• Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

*****Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist "masked" drawn by FBI professional sketch artists in 1978

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

The FBI wants my website down. I want to save lives, therefore, the website stays up.

The infamous eyes of the 1978 (Ric VA age 23) masked version of the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist had been drawn by FBI sketch artists along with guidance from 1978 eye witnesses is featured below in my blog. The 1969 unmasked photo of the young man that would become the EAR/GSK when he left West Michigan in 1973 and headed West would seemingly grow to love terrorizing Sacramento; the 1969 photo of him as a youth was snapped by a school photographer in snow covered West Michigan in the mundane Midwest at Jenison Christian Jr. High, is more than likely where this photo was taken in 1969. Or quite possibly Ric Vander Ark's first year as a freshman at Unity Christian High. Jenison Christian Jr. High is no longer, lack of parents desiring to pay high tuition led to low enrollment numbers and ultimately in the 1990s the Jr. High shut-down. The school sold the land and property to a shopping mall. However, in Hudsonville, Michigan, Unity Christian High School is doing well, you would be able to locate high school photos of Ric VA there 1970-1973 (ages 15-18).

Every time I send photos, documents, papers, evidence to FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray through FEDEx, USPS, or UPS the packages NEVER get to 935 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20535-0001. Rather the much needed evidence the FBI needs is grabbed, intercepted within one of those three shipping companies, and only when I send to the FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray. Those three companies never issue or allow a refund to me either, no matter who I speak to at any corporate level, I just get the run around, and only, I mean ONLY when I send important documents and photos relating to an ongoing FBI case of major importance do my packages sent, never are received by the FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray. Type in UPS tracking number: 1Z6F964A4426267693. Is that not highly illegal on a federal level of law for someone to intercept and take evidence that is to reach the FBI concerning an ongoing investigation? UPS Cartersville Store (very corrupt at: UPS Store 2844) should be fined and shut-down for illegally intercepting important mail regarding a current FBI case that is in a prosecution stage that was intended for the FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to receive and review and he did not receive! Unbelievable!

My complaint, PROOF of what I am referring to:

The American Government governing America is the most reckless, incompetent, criminally negligent government the world has ever seen, experienced, and known to date. The American Government does not even enforce their own laws, policies, Judicial Due Process Laws, or any type of protocol or procedure on any lawful matter, in any situation, to the alarming harm of the country itself and so many other countries. American authority at all levels can arrest and convict a person and place that person in jail indefinitely with no trial and if there is a trial, the ones orchestrating the trial will also determine the final outcome, no matter the evidence presented or not presented in open court. In America, one does not need to violate or actually break any American law to be arrested by the American police and thrown in a American jail indefinitely. Rules do not apply to those in charge. In fact, American authority only needs "a reason" to lock a person up or kill a person. Due Process is only a concept in America, not an actually enforced law by the intelligence authority that governs American regions and jurisdictions. The American authority can arrest, kidnap, rape, stab, shoot, bludgeon to death, burn alive, crucify, rob for life, destroy, whomever they please, unless a more powerful world entity intervenes and puts a stop to the American authority from doing whatever they please to others.

The American authority farces themselves, such as always having Jewish run T.V. news networks create and broadcast and print in newspapers and post online FAKE NEWS, and give news coverage awards to Jewish recipients such as Ali Wolf from Fox 40 News in Sacramento for news coverage of the selection of Joseph James DeAngelo as the selected "Golden State Killer" by Sacramento viewing audiences. Ali Wolf graciously accepted the news coverage award before there was a trial, there still is no court trial for Joseph James DeAngelo on the court docket and it is now October 28, 2019, and that is considered "acceptable" and "the norm" among the Jewish run news networks as the EAR/GSK victims are blindsided by the truth and the rest of America remains under a Jewish cloak called wool. And once again, Jews are determining Freedom of Speech, as Freedom of Speech is limited to what the American Government determines in having the USA government backed Jewish literary agencies and Jewish government run news networks determining what is read and heard by Americans as the wool remains on the eyes of most Americans (not me though, and that is upsetting to those in charge of America and American agencies and departments). Jewish NBC is throwing money at retired detective by them, Mr. Paul Holes. America is run with the obvious third world style intelligence, degenerate genetics that destroy cities, due process laws, policies and procedures and spit on protocol while in charge! Like rampaging viruses out of control. The American Government has displayed on the world stage a serious decline and deterioration of God's will on earth. America is destroying other countries, other people's lives, with a "catch me if you can mentality" that will cease, and cease immediately if my prayers to God are answered. The immoral, recklessly criminal, and subtly evil American Government is a farce that has China continually buy up U.S. Bonds so that the American Government employees can pay themselves fat salaries, fat pensions, and fat healthcare benefits at the expense of the American people, the American children and the great-grand children to come will be left with today's society debt! The American Government has no sense of duty, responsibility, or service to the American citizens or citizens of other countries. Technically, the last name, the surname Vander Ark, is a Jewish last name, and the Jewish intelligence community running the show in America, they all do not want to face the "inconvenient truths," and many in charge of many departments agree with Jewish intelligence, so they all selected and blamed Scapegoat DeAngelo for the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes. Please google the word "scapegoat". The word and definition, the Jewish people actually created the word "scapegoat" to blame another for the community's sins, and cast out a goat to take the place of them and their sins:

The American Government has one service goal> and that is to serve themselves like the fat pigs they are and want to be remembered as for all eternity, the American Government is Sodum and Gammorrah all over again, and they all know it. Google: What is the American Debt at today? What is the word that comes after trillion? I believe in "power to the people", NOT power and more power to the American Government and Jewish run politics and media to be believed! I want China to stop buying American Bonds to float the fat salaries of the endlessly corrupt American Government, an American Government that has no intention of stopping the evil that the American Government enacts through very bad behavior and decisions rendered to purposely harm its people. Just horrible:

On Monday, October 7, 2019, late afternoon around 4:30 or 5pm, I walked into the UPS Store #2844 in Cartersville, GA and asked, "I spent $58.83 for pertinent information, if not down right evidence for a case that the FBI is overseeing the prosecution of, and the FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray never received my information on Saturday October 5, 2019, where is my package? Every time I go online to track the package, it is stating "Delay" "Delay" "In transit." I want my money back, I want a refund and I want to know where that package is, I do not think this is a coincidence at all."

The manger of the Cartersville UPS Store #2844 screamed in my face "You are not going to get a refund. I do not know where your package is, I am busy, I'll locate the package later."

Then 8 days later the Cartersville UPS Store by Wal-mart calls me and states to me over the phone, "Your package was delivered back here. You can come pick it up any time."

Oh My God! This happens with FedEx, USPS, and UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember Friday Oct. 4, 2019. I left my subdivision, and just as I leave my subdivision, I notice an older (20 year old vehicle) light grey, dull grey, four door, rounded compact car, with white and blue front license plates reading U.S. Government on the plates, a dorky 20- some -year- old in the vehicle following close behind me as I make my way to the UPS Store by Wal-mart on Friday, October 4, 2019 around 10:45am. When I had stepped out of the UPS store on that particular Friday October 4, 2019, around 11:10am, he was gone. Then I thought, all is good, I am not being followed, that was all in my head. Usually, it is John or Brooke, never together in the same vehicle that trail behind me everywhere I go since the beginning of August 2019, about 2 weeks after they moved into 11 Altar Rock Ct.

People always comment that Cindy, my adopted mother resembled Nero Caesar (666), People would always also remark about Ric Vander Ark's features as resembling Nero Caesar 666. The Stob last name is Scottish, and the Stob's origins are near old Roman ruins in Scotland. When Cindy traveled on a Mediterranean cruise in the late 1990s, she confessed to me upon returning that when she planted her foot upon arrival to Rome, and only Rome, did she then instantly began feeling light headed and a of flood memories came back to her when she was a ruler of ancient Rome. When Cindy walked near the old Roman Colosseum she told me at a table in Grandville, Michigan that she had a flood of memories of watching those that had gone against her and/or her beloved be destroyed by ravaging lions right before her eyes in that Colosseum. 2000 years ago the Christians would be her torched light for her = (he, Caesar Nero) evening garden dinner parties, now, in this lifetime, the Christians dim the light on who she/he is in this lifetime in West Michigan 616. Google the numbers 666 and 616 as to their meaning and relevance to the Biblical prophesied last days (Book of Revelation). Ask Cindy about a dream she had just 3 months before I was born, ask her what that vivid dream was about that seemed so real she can tell you about that dream, over and over again, as if it wasn't "just a dream" but in fact it was revealed to her through a dream on Pinewood Street in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan about a baby girl she was about to adopt. No, I am not Jesus, nor does Cindy believe I am, and I certainly am not Nero Caesar 666 or 616.

Ric Vander Ark Dave Vander Ark

Cindy Vander Ark (Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel) Currently lives at 706 Waterview Ct. in Grandville, Michigan. Here we are at our house on Curwood Drive in Lamplight Estates in Jenison, Michigan, the house that backs up to Hagar Park.

^^^^^^^Summer 1981 or 1982. I am 11 or 12 years old.

Ric Vander Ark Dave Vander Ark

*The wives of my three brothers told me in the early 1990s and beyond that Ric murdered/killed 10 people in California and often Ric would rape women while Dave watched in California. Both Dave and Ric VA lived in California during the mid 1970s, early 1980s. Ric moved out of San Jose, California in 1986/87 to Mt. Vernon, WA. Many family members have told me over the years that Ric murders in British Columbia and from state to state in America as a hobby and that the CIA, FBI and police detectives, and police allows it. The FBI believes me, but does nothing to prevent another murder from happening. FBI Agent Moore in the fall of 2002 told me to my face in Grand Rapids that he and the FBI always thought Cindy would do me in for what I know. Ric and Cindy would wound me, but never kill me, I realize that now at age 49 in 2019. The FBI and their associates are not friends to the American people, nor will the FBI do anything more than collect paychecks.

Hagar Park in Jenison, Michigan is where our house on Curwood Drive was built in Lamplight Estates in 1977-1977, we lived in two houses in Georgetown Forest that my dad Charles Vander Ark built and he built two houses in Lamplight Estates, we were constantly moving from Jenison, to Hudsonville, back to Jenison again in my formative years. Cindy was insistent that my dad built the house on Curwood to back up to Hagar Park. A park that engulfed hundreds and hundreds of acres in Jenison with bike paths, numerous flat open fields surrounded by abundant dense flat ground woods. Specialized Aircraft could land very easily, not always helicopters, never planes, aircraft either developed by the U.S. or foreign intelligence, it was out of this world, no green little men, but nothing that you would see parked on a runway at an airport. The special aircraft could lift like a helicopter and had red, blue and white lights flashing upon landing and taking off. The speed the aircraft could drop and land and then jump to the stars made a V, it would always look like a shooting star fell to the ground and then the shooting star would jump into the starry night. I am sure that is how it was supposed to appear to quiet sleepy West Michigan. Aircraft NOT developed by hidden figures.

Description of Richard C. Vander Ark "Ric", born August 2, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, whom I know was very involved with the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer crimes that I had learned details from the familial perpetrators themselves in the mid-1970s and 1980s and beyond: I would describe Ric VA as a person that feels deeply. Ric is not cold and aloof. Cindy is cold and aloof. Ric is calm and calculating. Cindy is cold, aloof and calculating. But Ric's heart is a heart that can feel very deep emotions. He feels love deeply, he feels sorrow deeply, he feels hate deeply. He by no means would be described by me as "unfeeling". In fact, just the contrary. However, I do agree with Mike VA that Ric and Cindy share a mind that is very much alike. Ric can escalate from zero (calm) to 60 (furious) in a matter of seconds. His anger is not loud as it is "seething" a volume controlled seething and rage. His teeth will clinch down as he speaks through his teeth, his eyes almost are filled with tears of rage as he feels his anger very deeply when enraged. Everything changes expression-wise on his face, except his nose. He is cunning and clever, and prides himself on outsmarting everyone in the room. Ric, like Cindy, has to have one up on you, it is how their minds tic. Their mental reward, how they work inside, is getting away with crimes, right under the noses of a gleaming society. There is nothing more that prides them more than getting away with crimes, but you would not know that fact about them (Ric and Cindy). I know that fact about them. And if you have information on them, then you become the target of their hate, and they will utilize every government connection at their disposal, for the whole reason they got involved with the CIA, to have the most powerful government watching their back so they do not get caught and they can keep murdering. Their entire life is about self-preservation, and through self-preservation they have learned how to survive in society as serial killers, what it takes not to get caught and caged and stopped, which is their deep-seated fear that motivates all their elaborate societal camouflaging through church, school, work, government, the full gamut. Ric is not a type A personality ready to have a heart-a-attack. Ric is not a loud boisterous personality type. His anger is not loud, rather it is seething enraged anger that has no bottom to how angry he can feel inside, that is clear and that shows about him. Ric is very unassuming in the room, in a crowd, anywhere. His speech is steady, articulate. His laugh can be slightly perceived as nerdy. In fact, he comes across as slightly nerdy, articulate, steady paced emotions, not a capable personality wise to be a threat, no alarm bells will ring in your head to run from him, on the surface of it all. He is absolutely harmless, unless mad and enraged, and then there will be no limit, there never is for Ric. Please note, Ric is not one to use or abuse drugs, he likes to be in control with a clear take on whatever emotion he is feeling. Dave is one to sometimes get strung out on drugs, perhaps to numb or disillusion what he may have become in a situation he did not want to be involved with as Dave VA has a chameleon disorder of sorts, he may try to dull his memories that stay with him, in him, and he does not know how to best cope with bad memories. Ric is just the opposite, Ric likes the power of memories, what the memories do for his ego, mementos to cherish and touch, to replay in his mind of how he won, how he had an advantage over someone in a bad situation, and when he moved to Montana Lori Kay told me that he started renting out storage units in the Pacific Northwest, not just in Montana. Ric especially thrives on outsmarting and must conceive an edge on someone to feel comfortable in just about any situation. He may appear to you as just competitive, but it is more than that with Ric, if he cannot win, it is as if he feels crushed inside, destroyed if he cannot win. I remember back in 1977-1979, one of those holidays when he came home to Jenison, Michigan to visit us. He asked me if I wanted to play Othello. I said yes. Othello, a game at ages 7-9 years old I had just learned. I really did not give much thought to each game move, I simply played very quickly, as he just studied the green and black checkered board before each and every calculated well thought out move he made before finally setting down a gaming chip. I remember complaining to Cindy that he is taking too long with each game piece and make him hurry up. He chuckled and seemed to be in a fine mood, almost amused at my comment, but then after 40 minutes I won. I won the match, the game. The entire board game went white. I remember looking up and noticing his face was all red and his face expression was all scrunched up, except his big nose. I remember instantly thinking he looked like a mad smurf face, and I laughed, I thought he was making a joke about losing and pretending to be a mad person, and I laughed at his mad face. Then I quickly realized that he was sincerely mad, enraged as he stood up. I remained still sitting down at the table as he took the entire Othello board game and threw it, black and white chips busted into the air in the dining room. I ran out of the room down the hall, I looked over my shoulder as I ran and he was standing in place, his shoulders crouched forward, his face pure deep solid red, his teeth clinched as he spoke in anger through his locked teeth and he began spitting as he talked with his clinched teeth. I was still thinking to myself, is that real, or is he just faking being mad about losing? Ric was angry, really angry. If I asked him to play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders with me, he would just stare at me that week, a death stare and not even answer me, even though he was looking right at me! For days he inquired to Cindy in a moopy agitated voice and demeanor, wanting to know my strategy. Cindy kept repeating, "she just played" "I don't know". I remember thinking to myself somewhere between the ages of 7-9, what does the word strategy mean. Winning is so important to Ric, so I learned at a young age, I highly doubt he would enter any situation unless he came fully prepared to win, because losing is not something he is emotionally or mentally well prepared for and that very much would include all the crimes he has been seriously involved with in the past, present and future. His retaliatory crimes appear cold on print to police, FBI and most detectives, but actually it is because he feels so deeply and he possesses within him, not on the surface, nefarious genetically based compulsions that are genetically hard-wired into him from Cindy and I can only guess from Cindy's side of the family.

The physical description of Ric VA: Tall, I believe he is 6 foot. Sandy-blonde hair, light green eyes that may appear blue in the right light. His eyes have bags under them, under his eyes it is not flat skin but rather puffy. One eye is more defined than the other, and the last time I saw him in 2007, he was bald, well, almost bald, sporting a facial goatee on his chinny chin chin that was blondish-grey, and his one eye that always seemed less defined or prominent was nearly shut, dramatically even more different than the other well-prominent eye. All three of my brothers wear glasses or contacts. Ric is the most articulate out of the three boys. Ric is very much a leader, a leader in the pack. The last time I saw Ric he was rather heavy, he just looked big, not slender and agile as he was in the 1970s jumping over tall fences in everyone's backyard like a track star as often my brothers (non-biological) would challenge one another to such a brave task in Jenison, Michigan before they even lived in Sacramento, California.

The type of girl or woman Ric VA would like or would be attracted to: He told me that he likes tall women. I have noticed that Ric likes blondes and brunettes, tall, or usually tall, thin, women of all ages, great smile, happy. Ric is not set on just women or girls in their 20s or what the average guy would say is a woman's ideal peak age of beauty and attractiveness. He usually will date or go for a woman with a career, a respected career, usually college educated, not ditsy, very responsible, middle-class, someone that would easily fit into his past, West Michigan. Typically he likes wholesome, respected, classy, someone with a good family, a good background, loving home that he might or would envy and wished he had in his past, and to have some type of advantage to someone that fits into those parameters, he has to have one up on someone, and especially once Ric hones in on his next victim, as we all know by now, including the FBI knows by now in 2019, Ric is not done murdering and terrorizing. The EAR/GSK victims fell into the category of looks and personality similar to Marcy (Ric's first wife of 1977) or Cindy his mother, or me, like Plinko Game chips falling into a category on a board, I noticed that watching HNL's 2018 Unmasking A Killer and Golden State Killer, the Hunt Is Not Over in 2018. I do not believe Joseph James DeAngelo raped or murdered anyone. I believe based on what I have been told is that DeAngelo is Ric VA's scapegoat that the U.S. Government packaged for him, it may always stay that way, or it may change, and the real truth comes out and America learns the real truth. Again, it all "depends upon" what American's value.

David Vander Ark was born mid-February, 1957, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dave is the middle biological son of Chuck and Cindy Vander Ark. All three sons Ric, Dave, and Mike are the biological offspring of Charles Jr. and Cindy Vander Ark. Dave is a complete chameleon, and changes like a chameleon depending on the company he is next to or around. I highly doubt Dave VA would have committed any crimes whatsoever in California if he (Dave) had a different mother and older brother, that goes for Mike as well. Dave has absolutely no executive functioning within his being. He barely passed elementary, jr. high, and high school. His I.Q. and reasoning is lacking, severely lacking, to the point if you got to know him, he has a heart of gold, he would give you the shirt off his back and forget he needed a shirt or jacket too. Dave's mind is not Cindy's mind the way Ric's mind is undoubtedly wired, you would cry and feel sorry for Dave that you did not help him out and offer him into a better living situation, his criminal involvement is just that. Even as an adult, Dave has a hard time functioning in a modern adult world. Dave is highly impressionable, whereas Ric is always looking to make an impression of his (Ric's) choosing. If Dave is next to a saintly person, he starts acting saintly. If Dave is next to a criminal or in the same room with Ric, he begins to get weirded out in his fear he is changing into something he himself does not want to be. Dave's mind and expression begin to short-circuit, change. Dave is so sure and aware of his chameleon disorder of sorts he would actually prefer to be in nature, hiking in the woods, camping, serene soundings, at one with nature and not around people, he is that terrified of his own chameleon disorder. He is married to Tami, a very nice and good woman, Tami is his second wife. Dave does not prefer blondes, rather Dave prefers anyone that resembles Cindy in the 1970s, short dark hair with curls, Tami fits the bill, so to speak.

Michael Allen Vander Ark (Mike Vander Ark) was born February 27, 1958 (I believe 1958), the youngest son of Chuck and Cindy VA. Mike is the least likely to commit a violent crime. Mike never laid a finger on me, in fact, I would describe him as very protective of me. And any time I was a child or an adult and Cindy mis-treated me, even a slight ridicule of me in a public family setting, such as belittling me or condescending words towards me in Cindy's overt pecking of me, Mike would instantly become upset, agitated with Cindy. And as he got older he would snap at Cindy verbally putting Cindy back in place in my defense. One feature about Mike that separates him from Ric and Dave is that Mike cannot speak without stuttering. All three boys have glasses or contacts and have since childhood. Mike is blonde, 6 foot, blue-green eyes, and is the youngest out of the three boys. Mike married Barb Huizinga of Jenison, Michigan on June 6, 1980, they had four kids, he worked and provided for her, and all four kids went to parochial schools (Calvin Christian Schools in Grandville, Michigan). Mike's kids are actually good adults, married with kids of their own, no problems. Mike is not a person to seemingly feel deep love or deep hate like Ric has displayed. Rather Mike VA is sort of middle of the road with emotions. He always seemed to stay busy with work, stay on track, very responsible. Mike truly moved on and stayed out of trouble once back home in West Michigan from 1975-1977-1978 Sacramento. He recognized Ric and Cindy for what they are and stayed away from trouble after Sacramento. Mike is a hard worker, he came back from Sacramento and became a plumber, a master plumber, he worked for Godwin Plumbing and then commercial plumbing for H & H Plumbing in West Michigan. However, I would like to add this about Mike VA, there was one EAR rape victim that stands out as maybe it was not Ric or Dave, but perhaps Mike on that crime occasion. Mike came back from Sacramento and told me about a girl he was completely infatuated with in California, he worked with her husband, or knew the husband through work and then met them both and fell into a serious infatuation with a tall blonde with green eyes from perhaps Ohio living in California. She was very thin and slightly older than him (Mike). I think Mike raped her by the light of a television set. Mike remained infatuated with that EAR victim since the 1970s and beyond, his first wife Barb (1980) and his second wife he married (Annette) in the late 1990s he also wanted to model after his Sacramento infatuation from the 1970s and told me in 1979 that he wanted to marry someone just like her (the early 20s blonde from his living in Sacramento), same natural blonde hair, green eyes, thin. Mike would never take a second look at a brunette, ever, he had his type-set in his mind from Sacramento, he told me. In 1977-1978 Dave and Mike VA brought a white utility style van back from California with California license plates on the white work van, no windows on the back two doors that opened. Mike was agitated about having the white van parked in the side driveway at our house in Lamplight Estates, while for sale. Mike told me not to go near the van and not to play inside the van. I thought that was a very strange command to give me at age 7 or 8, why would he think I would want to play inside the van? After one to three weeks the van sold in the local paper for full price, Mike was amazed the van sold for full price and so quickly, Mike was very relieved. At age 9, in 1979, Mike did not see me as authority or the police, I was just a puppy curled up on a rug listening to everyone, and everyone always assumed what information is spoken about in West Michigan, would absolutely go nowhere. Are they all correct? I don't know.

Mike Vander Ark and Barb Huizinga married in West Michigan June 6, 1980. They lived in Wyoming, Michigan for 20 years after getting married.

Lori Kay Vander Ark (Ric's second wife since 1984) has worked at Kalispell Christian School in Kalispell, Montana in administration since 2011. Lori Kay is Ric's well needed "Christian Cover" at their home base of operations as he (Ric) roams America and Canada as one of the most unassuming, calm and calculating, most infamous serial killers not known to the world, as is Cindy his mother, and as was his maternal grandfather The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run Cleveland's Torso Murderer Martin Stob, all 3 are non-apprehended serial killers, and genetically related to one another. Some crimes you might have heard about, many crimes you probably do not know about. Either way, they enjoy "Christian Camouflage," middle-class society, conservative and clean attire, and no questions asked of them, as they all maintain "self-preservation mode" for as long as possible. As they would always prefer that you accept their answers to your meaningful questions, as they would rather you not input Ric or Dave Vander Ark's DNA into any type of national criminal database for testing and reveals. Lori Kay hails from a Siberian Russian father that has been with the CIA, and actually introduced Ric to his daughter Lori Kay in 1983 while visiting in San Jose, California. It is all about secrets, camouflage, and self-preservation, that keeps their maintained way of life possible......

Now that you have compared Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel's hand signature to the fake and very fictitious Bethany Christian Services fraudulent "R.N." "Social Worker from Bethany Christian Services" signature, and at one time using "Vander Molen", her own mother's maiden name. And for what purpose has the CIA filtered illegal covert adoptions through American court systems, for some kinda covert plan of theirs? Just after I uncovered some covert old CIA plan for my life, I send these same documents to the FBI headquarters at 935 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C. in April 2012. Instead of the FBI contacting me, CIA John Brennan shows up in East Lansing, Michigan at the MAC (Michigan Athletic Club) in June 2012, where I workout and swim, and tells me to shut-up sending info to the FBI to investigate, and warns me that he is going to get a Michigan Judge (which is what he did) to silence me about covert CIA operations. Then CIA John Brennan told me that the school district that gives the most gets to pick the next target, and that I better shut-up about 9/11, and what the CIA structured.

The 1960s and 1970s CIA extensive roots in American authority ordered human trafficking and abductions run deep; Michigan's Judge Fredrick T. Miles ^^^ legitimatized the false and freshly printed Michigan birth certificates during the Nixon years. Ironically, in Michigan, on March 29, 2012, President Barrack Obama appointed Judge Fredrick T. Miles' son to be the CIA group leverage for his CIA, for John Brennan's CIA in Michigan, overseeing judicial American courts, American police, and American outcomes as the U.S. Attorney General in Michigan. The political connections of power could very well explain why many Americans question President Obama's legitimately legal and very fake birth certificate!

During my life, agents working for the CIA and FBI would locate me and approach me both in Michigan and Georgia (USA). The CIA and FBI utilizes rural USA county airports across America to land and depart helicopters with no tail ID number. The FBI as an entire USA department: barks, shits, plays corrupt, and jumps to every order the CIA demands of the FBI. On October 15, 2019, I filled out another FBI 2019 new form, a Submit-A-Tip to the FBI online form, requesting the FBI go to my blog of info at:, and after the FBI Director Christopher Wray reviews my blogs of information, for him (Mr. Wray) to contact me at home. It is now October 18, 2019, AND no call from the FBI Director. Again, "intelligence" "a good moral innate compass" "values of high standards" "duty to serve the people" is not any type of requirement of the American people for any level of leadership and authority on American land or water. Am I incorrect? Why did Collin Powell select with his CIA group to bomb and raid Iraq on February 28? Why do Black people and people of certain races look at me and instantly loathe me, hate me? Why did he (Collin Powell) and she Condeleeza Rice lie to the U.S. President George W. Bush that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Why did they want to mislead the White President? How many White American soldiers did those 2, Powell and Rice want to harm, maim, and kill, off American soil, wipe off the planet with a false war? Go back and watch political military channels on basic cable.

Why do Blacks want BET television, BET awards, Black congressional democratic fund raising dinners in Washington D.C.? Blacks want it all, and they want it all without Whites. But they do not want to read the Bible. Do Blacks have V technology from the heavens? Ask the CIA. Ask the FBI, they have all the answers that Americans accept as truth to any subject matter.

Matthew 24:6-8, Revelations 6-9.

Since 2004, I have submitted upwards of 104 FBI Submit-A-Tip (in English). And at least ten Submit-A-Tip on the FBI's new 2019 online Submit-A-Tip forms. Obviously the FBI does not care about solving serious crimes of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer whatsoever! Today>Request Sacramento to publicly display the GSK/EAR DNA match findings of DeAngelo to the crimes, include DeAngelo's wife and children's DNA to confirm DNA relation. DNA does not lie, detectives do. April 2019> Cindy Honderd-Appel of Grandville, MI finally confessed that her son Ric VA shot Ashley Okland in 2011 in Iowa. Cindy also informed me that Ric has been on murdering sprees in the USA and Canada, often with his sons, Jon VA and Matt VA. Sacramento DA's office to postpone Scapegoat DeAngelo trial indefinitely due to the DNA cover-up. In 1986 Ric moved to Mt. Vernon, WA and began murdering in British Columbia after the 1978-1986 California murders. Currently "Ric" Richard C. Vander Ark lives in Somers, Montana, Jon VA and Matt VA live in Kalispell, Montana. Cindy lives in Grandville, Michigan. Dave Vander Ark lives in Delton, Michigan near Hastings, Michigan. Google: Golden State Killer, The Book That Explains The Troubling Trial Delays. The whole basis as to why the CIA does not want all of this information to go public, U.S. Government scandal upon scandal!

On April 10, 2018, I received a 3rd call from a Sacramento DA's cold case detective Mr. Ron Garvick at 1.916.874.6565. Garvick informed me that Ric's discarded DNA had recently been tested by the California FBI in Montana and Ric is indeed the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades, but the CIA is not allowing for Ric Vander Ark's arrest, and the case is now taking a turn. Informing me, that Ric's arrest would imply my written statement that the CIA structured 9/11 would also be true, and the CIA and FBI are not in agreement, therefore the FBI would be pinning another for the California murders utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation. In the spring of 2018, Cindy Honderd-Appel of Grandville, Michigan (Ric Vander Ark's biological mother) informed me that she had a conversation with Gina Haspel and Gina in March of 2018 stated that the CIA would make sure another would be arrested in place of Ric for the Golden State Killer malice crimes (Interview administration at Stillwater Christian School, Kalispell, MT). Gina agreed with Cindy that Ric cannot be interviewed and exposed. June 2018, Cindy informed me that DeAngelo would die and the (East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer) case buried (from mass public scrutiny). Ric and Cindy have many, unlimited CIA business associates that made sure Joseph James DeAngelo would be dubbed "the captured East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer" by the mainstream media, police and FBI, so that no detective would spin their wheels looking any longer to solve the endless murder cases. In fact, in 2019, if you call the FBI's tip line on the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer, the intake receiver will tell you what she has told me, "the Golden State Killer has been caught already." She will even act mad at you, huff, like she acted mad at me and not take down any information to pass along to an FBI agent, as no FBI agent is even on the other end to receive information when you contact the FBI major tip-line.1978- Daly's scrapbook is to her what Ric's stolen items do for him. 1978- Ric showed me photos of him with Carol Daly. 

Ric in his heart seeks to obtain a good woman, all of his victims are good women, intelligent, bright futures, educated, usually tall, thin, great smile, wholesome (Ashley Okland, his son Matt's Ex, 2007-2011 Matt VA/Dordt College). Ric waits with aroused anticipation for when the "good girl/woman" will inevitably reject him so that he can murder, enabling his nefarious murder compulsions. Since the 1970s, murder has become an unbreakable psychological cycle between Ric's heart and warped mind ACROSS AMERICA! Ric was dishonorably discharged in 1975 from the Air Force for rape in Sacramento! The "Good Girl Murders" (between the mid-1970s -) Ric began renting storage units and traveling as a chronic criminal, 4 women disappeared in MT, 2010-11. Iowa began experiencing a surge in missing and/or murdered women and girls. In 1976, all 3 of my non-biological brothers were living in an apartment in Sacramento, occasionally Cindy stole with her boys 1975-1978. In 1979-80 in MI (age 9-10 and curious) I unknowingly held all the EAR/GSK stolen jewelry items. The early 1900s pure gold and ruby ring slid on my finger perfectly. Then one day the ruby ring and jewelry were gone. Cindy informed me that Ric took all the jewelry back to CA. I contacted the Grand Rapids, MI FBI in Oct. 2002 (in person) and Feb. 2018 (by phone tip-line major cases) on the GSK/EAR case. Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested in California on Wednesday April 25, 2018, as of July 22, 2019, Scapegoat DeAngelo has not confessed, nor given a plea of guilty or not guilty. Obviously the FBI and CIA want him to die before any trial and presentation of DNA evidence that would thus be required at a formal court of law trial. Cindy called laughing in June of 2018, remarking that Ric thinks it is funny the police got the wrong guy-reminding me that he is not done killing and he is planning a trip to Montezuma, Iowa to visit his son Derek Vander Ark that works at Pella Windows. A month later, Mollie Tibbets goes missing (today see the 1995 film Citizen X).   

When you purchase and read either the first or second edition of volume one, I Remember Heaven Before Earth, you will come to a paragraph where I had written about Alan drawing a ship and a rainbow in the dirt near the base of Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain Park Georgia. He looks up, and tells me about the rainbow representing what was done to Biblical Joseph, the favorite, the others in the family were jealous of the coat and "favorment," Biblical Joseph had received. Alan knew about Aunt Jean Stob of Grandville, Michigan prior to meeting me and what she and others did to me in 1984, long before Alan caught up with me in Georgia in the early 1990s. Aunt Jean Stob used her husband's power and influence with the CIA in 1984, as did her husband Warren Stob, and CIA attorneys and CIA agents to overthrow Grandpa Stob's favorment and for the jealous in the family, including their nefarious American Government associates and the greed of theirs to be satisfied. In 1984, at the Thousand Oak California Country Club, Jean had purchased wigs and placed different wigs on me. She told me the photos would get me "discovered" and that she had connections to Hollywood. I believed her, because I wanted to believe her.

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