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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Enforced American Due Process Laws would reveal FBI and police and DA detectives shared criminal gross negligence and criminal reckless disregard for the infinite number of victims that have crossed paths with the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer (EAR/GSK). DNA does not lie, detectives do, one such detective is Paul Holes from California. Such unfathomable crimes of the EAR/GSK stretched all the way back to the early 1970s. Unfathomable crimes. Unfathomable corruption. View product description of I Remember Heaven Before Earth at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Read and learn why the American Government created a DNA cover-up in the EAR/GSK case to pin Scapegoat DeAngelo for the crimes DeAngelo did not commit. Ric Vander Ark works for the CIA as a sub-contractor doing illegal, covert computer hacking for the CIA. Ask the Mainstream Media why the DNA profile on police and FBI record of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer's presumed and reported DNA profile allegedly matched to Joseph James DeAngelo in April 2018 is not a concern of the media, and apparently not a concern of many people. In fact, the FBI has taken the reported and presumed "solved case" of the EAR/GSK one step further, the FBI has posted on the FBI website that the apparent very public case of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer has been solved, posted on the FBI's website before DeAngelo's first court appearance in 2018. Irresponsible, reckless, the FBI continues to endanger with the CIA and California officials, as many lives as immensely possible, and the Media remains silent on air about the truth. As of July 19, 2019 the presumed DeAngelo has not had a court trial yet with DNA presented publicly, nor any confessions from DeAngelo.

Do you understand the magnitude of the amount of innocent lives the FBI has jeopardized in the past, present and future? The immensity of innocent lives murdered, lost, and destroyed by the FBI's very apparent active participation to do nothing! Ric VA is a threat to national security and so many innocent lives. Richard C. Vander Ark began murdering in the 1970s, the FBI refuses to arrest him! The FBI has been beer buddies with Ric VA for decades now! Learn about the ignorance towards justice from those in charge of investigating malice crimes, and the elaborate propaganda Sacramento authorities have involved themselves with since the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo.

Since 2004, I have submitted upwards of 104 FBI Submit-A-Tip and 3 Submit-A-Tip on the new 2019 FBI forms online (in English). Advanced Humans >Request Sacramento to PUBLICLY display the GSK/EAR DNA match of alleged DNA from suspect DeAngelo to the crimes, include DeAngelo's wife and children's DNA to confirm DNA relation > the shocking and unfathomable DNA cover-up revealed! Sacramento has the evidence, request public display of DNA evidence, as DNA does not lie, detectives do. Learn why the CIA and FBI and many American police have gone into the realm of reckless and corrupt to protect one secret from the trusting American people> the covert, top secret that non-apprehended CIA criminals had actually structured 9.11.2001, which is why Scapegoat DeAngelo was arrested in place of Ric Vander Ark, to protect an elite group of non-apprehended CIA members and affiliates, connected all the way to President Trump's Secretary of State and former CIA Director. April 2019> Cindy Honderd-Appel of Grandville, MI finally confessed that her son Ric VA shot Ashley Okland in 2011 in Iowa. I am also very sure that the CIA (based upon past CIA behavior) will block justice in the Ashley Okland cold case murder and keep the case cold. Cindy informed me in April 2019 that Ric and his sons are planning a fishing and camping trip in Canada up towards Alaska this summer (2019). Cindy has also informed me that Ric (residing peacefully and freely with a left angled smug smirk worn on his face at: 1525 Mackinaw Loop, Somers, Montana 59932) has been on murdering sprees in many states since 2007, often with his sons, Jon VA and Matt VA in Somers and Kalispell, Montana. Dave VA was the very first to tell me when I was ten years old in 1980 that Ric killed Char (Charlene) by hitting her in the head with a log from her fireplace until she was dead. Ric VA was furious and jealous with rage when Char ran off and married another man, Lyman Smith. Often when Ric VA raped in California Dave VA was present in the room, I know this from the wives of my three non-biological brothers. So many non-apprehended serial killers that the American Government has apparently provided a free pass to murder through the CIA, to murder when they want and whom they want, and the CIA members connected to CNN, NBC,CBS, FOX, Facebook, and Hollywood, and many major newspapers, work very hard to NOT BRING YOU THE TRUTH. On July 14, 2019 Facebook removed my site when I posted this very blog of information.

Martin Stob, genetically in essence, created 4th generational serial killers, suave, middle-class, perfectly camouflaged with good manners to murder their next victim in the most unassuming way possible. Dave Vander Ark lives with his second wife Tami at: 10420 South Norris Road, Delton, Michigan (near Hastings, MI) 49046. Sacramento DA's office along with several other district attorney offices in California to postpone Scapegoat DeAngelo's trial indefinitely due to overwhelming evidence pouring into Sacramento! Read what led to the DNA cover-up that rocks nation. If you are a investigative reporter, I have provided to you what I have been reporting to the FBI, bring awareness, investigate, expose the truth, bring justice for the countless victims, stop the bloodshed from continuing.

On April 10, 2018, I received a 3rd call from a Sacramento DA's cold case detective Mr. Ron Garvick at 1.916.874.6565. Garvick informed me that Ric's discarded DNA had recently been tested by the CA FBI in Montana and Ric is indeed the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades, but the CIA is not allowing for Ric Vander Ark's arrest, and the case is now taking a turn. Informing me, that Ric's arrest would imply my written statement that the CIA structured 9/11 would also be true, and the CIA and FBI are not in agreement, therefore the FBI would be pinning another for the California murders utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation. In the spring of 2018 Cindy (Ric Vander Ark's mother) informed me that she had a conversation with Gina Haspel and Gina in March of 2018 stated that the CIA would make sure another would be arrested in place of Ric for the Golden State Killer malice crimes (CNN>Interview administration the wife of Ric VA at Stillwater Christian School, Kalispell, MT, her name is Lori Kay Sundengay-Vander Ark, DOB: March 4, 1965, from Siberia-Russia and then State of Washington, her father is a former CIA operative, RE: buuuurrrrr, and arranged in 1983-1984 for Ric and Lori to marry, and they did in June of 1984 in the State of Washington). Gina agreed with Cindy that Ric cannot be interviewed and exposed. June 2018, Cindy informed me that DeAngelo would die and the case buried. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel can be reached at 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan 49418 and by phone at: 1.616.457-2036. In 1978 to present date- Carol Daly's scrapbook is to her what Ric's stolen items do for him. In 1978- Ric showed me photos of him with Carol Daly. 

Ric in his heart seeks to obtain a good woman, all of his victims are good women, intelligent, bright futures, educated, usually tall, thin, great smile, wholesome (Ashley Okland, his son Matt's Ex, 2007-2011 Matt VA/Dordt College). Ric waits with aroused anticipation for when the "good girl/woman" will inevitably reject him so that he can murder, enabling his compulsions. Since the 1970s, murder has become an unbreakable psychological cycle between Ric's heart and warped mind ACROSS AMERICA! Ric was discharged in 1975 from the Air Force for rape in Sacramento! The "Good Girl Murders" (between the mid-1970s -) Ric began renting storage units and traveling as a chronic criminal, 4 women disappeared in MT, 2010-11. Iowa began experiencing a surge in missing and/or murdered women and girls. In 1976, all 3 of my non-biological brothers were living in an apartment in Sacramento, occasionally Cindy stole with her boys 1975-1978. In 1979-80 in MI (age 9-10 and curious) I unknowingly held all the EAR/GSK stolen jewelry items. The early 1900s pure gold and ruby ring slid on my finger perfectly. Then one day the ruby ring and jewelry were gone. Cindy informed me that Ric took all the jewelry back to CA. I contacted the Grand Rapids, MI FBI in Oct. 2002 (in person) and Feb. 2018 (by phone tip-line major cases) on the GSK/EAR case. On the very day that Joseph DeAngelo was arrested in California on Wednesday April 25, 2018, my son Eddie, age 13, received a broken bone from a strange kid that showed up at the school! Eddie has never broken a bone before. Cindy called laughing in June of 2018, remarking that Ric thinks it is funny the police got the wrong guy-reminding me that he is not done killing and he is planning a trip to Montezuma, Iowa to visit his son Derek that works at Pella Windows. A month later, Mollie Tibbets goes missing (see film Citizen X).   

*****The guilty want you to believe that I am crazy, not to be believed, however, DNA is DNA, and DNA does not lie. Request Sacramento authorities to GO PUBLIC with their DNA findings. Be intelligent. Be respectful. Save lives. Do not allow the American Government to be your greatest threat. Highlight, (copy) Ctrl + c, (paste) Ctrl + v and share my information here. Bring awareness to serious issues that encompass so many people.

Notice how publicly cozy the FBI and the CIA are displayed on the FBI's twitter site, the FBI as a whole wants you to believe that "the CIA as a whole" backs the FBI on investigations and resources spent? The enormity of what the FBI and CIA has done, is not, and should not be forgiven, and that goes for each and every detective, judge, and district attorney and staff of the district attorneys involved with the case files. I am actually beginning to theorize, based upon the facts presented publicly thus far through the Media and the FBI public website, that the conclusion could very well be the American Government as a whole has a malicious, harmful intentions conspiracy against the American people. Again, I have reached out with my blog of information to CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, USA TODAY, Washington Post journalists, and a host of other reporters to cover this news story of information, investigate, report to the American people my information here and my Amazon Author Pages of information publicly posted since 2012 in my need to be helpful. What would be the motive of the sensible and logical American Government to apparently abolish the duties of their own binding authorities? My theory> The inner drive of Deep Politics are people that wholeheartedly understand numbers. My theory is based upon what I can recognize by the controlling authority referred to as "the American Government." The USA has a numbers problem of survival. The U.S. national debt has too many numbers. If Deep Politics running America cannot fix something, they will allow the broken item to fully fall apart and replace what is "too broken" with something more long lasting for the people. The enigma of the FBI, along with the American Government as a whole, possibly having a very real malicious conspiracy against the American people is very troubling and could in fact be about a numbers problem in relation to the U.S. deficit. The U.S. debt owed to other countries will not disappear on its own accord. My theory is that Deep Politics has a puzzling and speculative plan. Look back in history, Hillary Clinton under President Obama gave the Russians control and ownership of U.S. Uranium. If South America gave the Russians Heavy Water, all in attempts to destroy numbers that the American Government cannot fix with board meetings and steep budget cuts, is it an accurate analysis that the American Government simply does not want to be left standing with wet hands in the end? If China stops buying U.S. Bonds, America cannot financially pay for the federal government, public schooling systems, and all the U.S. programs. If China made a national bad stock choice to invest 100% in America, and China fails as a country, well then, Russia would have little resistance taking over Asia as China is next to Russia. Germany is also heavily invested in America. A weak German economy is a benefit to Russia. Again, ask yourselves, what is the motive of the American Government acting so badly towards the people of America. The bad behavior from the American Government towards its own people is shocking.

A weak and defeated economy is how one country has the ability to win over another. I have a financial plan of advice that I will be publishing in volume III within my memoir series. The financial plan will be a useful set of guidelines for any country to apply, included will be innovative ideas to generate wealth for a country, as well as how to cut costs. The manuscript will also include innovative ideas for a pay scale verses salaries for detectives. My advice on how detectives should be paid would then create a domino effect in cleaning up clogged courts and jail cells. Tax dollars from the people should be better spent with detectives and FBI focused on going after felons, and less emphasize on the detectives spending weeks, months and years prosecuting misdemeanors, which is not how tax dollars should be spent by taxpayers.

Volume III will be a useful tool of information and innovative advice for any country to follow. I will be addressing more issues and giving innovative advice in how to solve problems that perplex many country leaders and authorities in charge of the nation or state's systems in which so many people depend upon. I have one request that perhaps someone reading this blog could fulfill, I would like to be represented as a book author client, referred to by another to any of the following prestigious agencies for representation for my literary works, some self-published works and some unpublished but completed literary works for literary representation to the following choices of mine: Creative Artist Agency (CAA), International Creative Management (ICM), United Talent Agency (UTA), Paradigm Talent Agency, book department. Or William Morris Endeavor (WME). Why do I have just one request in my conclusion at the end of this blog? Because I do not want to be dust in the wind with everything I know. I want the truth to be known, and I highly doubt with self-publishing I will be able to reach the masses and distribute what I know on a large scale distribution level! I want to make a difference in a positive way in as many lives as possible, and the U.S. Government wants the opposite, they want me silenced with no representation. I want every leader of every country and their people to read my memoir series.

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