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I Like to Expose Evil and I Wrote About Evil:

Updated: May 7

I Like to Expose Evil and I Wrote About Evil:

Between 2018-2019- Dirk Boone who is Cold Case Detective for the Ventura District Attorney's office in California told me over the phone that the State of California has had on DNA record since the 1980s that Richard Craig Vander Ark and David Lee Vander Ark are indeed the non-apprehended rapists and murderers of the East Area Rapists crimes, dubbed Golden State Killer crimes, but that the FBI is not allowing for their arrests because that would open a whole can of worms into their mother Cindy's crimes and that is a lid the FBI wants sealed.

Other countries have the facts, such facts the American Government will not relay to uninformed Americans, left in the dark. Shockingly, the American Government has known all this information through the police and FBI and CIA for decades:

Communist China owns a portion of Bethany Christian Services. Each USA state has an ongoing contract with Bethany Christian Services. Cindy worked for Bethany Christian Services between 1960 and 1975, hired as a fictitious R.N. to pace hospital hallways searching for Polish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian mothers about to give birth and alert BCS's domestically and internationally staffed hospital doctors and coroners to sharpen their writing utensils to inscribe "stillborn" on a hospital printed certificate and to get "the group" ready to smuggle another blonde-haired-blue-eyed infant out of the state or country. Who is Cindy? Keep reading folks.  Ottawa and Kent County, Michigan, work in tandem with the human traffickers. For decades, Cindy bounces residences between Ottawa and Kent County.

Who is Cindy? Cindy Ann Stob- Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan is the woman who abducted Baby Paul Fronczak in 1964 and later abducted me and hundreds of babies. In the 1970s and 1980s Russian spies pulled hundreds of BCS files of infants that received an abduction to adoption through the State of Michigan and other states in America. The sealed Michigan court system adoption files were pulled at the headquarters of the human trafficking network located at Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan along with a bloody trail from a multitude of courts across the continent. After the very public bad press of Cindy kidnapping Baby Paul Fronczak from the Michael Reese Hospital in April of 1964, the human traffickers went underground by staffing their doctors and coroners in hospitals both domestically and internationally to inscribe the word "stillborn" on thousands of birth- to- death certificates of newborns and then smuggled drugged and quiet infants out of hospitals and then smuggled the infants into American courts to be adopted, a common practice to this day. Cindy informed me that injections to comatose the infants are given during the birth of the baby. According to Cindy, the FBI facilitates the abductions and the State of Michigan will often change the birthdate and year on the kidnapped infant or child's American birth certificate to cleverly avoid investigations and prosecution of human trafficking cases that remain off the radar of most detective's files, and certainly not on the radar of the average person. Cindy told me that Bethany Christian Services will often drug a child and keep that child in a dark room until their memory is wiped. 

Matthew 24: 8-9
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. "Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me."

The downward slope of the business cycle is called economic contraction. A contraction is a period when economic output declines. During this phase, the economy is producing fewer goods and services than it did before. When fewer goods and services are produced, fewer resources are used by firms—including labor.

For the latest updates on my life in America click onto my last name next to my book title on USA website, to reveal an enormous amount of information that should be investigated on my Amazon Author USA Pages. I expose an uncaught, yet to be prosecuted American totalitarian regime through my writings.....The beginning of my story begins during the Civil War, during another lifetime lived as a young southern girl named Lilly. The middle of the book explains how I arrived in America as a baby in this lifetime. In the lifetime lived now I actually begin to write my story on a paper canvas, many mysteries in history never forgotten by me and finally told by me. In modern times as an infant baby I am brought into America's human trafficking booming business. The same corrupt group that controls many police, detectives, and court Judges as written in my book with intricate details and facts. I write about the never ceasing and vast American human trafficking world connected within layers of court employees and elected officials with bosses in the CIA tied to Nixon and most U.S. Presidents. I expose how the U.S. Government uses and pays citizens to handle their illegal dealings all in the corrupt group's attempt to keep their hands clean of any connections to crime and scandals associated with the dealings. Many cases and situations of crime and scandal exposed within the pages of my book as the readers embark upon a journey within Volume One of my memoir series. Read case after case in modern times of cases involving the relentless and infamous corrupt group, an agency department that created a totalitarian regime government for itself of citizen beware. The reader experiences the exposing of the crimes and scandals as if catching the individuals within the crimes now exposed. The corrupt group is prospering in very illegal ways all the while remaining off the American radar of investigations. My book provides many true examples based on facts in how the American totalitarian regime operates and profits from victims such as myself. The beginning of my story begins in a different time, during the outbreak of the Civil War in the South.....The Atlanta Buckhead roads are worn trails of dirt. As one enters an established home with walnut hardwoods greeted by a Black mamme named Bessy with bewitching eyes and youthful radiance, one realizes that the year is sometime before the ravaging Civil War blazed through Atlanta. The front door shuts behind the reader and I the author lead you through my former father Morgan's Buckhead mansion he built in the mid-1800s'. Bessy would gather with other slaves behind the ol' barn in the wee hours of the full moon. Not able to sleep, I (Lilly) would follow the sounds of the chanting and parading fire to find the house servants in a trance stomping on the weeds outlining a path in the backyard. Mystified at the practice of voodoo rituals carried on by Bessy my black mamme. I (Lilly) speak up the next morning as Bessy prepares breakfast. Learning Bessy had used the seven jars of sea water to cast a powerful voodoo spell on Lilly (me) and America. I (Lilly) die in the South after a slip and fall from a magnolia tree in 1864. It would be many years later that I become Lori in a new lifetime as a baby brought to America on a cruise ship as an infant from the Dutch Caribbean Islands. When brought ashore to Florida, my kidnappers Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark are arrested and detained for 3 weeks as the human traffickers prepare legitimate adoption paperwork through the American court system to release my kidnappers. In my later years I then begin to write about my experiences. I would best describe myself as a "thought leader" and my memoir series in the exact genre of; "big think non-fiction." In Volume One, I begin to reveal many mysteries, including past Biblical mysteries finally explained in modern times, government conspiracies explained, religious conspiracies explained, and so much more.
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