy told me in the 1970s that America does not want to appear to have done any wrongs, and therefore she (Cindy), would never be charged for any crime, as her crimes open a can of worms up on the American Government's involvement, and the American Government does not want Cindy caught. Cindy told me that if I ever came forward about what she told me, the FBI would make me look nuts, not a credible witness, and sweep this all under a rug, forever. Cindy told me that human trafficking is big business for the FBI, and therefore any irrefutable evidence on her would be tossed aside. The DOJ (the Department of Justice) has had all of this information since 2018. Worse, is that the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office located in West Michigan has had all of this evidence and information since the 1970s. This is unfathomable America! Cindy has told me over the years that Bethany Christian Homes/Services is a non-profit human trafficking organization receiving purposeful funding through the NAACP and unintentional human trafficking funding from church bowl collections. Cindy told me that FBI agents line their pockets with proceeds earned from the crossing borders movement of selling White babies and children, and the FBI is internationally involved with the world's human trafficking organization. Investigative Journalists please interview and expose the unfathomable. Cindy Appel (Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel) just turned 87 on December 13, 2021. Cindy Appel is healthy and has a condo just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. Typically she will go to Texas for the winter months of January and February. Her condo is located in West Michigan at 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan 49418. Cindy can be reached at 1.616.457.2036. When will the American Government stop raising the debt ceiling on a very corrupt American Government? Ask important questions.

Congress & the U.S. President keeps raising the Debt Ceiling


Above is Ric Vander Ark (DOB: August 2, 1955) and his biological brother Dave Vander Ark. Cindy their biological mother is featured below. Ric Vander Ark lived in California from 1973 to 1986. Ric then moved to the State of Washington, currently Ric lives with his wife Lori Kay Sudengay-Vander Ark in Sommers, Montana. The FBI really does not want the cases solved. Cindy told me in the late 1970s that the international human trafficking with FBI assistance is big business for the FBI, and therefore the FBI will never formally charge her (Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of West Michigan) or her biological sons for any crime of murder they commit, any crimes they commit will be covered-up with FBI assistance. OMG America!

Cindy Stob-Vander Ark worked Bethany Christian Services during the 1960s and 1970s abducting infants and children. Cindy would often go by the alias "Agnes Stroo" or Agnes Vander Laan" when abducting and smuggling children back to the private run adoption agency heavily involved with abductions to adoptions at West Michigan's Bethany Christian Homes/Services. Bethany works domestically and internationally with FBI on the payroll to kidnap infants and children. Bethany has probate judges on the payroll, border control officers and numerous FBI on the payroll to ensure no detail of the abduction is overlooked. Cindy is Cynthia Ann Stob (maiden name), born 12.13.1934 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been married numerous times: Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel is 87 years of age, healthy and active. Cindy is a non=apprehended serial killer and serial rapist. When Cindy came ashore with me after a vacation to the Dutch Caribbean Islands, both Cindy and Chuck Vander ark were jailed for 3 weeks upon coming to shore with me as they had no paperwork on me at that time. My non-biological brothers Ric, Dave and Mike Vander Ark told me that Cindy and Chuck stole many babies while on "vacations" with the FBI during the 1960s and 1970s. Cindy was also the abductor of Baby Paul Fronzcak in 1964 from a Chicago hospital. Cindy waved down a taxi as she walked out of the hospital with Baby Paul. The Chicago taxi driver drove Cindy and the newly abducted baby to a motel where Chuck Vander Ark was waiting to drive Cindy back to West Michigan. Cindy told me in the 1970s that the FBI nor the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department nor the Grand Rapids Police nor the Kent County Sheriff's Office will never arrest her for any crime she commits. Examine Cindy's handwriting, but then again, the FBI has had this information since 2012. I think Cindy is correct, the FBI will never arrest her, due in part to the FBI's involvement with many baby abductions as Cindy worked as a fictitious R.N. and caseworker for Bethany adoptions:

Today’s Date: December 3, 2021

Years ago, West Michigan's Ottawa County Det. Jeremy Baum (half Jewish/half German) and Det. Jake Sparks (English) told me that the FBI was giving them orders to not investigate Cindy (Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel). Years ago, Ventura Co. California DA cold case detective by the name of Dirk Boone told me that he knows for a fact that the FBI has all of my information but his boss will never allow for a DNA warrant to be served on former California resident Ric Vander Ark whom is now residing in Somers, Montana. Years ago, Sacramento DA cold case detective Ron Garvick told me over the phone on April 10, 2018, that the CIA will not allow for DNA warrants for Ric Vander Ark, Dave Vander Ark and Cindy (their mother) with any connection to the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer cases, rather, the FBI has selected another, a scapegoat that will be named soon. Garvick informed me that discarded DNA was gathered by the FBI in Montana and yes, in fact, Ric Vander Ark is the actual EAR/GSK, but the CIA will not allow for his arrest.

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