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I Know The Woman Who Kidnapped Baby Paul Fronczak From The Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago in 1964

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I was also kidnapped and brought to West Michigan, kidnapped between 1969-1971, by the same non-apprehended woman that kidnapped many babies between 1960-1975. I was told by Psychopath Cindy, informed also by my non-biological brothers Ric (psychopath), Dave (psychopath), and Mike Vander Ark, that I am lucky to be alive as most babies she kidnapped, she murdered. Cindy informed me during the 1970s and 1980s as I grew-up that I was taken for similar reasons as other babies were kidnapped by her, here are some of the reasons she gave me:

1. Ransom money. The early 1970s Cindy made Ransom money off me with a large and powerfully connected human trafficking group based in West Michigan and Washington D.C.

2. Punishment towards my biological parents oversees for opposing CIA plans.

3. Cindy enjoyed "taking" and "hurting" what she could not have.

4. That I was part of a CIA Baby Intelligence Testing Program, and that I passed, therefore I lived and would be monitored and owned by the CIA for the rest of my life. The ironic factor to that tale, CIA Gen. David Petraeus was very much in and out of our household in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan talking with Cindy, then the next house on Crestlane in Georgetown Forest, CIA Leon Panetta in 1975 was very much at the kitchen table talking with Cindy, not a pedophile as CIA Gen. David Petraeus was 1970-1976, Cindy would provide to Petraeus, children he requested, Petraeus hates any type of "resistance from a child" "physical and verbal resistance" of his sexual advances towards a child, by the time I reached age 5-6 (1975-1976) CIA David Petraeus, known now as Gen. David Petraeus, he layered himself further into the CIA from court prosecution and small-town police investigations, ordering and commanding the FBI to look elsewhere for suspects. CIA David Petraeus, likes to pull the wool over everyone, he does not like his sexual victims to know what is going on, and what will occur or what is happening to them, the CIA can operate in his same mindset, covert, covertly undetected, covertly protected by the Mainstream American Media and Press and U.S. Government FORCES & RESOURCES. CIA agents would enter in and out of my childhood and adult years, to this day. I could name them, I do not think they could pass a polygraph test about the 1970s, especially Gen. David Petraeus. Many children Cindy snatched/abducted 0-6 years of age became sexual pawns of the CIA and FBI. Privately run Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Human Services of Michigan often would produce the fraudulent yet legal American adoption necessary paperwork with a cultural idealization that a child adopted could not be marked as missing in a police investigation of any value and/or merit.

5. 1970s- I was told that according to Cindy, according to my 3 non-biological brothers, according to others in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan, and in the 1990s I was told by CIA and FBI agents, including James Comey speaking directly to my face informing me, all mentioned in detail within my memoir volume one, Cindy was part of a large and well-organized human trafficking organization, never working alone, never as "an individual kidnapper" but rather one of many with powerful influences on the payroll such as Probate Judges (Judge Miles being one such probate Judge in West Michigan), adoption agencies (Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Catholic Human Services of Michigan), politicians, and many, many CIA, FBI, and police detectives, and cement companies were all part of a ring of well-orchestrated, well-rehearsed baby and children snatchers that were very strong beginning in the 1950s, through the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s in West Michigan with Washington D.C. ties "to make it all happen" in the human trafficker's best interest. And that Cindy, the woman who kidnapped me and many other babies and children "for the group" between 1960 and 1975, would never be arrested and charged, and she would never even be investigated for her many felony roles. James Comey and CIA John Brennan told me to my face in the early 1990s that I "would be labeled crazy" if I ever tried to open the whole can of worms on the group, and that every resource would be spent to shut me up. Babies that were murdered by Cindy were picked up at the front door, handed over were lifeless babies wrapped in a towel or blanket at 2432 Pinewood Street in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan, handed over to cement company workers to be encased in cement, so I was told, by those mentioned within this paragraph. Babies that did make it, that seemed to want to thrive and survive after being kidnapped, and ransoms were paid or the CIA had no further use for the baby, the baby was then sold to Bethany Christian Services or Catholic Human Services and those agencies would readily pay Cindy, those agencies very much knew what Cindy and the CIA were doing, the adoption agencies were in on the gig, felony accomplices, and if any one talked, they knew being encased in cement and forgotten forever was a very real possibility, a life-threatening reality for them too.


UPDATE IN THE PAUL FRONCZAK CASE/ 01.01.2020 /News Years Day Cindy Honderd-Appel called (formally known as: Cindy Stob-Vander Ark, with a slue of fictitious aliases going back to the 1960s). Cindy called to wish us a Happy New Year 2020, and then added, "Have you been watching the news? You know the FBI in 1966 were instructed to snatch a toddler with similar coloring and features and make it look like the Chicago kidnapped baby boy Paul Fronczak case had been solved. The CIA was watching my back then, as they are now. The FBI is watching Ric's back too, DeAngelo is going to die soon, before his court trial, a televised announcement will be made that "the Golden State Killer has died in a jail cell prior to attending his court appearance later this month". You know Lori, you should not make enemies. Some of your enemies you have really rattled, and they are more powerful than you. Don't forget that." What does Revelation 13:18 mean? - America is astrologically represented in astrological terms as "the moon." The name Cindy actually means "moon." If the sun is the source of light in the universe, and the moon reflects the sun's radiance, be aware of what you are reflecting as a nation. “You will hear about wars. You will also hear people talking about future wars. Don’t be alarmed. Those things must happen. But the end still isn’t here. Nation will fight against nation. Kingdom will fight against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in many places. People will go hungry. All of those things are the beginning of birth pains” (Mark 13:7, 8 ESV).

  1. Revelation 13:18, NIV: "This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666."

GOOGLE the word "Accountability": The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. "their lack of accountability has corroded public respect."

Similar words: responsibility, liability, answer-ability, reporting, obedience.

Accountability in ethics and governance, accountability is answer-ability, blameworthiness, liability........

A power-vacuum system of government sucks up tax dollars and fees from the people and delivers zero accountability for police, FBI and detective work, Communism is a power-vacuum system. Delivering equally to "the people" is what the American government system has evolved to by the year 1950. Police and Detectives and FBI do not need to solve any crime to be paid by the American Government, nor are they required to solve any crime correctly, efficiently, and properly, "for the people" to be paid a salary, health benefits or a government pension. Who is benefiting from a power-vacuum system, or Communism? NOT "the people." Only people in government positions are benefiting from power-vacuums that the American people cannot seemingly turn off at will or for safety precautions........

Between 1960 (age 26) and 1975 (age 41) American Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel worked with Michigan adoption agencies, especially Bethany Christian Services out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Human Catholic Services of West Michigan. Cindy as a fictitious dressed up R.N. working under many different aliases would enter hospitals in America and around the world. Cindy's M.O. was to always dress-up as a registered nurse, appearing to fit into the hospital setting and then snatch babies undetected as she worked with a large criminal organization that brought the newly abducted babies back to Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan (West Michigan). From there the fate of the child would be decided, each abduction case might vary in the reason the baby was abducted, the M.O., the method of operation (Latin phrase, modus operandi), was always similar. Between 1975-1980, Cindy would reminisce about her crimes and talk to me as if I was a little puppy dog and the crime information would never reach anyone, as the group had most law enforcement agencies in their back pocket, including American judges that decided people's fate. A detective employed by the Kent County Sheriff's Department, was married to a lovely lady, Marge Cline. The couple lived in Lamplight Estates and dreamed of having a large family, however, Marge could not have any kids. The detective was very much in love with his wife Marge Cline. He decided fatefully to contact Cindy during the 1960s to kidnap some babies for him and his wife he adored. He knew of Cindy from scattered police reports on his Kent County, Michigan desk and he knew Cindy was the go-to girl that could get the babies and bring them to West Michigan. Cindy abducted 5 babies in the 1960s for Mr. Cline, one baby in 1964 was named Baby Paul, he was snatched from a Chicago Hospital. Cindy told me that Baby Paul lost a lot of weight and could tell he missed his mother. Psychopath Cindy would often reminisce about her crimes by the time I reached the age of 5 or 6 (1975-1976). Cindy would be standing by the kitchen sink or the kitchen table and zone-out with a stare into the windows. As a child I would peek around to look at Cindy's face, a blank expression she would wear, as Cindy would remark in a reminiscent way: "I wonder if Marge Cline even knows her kids were kidnapped before they were adopted, I wonder if he told her." Or Cindy would remark in a dazed out way about the birth mother: "I wonder how long it took that mother before it dawned on her I took her baby." Or Cindy would remark in a remembering way speaking out loud about the biological mothers: "I wonder when it hit her that I took her baby." Or Cindy would remark zoned out: "She had no idea what had hit her when I took her baby from her arms, I wonder how long after I snatched her baby that it hit her." Cindy remarked, "I can't believe Marge Cline did not change Baby Paul's birth name, she's kept his birth name, Paul."

Marge Cline is a very nice lady, her husband remained a detective for the Kent County Sheriff's Department his entire career until he died of cancer in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I met Marge about 10 times, maybe more. Marge Cline and her detective husband Mr. Cline of Jenison, Michigan were good friends socially with Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark. Marge Cline is a very nice lady, her entire world was being a stay at home mother and taking very good care of the children she could not have on her own. I highly doubt the 5 originally abducted as babies before being adopted through Bethany Christian Services, would say anything negative about either Marge Cline or their adopted dad, Mr. Cline. The 5 kids abducted in the 1960s by Cindy grew-up in a nice two-story middle-class house in Lamplight Estates, located one block from Greenfield Christian Elementary school. They lived in one house their entire childhood life until they moved out as young adults, had a great mother and a father, Mr. Cline who loved his wife very much, he would do anything for his wife Marge Cline who could not bear children of her own. Other than Mr. Cline being a little shady, the kids had a great home life, they went to Jenison Public Schools, and had a mother who centered her whole world around what she wanted the most, kids of her own, a big family. Mr. Cline paid all the bills, I do not think Marge Cline ever worked, she was conservative, very nice, and very dependent upon her husband who managed everything for them and their family.


  1. Good Afternoon Corey Williams Associated Press in Michigan,

  2. ******I have posted evidence in one of my blogs on my personal website of proof of Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel working for Bethany Christian Services out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1970-1971 working as a fictitious R.N. social worker for Bethany Christian Services working under an assumed name. I was kidnapped 1969-1971 time frame and brought to Florida. Cindy got caught, detained/jailed for 3 weeks in Florida, and then her large well-connected human trafficking group had Judge Miles in West Michigan produce and legally filter my fraudulent yet very real adoption paperwork through Bethany Christian Services. Cindy was never an individual criminal working alone, she was part of a very well-connected human trafficking organization that controlled "necessary paperwork," with police detectives and Judges and many others on the payroll. Each case was different, the reason why a particular baby or child was kidnapped by Cindy, the reasons differed per case. Cindy was the "go to gal" that could get the kidnapping done, pull it off. Authorities would make sure Cindy was not prosecuted, as they all would be caught, the whole can of worms opened on them. To this day the authorities work very hard to keep the jar tightly sealed.

Criminal Forensic Scientists or someone with sharp intelligence, should study and analyze the handwriting of "Agnes Stroo" and "Agnes Vander Molen" and compare to Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan (616 West Michigan) and come to a logical conclusion, that the fictitious R.N. and caseworker for Bethany Christian Services (616 West Michigan) from 1960 (age 26) to around 1975 (age 41), is the same non-apprehended criminal. In April 2012, I forwarded to the FBI Headquarters 80% of the information posted here on this blog, the FBI called me up on April 18, 2012 and told me to not open any adoption file of Bethany Christian Services if I do not want to die, go to jail, or be placed in a mental hospital with the FBI Director giving drug recommendations to the doctor on duty. What happened next? Ask the FBI Director. I have posted information I have received in 2012 from Bethany Christian Services and compared the handwriting and signature style instantly in 2012 of the woman portraying herself as my adopted mother Cindy.

My husband Dr. Edward DeBartolo was born in Lansing, Michigan (Ingham County), lived in Lansing, Michigan his entire life, Ed went to Lansing Public Schools k-12th grade, graduated from Lansing's Sexton High School, then attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan (Ingham County) and then onto University of Michigan Dental School Ann Arbor where he graduated with a DDS degree (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) and then he moved back to East Lansing, Michigan (Ingham County) after graduation from U of M. From 2002 to August 2014, we lived at one location, a condo located in East Lansing, Ingham County, Meridian Township. Early in 2004-2005 I mailed off to the Ingham County Representative for our county back then in Michigan, Ingham County, my childhood medical records to Michigan House of Representatives, Gretchen Whitmer. Gretchen Whitmer promptly informed me in 2005, "The State of Michigan has a right to sell children, and if you disagree, well then, we need to plug some holes then."

I do not believe that people in Michigan, or any American living in any state realizes that an American politician or elected official or elected judge, does not get on a voting ballot unless that potential candidate agrees to say and do what the CIA wants that political candidate to do during their political career or law career. The politician will never come out and tell you they are in essence, "CIA political puppets," "pawns of the CIA," just doing what they are told to do with direct orders coming from under the chilly waters of that great big iceberg. I will tell you, because I am not a CIA political puppet, and I know what is going on, and I name my sources of how I know what is going on, always:

*******************EXAMINE CINDY'S HANDWRITING TO THAT OF 1970-1971 Bethany Christian Service's R.N. and caseworker: "AGNES STROO" and "AGNES VANDER MOLEN"

The Central Intelligence Agency and FBI will collaborate with both Black and White criminals equally. A real equal opportunity employer, with great promises of "governmental immunity and detection from the law." It is as if Corrupt America has their hand in everyone's pot and decides the fate of others in America and around the world. What if the roles were to become reversed? What if Russia decided China's fate? What if Russia decided America's fate? What if Russia decided Africa's fate and decided for "the world" that the cocktail called Black Russian should be removed from the bar selection? Not offered as a choice on earth. Not such a great drink after all. Not enough Americans within American government and law ask what if questions, they leave "what if" questions to those beneath them? Here's a question, what if others are not accepting of corruption the way complacent Americans are? Then what? What happens? Cindy told me that when she took me she also wanted to take my brother, but that she did not dare take both of us. So I know that I have a brother that is a fraternal twin or very close in age to me, and that we were in the same room when I was abducted by Cindy. Cindy told me that she got me when she went on a cruise and upon port in Florida she was caught not having paperwork on an infant (me). Cindy told me that she (Cindy) was detained for 3 weeks and thought she would never get out of that jail cell. She told me that was the scariest time in her life 1969-1971. F-i-n-a-l-l-y adoption paperwork was produced in Michigan by Judge Fredrick Miles of West Michigan, Grand Rapids, and Cindy got her get out of Florida jail free card. I entered America's human trafficking ring, my fate would not be my own, for I became owned by those that played the cards on my life the only instinctively way they knew how, just ask CIA John Brennan and Barack Obama about what they did to my life, just brilliant, brilliant brain corruption on their group's part. I am not correct Barack Obama, based on my skin color, I am correct because of what I know and what others have the proof of, you are not incorrect based upon your skin color, and legends that will remain on earth forever will not judge you based upon your skin color, or your criminal enterprising group's skin color. Well, some might, but that goes with the territory, you cannot control everyone. And once again, if it is about correctness, control, power and dominance on this planet, I already know who the winners and losers will be in the end. But you may not know. All will be revealed, time has a way of revealing the truth. And once again, you, the reader, do not have to agree, for something to be true. Truth can be the truth, even if the truth is not believed. In the end, very few will be believers, it's Biblical. It's just how it is supposed to be, in the end.

  1. Revelation 13:18, NIV: "This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666."

Cindy is evil, she told me in 1998 after she returned from a Mediterranean cruise with Jerry Honderd that when she placed her foot on Roman soil she instantly felt light-headed and had flashes of what she believed was her past life as a Roman Caesar named Nero. Cindy told me upon "her return" that as she (Cindy) walked near the Roman Amphitheater it all instantly came back to her, "if there is such a thing as past lives," spoke Cindy. Cindy told me over afternoon tea in Grandville, Michigan in 1998, she had at one time torched Christians during her dinner parties in a past life and with a haughty laugh she tilted her head back and took a swallow of her tea that had slightly chilled from making conversation with me and said to me with a hollow haughty grouse of a laugh "Now I use the Christians to dim my activities Lori."

Good Morning Thomas Peele,

Please call me at home today 470.315.4546 any time between 8am to 8pm EST. I possess (have in my possession) and know important facts, such valuable information that has never before been published in a newspaper concerning very valid information about the EAR/GSK case. I know for a fact that my oldest non-biological brother Richard Charles Vander Ark (DOB August 2, 1955, Grand Rapids, Michigan) was dishonorably discharged from Mather Air Force Base in 1975 for rape (at age 20). Ric lost his chance to collect on his promised college funds and began terrorizing the Sacramento area by breaking into homes for food, money, and tying up the husband and raping the wife in torturous revenge. The Air Force officers were his very first targets, from there it sprang into others that had wronged him along the way. I learned in 1980-1981 at age 10-11 from my older brother Dave that Ric had murdered 10 couples in California and that Dave was present in the room during some of Ric’s rapes and murders. I have learned from the wives of my 3 non-biological brothers that Ric has not stopped killing innocent people and that Ric has murdered a couple in British Columbia and a female in Iowa since DeAngelo’s arrest. The FBI told me to my face numerous times since 2002, that Ric is an untouchable since Ric joined the CIA in 1978. A Sacramento DA detective named Ron Garvick told me on April 10, 2018 that another is going to be arrested in place of Ric Vander Ark. On April 24-25, of 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo became the scapegoat. I have much information that has not been released and/or published in the newspapers. Valid and pertinent information the American and Canadian people need to know. PUSH for the printed DNA on file of the EAR/GSK and the DNA profile of DeAngelo to be placed publicly in print in the newspapers and made public. Please note that on 2.25.2020 Michael Gray the Head of Investigations at The San Francisco Chronicle made it very clear to me that he absolutely DOES NOT want DeAngelo discredited in anyway. DeAngelo has been the selected one responsible by authorities and certain mainstream media outlets as the one responsible for the EAR/GSK crimes. DeAngelo has not taken a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty, nor has DeAngelo had a court trial. Please be responsible and contact me at your earliest convenience. 470.315.4546.

Interview and record the interview: Richard Charles Vander Ark (DOB August 2, 1955) Featured on the FBI Poster. Ric Vander Ark lives at:

1525 Mackinaw Loop, Somers, Montana 59932 (Flathead County, MT)

Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel (the biological mother of Ric VA and the woman who kidnapped me as an infant around 1969-1971 with a large and well-connected human trafficking group based in West Michigan, she also kidnapped the baby Paul Fronzciak from a Chicago Hospital in 1964, she has never been charged, she is also a non-apprehended serial killer) Cindy lives at: 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan 49418 (lives with a Jim Appel) Cindy's phone 616. 457.2036

Dave Vander Ark is also featured on the FBI Poster along with his natural biological brother Ric Vander Ark.

Dave does not place anything in his name since he left California, as he knows he is a wanted man and his DNA is unidentified in a national crime database. Dave VA lives with his wife Tami in Michigan: 10420 South Norris Road, Delton, Michigan 49046 (last known address)

Good Afternoon Michael Tarm,

Thank-you for responding with more questions, that is always a positive sign. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel lives at: 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan 49418, 616.457.2036. During the winter (January-early March) Cindy and Jim Appel get out of the snow and go to Texas. They have a "trailer in Texas" at 600 Enterprise #515, Rockport, Texas, 78382. Cindy is 86 or 87 years old, healthy and active. In the early 1960s Cindy got involved with a large and well-connected human trafficking group based in West Michigan and well-camouflaged in the sleepy conservative Dutch Christian Reformed suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of the members of the human trafficking group were residing in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan, went to church, and were well-connected to the CIA, the CIA would protect the members of the human trafficking group from any type of criminal prosecution. Cindy brought me back home from the Dutch Caribbean islands in 1969-1971 and she told me in the 1970s that her and Chuck (Charles Vander Ark her husband) spent 3 weeks detained in a Florida jail cell upon returning to Florida from the cruise. Cindy was never an "individual criminal working alone" she was part of a well-connected criminal enterprise that had CIA ties and interest and West Michigan Judge Miles on the payroll. She was also a fictitious social worker and R.N. for Bethany Christian Services and would often go under and by fictitious names such as "Agnes Stroo" or "Agnes Vander Molen" dressed up as a R.N. and enter hospitals. Cindy told me that she would dye her hair blonde, and then after the kidnapping of the baby she would dye her hair back to brown. In the 1970s Cindy would reflect back to when she had kidnapped me and tell me about my kidnapping, she would reflect back on various crimes, including murders, and tell me in a zoned out reminiscing of her crimes. I thought in the 1970s and 1980s as I grew-up that Cindy must think I am a puppy dog and the information would never go anywhere. Other times Cindy and her natural 3 boys would tell me crimes they had done in the past as a means to scare me, control me with fear. In 2002, I did walk up to the Grand Rapids, MI FBI and spoke with agent Moore, tall guy, big white guy with brown hair, sharp pupils set in green, and told him everything that I wanted him to investigate. He looked up from his pen and pad of paper and spoke very frank with me. Agent Moore said the reason the State of Michigan did not pull me out of Cindy's household was that the FBI and CIA thought Cindy would do me in. I then looked up at him in realization at just how well-connected Cindy and her criminal group were, that was 2002. From 2004-2020 (today) I have contacted the FBI over 200 times concerning my non-apprehended brother Ric Vander Ark that in 2016 was and is featured along side Dave Vander Ark on a FBI poster. The FBI have told me to my face that Ric joined the CIA in 1978 and is untouchable.

Baby Paul Fronzciak, 1964, Cindy kidnapped. She told me in the 1970s that Baby Paul lost weight, missed his mother, and that she (Cindy) did not think his mother knew what had hit her when she (Cindy) walked out of the hospital with Baby Paul. Cindy would relish in how she walked right out of the hospital and never got caught. I will be honest, when Cindy would "reminisce" about that Chicago hospital kidnapping, I would be very surprised if baby Paul actually survived Cindy, as my 3 non-biological brothers Ric, Dave and Mike have all told me growing up that I am very lucky to be alive as most babies did not survive Cindy, Cindy murdered many babies that she kidnapped. Cindy is a non-apprehended serial killer and typically will murder the very young, the very old, the very dependent, the weak, the sick, or make them that way and then murder them. My 3 older brothers Ric, Dave, Mike all told me that during the 1960s babies were coming and going each month out of their household in Lamplight Estates, and that most had died, and that it was real sad. My 3 brothers told me that I am lucky to be alive and that because Cindy got caught and put in jail in Florida when she came back to the States from the cruise with me, that they (my brothers) felt she had learned her lesson and was done kidnapping and harming and murdering babies in their household. Call me, we can talk and I can answer any questions that you may have 470.315.4546 EST. The FBI very much know I was kidnapped, I am some kind of problem to them because I was kidnapped. I know too much about the FBI's corruption and the CIA. The FBI and CIA do not want this story to go public, because it opens a whole can of worms. Many CIA agents were molesting the young children Cindy would kidnap, and I can name them and provide details from what I remember 0-6 years of age. If the kidnapped child was not murdered by Cindy, the CIA would have her filter the adoption through Bethany Christian Services or Catholic Human Services to stop any investigation into a kidnapping, with a cultural idealization that a child that is adopted could not be kidnapped or missing. DeAngelo was arrested so that all investigations into Ric Vander Ark cease. Do you understand? I do.

Signs of the End of the Age

Examine the eyes of the masked EAR/GSK eyes of the forensically drawn renditions of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer fleeing bloody murder scenes of his recent victims.

Do I resemble my biological mother or my biological father Claus Von Amsberg? Do I resemble my great-grandparents of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina and her husband Duke Heinrich (Henry) of Mecklenburg-Schwerin? The year is now 2020. Ask the CIA for the DNA results of 1973? It all depends on what you would like the outcome to be, powerful governments determine truth, not individuals......

The word accountability is obsolete within North American department heads, especially the FBI as we enter the year 2020 in North America. Culpability is not a word easily pronounced or understood innately or taught by most Americans, let alone, understood in a vast realization of application when most apply for "duty to serve the people" positions within American Government Departments. People serve themselves in America, but they need to be weary of what they dish out, because dishing out "no accountability" needs to cease.

I am an activist vs. a pacifist in exposing "the truth". I am a strong supporter of creating awareness of the importance of accountability at all levels within society and government.

It is the Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.....

"If the American Government does not care about you, create a government that will! From the North Pole to Wilhelmina Bay Antarctica!"

~ Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark

I can only recommend the following advances for the entire Americas to ensure a better civilization than the last, or the current, as we all have heard the cliches "few will be believers in the end." "The end times." "The end as we know it." Here are my recommendations:

* First and foremost build a government system with severe repercussions for "those in charge", build maximum security jail cells to house government that have harmed "the people." End the "no accountability for government rule" "the governmental immunity law so that the government can harm people law, which is USA's law." End it. AND END IT NOW! The man that rounds up and jails the entire American Government is the hero of many, the true Messiah to the American people. And yes, you heard it here first!

********The rest of my recommendations I will explain in full detail during a paid interview.

What does the word Rapture mean in defined terminology?

  1. rapture

  2. [ rap-cher ]SHOW IPA



  1. ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy. Often raptures. an utterance or expression of ecstatic delight. the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence. the Rapture, Theology. the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christians, of meeting Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth. Archaic. the act of carrying off.

verb (used with object), rap·tured, rap·tur·ing.

  1. to enrapture. a. America is a complacent nation ruled by a sloth government that has no ability to be accountable for any wrong doings in the past, present, or future. America cannot positively change all on it's own accord, it needs assistance to change for the better.


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