• Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo

RE: Joseph James DeAngelo

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The "Dark Ages" is a historical periodization traditionally referring to the Middle Ages, that asserts that a demographic, cultural, and economic deterioration occurred during a time when the oppressive ruling power viewed information as power and decided what "the people" should know, which was very little.....

Since 2011, most of my book sales have been from the U.K., Germany and Denmark. Even though, the bulk of my literary works written, is most concerning what is going on in the USA. More importantly, my literary works need to be read by Americans. Yet ironically, my literary works are far more read overseas, in Europe, now why is that? It is almost as if Americans enjoy having the American government to keep pulling the wool over their heads, like a comforting act. I have actually had American literary agents since 2011, contact me, to let me know the tyrannical CIA has been in contact with them, encouraging them to pass on representing my literary works to major American publishing companies. If asked, I could name the literary agencies and agents that have told me this literary oppression fact. The government on all levels is working very hard, taking measures to silence me on what I know.

Not without giving credit to and through the vast direction of the Central Intelligence Agency and the DOJ (Department of Justice), Americans seamlessly, feel apparently comforted, not understanding what their government is doing to their personal lives and livelihood.

Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested the 24th-25th of April 2018, and within 24-hours of DeAngelo's arrest for the 50 plus East Area Rapes that began around 1976 in and around Sacramento and Northern California in 1976, DeAngelo was criminally charged for the 10-13 California documented murders committed by the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer that began around 1978, and suddenly and apparently finalized and stopped in 1986 in California. Every FBI profiler has stated publicly to CNN's HNL producers on air, that based upon reviewing and analyzing the escalated retaliatory style vengeance of vile crime scenes of the EAR/GSK, the masked killer is not a man that can stop killing until he is caught and caged.

The word "definitive" is a powerful word, in that the word "definitive" is defined as serving to provide a final solution or to end a situation, a conclusion or agreement reached decisively and with authority.

Can you the reader, the thinker, think of any time or many times the American or Canadian government in conjunction to the daily news feed to news networks, have jointly and with great resourceful cooperation created conspiracies of a "definitive" nature, on matters rarely researched by news networks? And then the "definitive news" becomes the rock solid status quo of what the masses of people should believe. Why? Because so many people behind the scenes need the masses to believe a certain way on particular subjects, referred to by many as "news of the day."

The Sacramento District Attorney's office went public at the end of April 2018 on the capture of the EAR/GSK, not "alleged allegations", but certain DeAngelo is the long sought after criminal responsible for the EAR/GSK crimes. The public announcement in 2018, and the news since, has yet to publicly show on Air or in newspaper print, the DNA profile match of DeAngelo to the crime scene DNA profile stored of the EAR/GSK. The police, the FBI, news media, social media, and the unassuming general public, has leaped without looking, has leaped to the rock-solid conclusion that the hunt is over for the EAR/GSK, based on statements alone, fumigating out of Sacramento. The FBI boldly and with utmost smug confidence posted on the FBI website in June of 2018 that the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer case is solved. In essence, providing a "fret no more policy" of sorts, for all Californians and Americans by the FBI public announcement posted bulletin update in June of 2018 on the EAR/GSK cold case. The FBI and media publicly posted a man dubbed responsible for the horrific crimes that terrorized California, as the FBI in April-June 2018 has named Joseph James DeAngelo as the captured East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. The entire FBI has recklessly joined a media frenzy with severe criminal gross negligence, fueled by puppet stand style American mainstream media, jointly with so many, closed the cold case before the pre-trial or actual court trial of Joseph James DeAngelo on any ones court docket in California.

Will any FBI agents and/or detectives go to jail for criminal gross negligence? How about California prosecutors to be charged with prosecutorial misconduct? The American government is incompetent and very ineffective on criminal matters involving their own doing.

The trial of Joseph James DeAngelo is reported to take 10 years before the trial date is on the court docket in Sacramento. So for 10 years the American people and the prosecuting authorities expect DeAngelo to rot in a Sacramento County jail cell with no trial, and no presentation of DNA profile proof posted publicly or in a court of law. The trial is expected to cost California taxpayers an estimated 20 million, and the California taxpayers, and all Americans have no control over how money collected by the American government from taxes collected, is spent.

The larger the government, the greater the power vacuum, the more power the American government has in taking and robbing you blind, an American government power vacuum sucking up your hard earned tax dollars. The American court systems are power vacuums. An American government borrowing money from China to cover the interest payments on the debt owed by the American government, to afford huge American government spending. The American government power vacuum will end, you just can't keep borrowing forever, decade after decade, day after day. What needs to occur is a graceful new set of systems so the American people do not feel the financial impact to the hard core of what could transpire before our very eyes within the American landscape. I have a set of new systems that could work very well, a transformation that could very well work without America going to the highest bidder and being owned by foreign countries. And I am also very well aware that the FBI and CIA would like for me to shut-up, and remain unknown, silenced by their means.

When I think of the initials F.B.I., standing formally as Federal Bureau (Burial) of Investigation, the words and phrases "reckless" "blood on their hands" "incompetent" "lazy" "criminal conspiracy" "criminal gross negligence" "criminal reckless endangerment" "inability to do their job duties" "complete disregard for human life" "complete disregard for human safety" "irresponsible" "love of power" "corruption" come to mind, as I scream in my head watching through the various media outlets of many ignorant just spitting on the graves of Ric's many victims he has murdered. I stand in agonizing anxiety, frustration of the great possibility Ric is not done killing yet and not all the murdered victims have been accounted for in the FBI ledger, and the FBI could careless. The unease of the trepidation felt of the horrifying realization of future victims that will meet an untimely violent end to their lives, worrying in my restless state of mind that Ric will never be done killing until he is caught and caged. Ric Vander Ark's masked murder compulsions the American government allows! Time and time again Ric VA gets away with one hobby murder after another, an explosion of hatred and expression of what the FBI allows of him to do to others, an entitlement to murder for hobby and pleasure. I highly doubt the American FBI will cooperate with Canada in capturing "their guy," "their Coors beer drinking buddy..." not on the FBI's clock. The FBI likes to play the covert game of "divergence" with the masses. The FBI has placed their bets that no one is intelligence enough to see what demented harm they are doing, and the catastrophes they premeditate on people.

Time is of the essence before the next innocent happy individual or couple, young or old, are taken by surprise and meet a horror of a demise ending to their otherwise happy lives. I scream in my head at the police, the detectives, and the FBI that allow this to happen to others! I am irritated, drained, annoyed, exasperated, and deeply bitter for the very reason of my apparent inability to change the mindset of those that can, but do not> block, stop, and circumvent the next murders of the serial killers I have mentioned.


Ric preys upon the most wholesome, beautiful, middle-class society women, girls, and couples, all the while the FBI and detectives shrug their shoulders, and scoff at the idea of bringing Ric in for questioning and DNA testing in relation to any bloody crime. Scapegoat DeAngelo speaks not a word from a jail cell in Sacramento for well over a year now. Quick judgments, rash and impulsive behavior, hearsay held as facts on the case, can indeed lead to ultimate failure, but you may not understand that fact, a difficult lesson to swallow.

The salary and pension based police, the detectives, and the FBI treat me like a ghost vexing them over trivial matters. As if I am agitating them to do their job and not to just simply do what comes natural to them, sit and collect government issued paychecks and shoot wisecracks at each other about case files. Just anything, anything at all, but to do their job duties is always the message relayed to me, in not so many words by them.

At times, the police, the detectives, the FBI, look at me and wish I was not made of flesh and blood, they look at me and wish I could be an actual true, real ghost, it would make their job less irritating.

The police, the detectives, the FBI, all the heavily staffed and well-paid behind the scenes people in government, all my life they have all treated me like an "irritant." Like I am some kind of "bad chemical" within a product at their disposal.

There is not one level of government, and a large government at that, that has not treated me like an exasperated mental case over these serious matters. I sometimes ponder to myself with quiet thoughts, if one was to remove 1 million American government workers and replace the 1 million American government workers with 100 genetically competent and intelligent, pure Norwegians or Germans, would "we the people" have better results in our lives? Would "we the people" be safer? Do you ever wonder that fact? I suppose, you would have to recognize and experience genetic differences in natural, innate behavior, to notice the most obvious differences within the human species. DNA is colorless. DNA is not about White supremacy. Statistically speaking, the U.K. has more serial killers than any other country per square mile. "Stob" is a Scottish surname, Martin Stob had naturally blonde-hair and blue eyes, as does his natural born killer daughter, Cindy, and his natural biological natural born killer grandson, Ric Vander Ark. DNA is what you are in life, DNA is indicative of your natural inborn behavior that will unravel throughout one's life. DNA is not a religion. The study of DNA is a science hated by many, many in government, many in prominent positions, many in low positions, and many in the middle, hated by many races of people that illustrates a big picture about you, about me. As microscopic as DNA is, DNA is indicative of one's behavior. As microscopic as DNA is, DNA reveals what type of FBI Director one will be in life, what type of teacher one will be, what type of U.S. President one will be, if one was to select such an occupation. DNA has the ability to determine the overall "big picture" a scientist could expect of you in your chosen career path, based on your DNA, if your DNA was to be studied, researched, and documented in a progressive style science.

For example, a genetic scientific test group that displays within their religion the importance of genetics is Judaism. In the Jewish faith, the Jewish religion, both the mother and father need to be Jewish for the child to be considered "Jewish." There is a rare exception to the genetic rule to belong in Judaism, the unwritten but understood by all rule is that if a couple would like to marry and be "Jewish" by faith, but one spouse is not genetically Jewish, the Jewish community leaders, the rabbis of the highest order, may in fact grant the couple to marry, if the non-jew is of a vast earthly riches, and/or politically very well connected, that is the only exception to the unwritten but very well understood rule. Judaism Is about "getting ahead in life" "sameness as a value" and order, the same ideologies. The Dutch Christian Reformers in West Michigan have that same exact ideology, and in fact, Jews and Dutch people seem separate, but their underlining ideologies are so similar, that Jews and Dutch people actually get along very well in any community. In fact, growing up in West Michigan, Dutch people would actually say, "if you're not Dutch, you're not much." Dutch people could understand other genetic groups that had similar genetic ideologies, genetic faith, even if the people were different, they acted the same, and therefore there was always an underlining tolerance for what is similar in ideologies but different in appearance.

The Age of Aquarius. We are on the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The purpose of determining astrological Ages has always been by the location of the sun in one of the twelve zodiac constellations at the vernal equinox. Roughly every 2,150 years the sun's position at the time of the vernal equinox will have moved into a new zodiacal constellation. We are moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. But what do the constellations have to do with our everyday lives here on earth? What is going on above us now is very reflective of change to come on earth, everything and everybody certainly cannot stay the same, not as time passes. Look behind you now, look at how life has evolved throughout history, throughout the different Ages, did you think everything was supposed to stay just as it is? Think again.

Essentially, DNA "is the story," before the story of one's life actually begins on earth. As one develops in life, and life begins to be lived, one's story unravels about who and what you are inside, what you are. For example, the DNA of the population of a city is in fact what determines what? How well that city will function in every single facet, including neighborhoods within the city. Study the history of Haarlem, New York. Study the 1950s Atlanta school district in comparison DNA research to the 1990s and 2000s and beyond, do the same for Detroit. Study Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville, Michigan. What are your findings in every category? What is the DNA story of the economy? Test grades? Police behavior? Yards? House upkeep? Jobs? Job creation? Management of city funds and school funds? The curious categories are boundless to explore and research.

For an example, billions of dollars have been spent on Detroit, "to fix Detroit" after the influx of people since 1960. After billions of dutiful, hard worked for money of the American taxpayer monies have been spent foolishly by the State of Michigan and federal allocated funds spent continuously, decade after decade, since the 1960s "to fix the city," then, Detroit became the very first American city to file bankruptcy in the early 2000s. Why not just save the billions collected from hardworking taxpayers and have a bonfire? I'll bring the smores!

Back in the 1920s-1950s, Detroit was a safe and beautiful city, a real jewel in Michigan, as were rows and rows of Detroit neighborhoods. The 1950's Detroit offered instinctively well kept up homes and yards, businesses instinctive doing well from business owners that innately knew business skills and workers prospered, as did the business owners, and ultimately the city reaped the tax rewards for those that paid on time. How about the cinematography aerial and close-ups now, in 2019. What would be revealed through candid cinematography? Try it. Do it. Where is Candid Camera when you need that crew of video photographers? And to be more honest, cinematography is not going to aerate a whiff of Detroit into your nostrils for your senses to fully capture the big picture. However, if you are a numbers person, research economics in the past many decades of the Detroit now and in the past. Numbers tell a story that cannot be captured through cinematography or still photography. Although, I have always thought as well with the norm, a well-known cliche, "that a picture is like a 1000 words."

What would happen if no money since the 1970s was spent to "fix Detroit"? What if solution-wise the people of Detroit were simply asked to move out of the city they cannot seem to fix now, and lets say, Norwegians or Germans were invited to move into the city at no cost? The science test, the economics test, a possible solution that has never been administered to see the results. Science progressively will be showing the human species in the future, that what you are, what is encoded within your DNA, is what unravels in this lifetime. Your natural inborn ethics, natural instinctive behavior you offer the world, is distinctively already encoded within you. What happens when hundreds or thousands of people innately are not doing their job duties? And God knows, they have already been trained and educated. It is a disaster. What happens when millions of people innately are not doing their job duties, and God knows, they have already been trained and educated; it is a catastrophe. "Rampant innate inadequacy, flourishing instinctive corruption, inborn lack of intelligence, quickly creates more misfortune." Is this too progressive for you? Think about it.

The more people doing their job duties with great competence, the more positive advancements are made in civilization. I know there are races, and races of people on this planet that would say to my thoughts, "racists thoughts, Lori." Answer me this question in the comment section: Do I have a legitimate complaint about so many non-trivial matters? The West Des Moines Police department in Iowa has known since April 2019 (from me), that Ric murdered Ashley Okland in 2011, yet no arrest. Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel (Ric's mother whom goes by the name Cindy Honderd-Appel in Grandville, MI) informed me in the spring of 2019 that Ric and Matt murdered Ashley Okland in 2011. Cindy confessed to me that the motive for Ric shooting Ashley during a real estate open house towards the end of Matt's last semester at Dordt College, Iowa, was that Ashley was two-timing Matt and did not want to marry Matt when Matt graduated the end of 2011 from Dordt College in Iowa (as getting married to Matt VA was planned and discussed in 2008 when Matt VA was to graduate from Dordt College in Iowa). Cindy informed me in the spring of 2019 that she Cindy has known since 2011 what Ric (her son) and Matt (her grandson) did to Ashley Okland while Ashley was at work. Cindy informed me that Ric was the trigger man in the killing of Ashley Okland and that Lori Kay VA (Ric's wife and Matt VA's mother in Somers, Montana, where they all they reside now) told Cindy in 2011 of the murder. Cindy explained to me in the spring of 2019 what happened to Ashley Okland and that Lori Kay VA was very supportive of the premeditated plan devised by Ric and Matt driving from Montana to Iowa to end Ashley's life when Ashley told Matt her son, that she (Ashley) did not want to be part of their family and was not going to marry Matt and had another guy she had feelings for (that was their motive for killing Ashley). Lori Kay VA, according to Cindy Honderd-Appel in 2019, was very supportive of Ric and Matt's 2011 murder plan of Ashley Okland as apparently, Lori Kay VA felt so insulted over the fact that Ashley did not what to be part of their family, Lori Kay VA felt so hurt according to Cindy that Ashley thought she Ashley was too good for their family and did not want to be part of their family after Lori Kay and Ric VA had really treated her like a daughter and thought of Ashley as their own daughter (all according to Cindy).

I had first shockingly learned of Ashley Okland's murder in the early spring of 2019, when I decided to research missing and/or murdered women and girls in Iowa, as Ric likes to frequent Iowa and it is well-known within the immediate family that Ric is a non-apprehended serial killer, and has been since around 1978. When I saw Ashley Okland's gravestone and two pictures featured on a website called Iowa Cold Cases, I was in complete shock, flabbergasted, as all these years Cindy had told me that Matt and Ashley married in 2011 in Iowa following Matt Vander Ark's graduation from Dordt College. Cindy explained/informed me, they had a small wedding in Iowa and our side of the family was not invited as it was a small wedding in Iowa, mostly just Ashley's family attended the wedding, all according to what Cindy told me. Cindy pays me an unexpected visit at my house in Georgia, in February 2017> Cindy told me in 2017 to my face, that Matt and Ashley had moved out of Iowa a few years previous and purchased a house across the street from Ric & Lori in Somers, Montana and that Matt VA got a job teaching at Stillwater Christian School in Kalispell, Montana and that Ashley was a physical therapist, independent, not with a company. I completely believed Cindy all those years. Until in the spring of 2019, I came across Ashley Okland's gravestone and 2 pictures of Ashley on the website called Iowa Cold Cases in the spring of 2019, I literally screamed at the computer screen, I just could not believe it, I was flabbergasted! Ashley never married Matt VA my nephew, she was murdered. I confronted Cindy over the phone in March-April of 2019. Cindy confessed once I confronted Cindy over the phone about what I had discovered in March- April 2019 of what had happened to Ashley Okland. Once I confronted Cindy, Cindy confessed to me that Ric was the trigger man, but that both Ric and Matt murdered Ashley Okland. Cindy explained, an excuse of sorts, for the motive for why they murdered Ashley and that Lori Kay VA knew and was supportive, prior to Ric and Matt murdering Ashley. The Iowa and Montana FBI refuse to even bring Ric and Matt in for questioning. OMG!

In April of 2019, Cindy confessed more to me, she told me that she is afraid of Ric and his boys ever since she Cindy learned in 2011 that Ric and Matt orchestrated and carried out Ashley Okland's murder (Cindy used the word "planned" vs. orchestrate). Cindy stated that since 2011, she Cindy, will not have everyone all together as she Cindy is afraid of Ric and his boys all together at a family get-to-gather....that Ric and his boys might shoot family members.

Cindy told me in April 2019 that Ric and his boys have been from state to state and up into Canada murdering people since 2007. Cindy told me in April 2019, that Ric and his boys were planning another "hunting and fishing trip" up into Canada near the Alaskan border.

Since 2004, I have filled out more than 104 online FBI submit-a-tip forms. I have filled out at least 4 or 5 on the new 2019 FBI online submit-a-tip forms. NO FBI AGENT HAS EVER CONTACTED ME WHEN I CALL THE MAJOR FBI HOTLINE AND FILL OUT FBI ONLINE TIP FORMS! In April 2019, I begin frantically, in a panic, after I received a third call from the West Des Moines Police Department and the man on the other end informs me that Ric Vander Ark is not the shooter of Ashley Okland and they are not pursuing Ric Vander Ark as the murderer, I then contact the FBI in Iowa and North Dakota and Utah. No FBI agent contacts me. I then contact the Billings, Montana U.S. Marshall's office and leave a message with the supervisor there. WOW! Within hours the U.S. Marshall supervisor in April 2019 has a FBI agent contact me at home nearing 6pm that same day EST. We talk for over one hour. The FBI agent from Billings, Montana stated that he wrote down a lot of notes and that he appreciates my candor. I then believe the FBI is going to investigate and apprehend Ric, at least. The calls next on April 24, 25, and 26, 2019 that I receive at home are 6 to 8 continuous calls from Matt Vander Ark, now spelling his name, Matthew Van derark in Montana. Matt VA calls with a rough guy, disrespecting attitude and tells my husband Ed, "that if he does not shut-up his wife (me), they will." Matt called with complete disrespect towards me, did not refer to me as aunt Lori. I had always known Matt VA growing up to be a nice and polite boy. I was shocked, and further shocked. Matt VA stated that an FBI agent had been contacting his mother Lori at Stillwater Christian School in Kalispell, Montana, asking his mother too many questions and that this needs to stop.

And then the FBI stopped. I am shocked again! It is the job duty of the FBI to apprehend and charge serial killers with murder!

The FBI never arrested Ric Vander Ark, or his boys in April or May 2019, or since. Consequently, the murdering sprees and closed coffins continued the summer of 2019. But not near their home-base of Montana, no, they all crossed into Canada to not get caught by American FBI looking at them, all according to family gossip coming from Cindy, the mother and grandmother, who truly believes that her family are "the untouchables."

May I add, the FBI, through a covert and very questionable group in the CIA that oversees the FBI's investigations, with strong ties to politics in America, ensures Ric and Cindy and his boys, remain "the untouchables."

Ric continues to murder, again, and again, many closed funeral caskets follow one week after he visits: towns, cities and highways everywhere! Murder entitlements! I am outraged! But my DNA, my genetic encoding is different than most, my genetic innate ethics. People from heaven should be outraged at the American totalitarian government. I want you TODAY to see the 1995 film titled, Citizen X.

As of August 1, 2019, DeAngelo has yet to make a due process lawful plea in a court of law of guilty or not guilty in front of the Sacramento County Judge presiding over the case. As of August 1, 2019, the FBI, along with several California district attorneys prosecuting the case of the EAR/GSK, the prosecutors and detectives REFUSE to have DeAngelo's DNA publicly posted online or in printed newspapers for the review of the unassuming general public. A large group of criminals in government positions are also refusing to have the DNA profile of the EAR/GSK to go public. Transparency is for who?

And no trial for DeAngelo on the court docket in Sacramento or any court as Ric Vander Ark continues to murder in the USA and Canada, especially in British Columbia, the Canadian province just above the State of Washington, where he lived in Mt. Vernon, Washington when he moved out of San Jose, California. British Columbia continues to be a hot-spot for Ric VA to elude authorities as the Canadian border is only one hour from his current house in Somers, Montana, located near Great Falls, Montana, just as Mt. Vernon, Washington was only one hour from British Columbia. In whereas, Ric drives up into Canada on long road trips from home, committing his vile hobby murders that he also committed in California, evading capture.

Time and time again, since 2007, Ric VA (Richard C. Vander Ark) takes two of his adult boys with him on murdering sprees according to family gossip the FBI wants to continuously, purposely, endless ignore, to the misfortune of who? It is only a matter of time before Ric strikes again. Ric's inability to control his murderous compulsions that his biological mother Cindy also possesses, as did his maternal grandfather Martin Stob, the non-apprehended serial killer that terrorized Cleveland and Pennsylvania in the 1930s, known publicly as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run or the Cleveland Torso Murderer, privately bragging to the family that he was "the Hobo Murderer that outsmarted Eliot Ness." Ironically enough, Christopher Asher Wray, the current FBI Director born in 1966, born just 10 years after Eliot Ness suffered a heart attack and died, resembles Eliot Ness to a T. As you are wondering, of course I have notified the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on all pertinent facts. Because Ric Vander Ark and his adult boys live in North America, the Canadian police and detectives are mostly dependent upon working with the FBI to investigate Ric Vander Ark. According to established criminal patterns, the FBI has suppressed Ric Vander Ark from ever being caught and captured, as were the 1978-79 CIA orders then and now, the CIA are the advice givers to the President within the oval office. Ric Vander Ark as a CIA sub-contractor residing in Montana, continues to be "beer buddies" with the FBI in Montana, and detectives in California, never shy or too timid to have a beer in a bar with retired detective iconic Paul Holes. But what about the lives of so many innocent people lost? What about the victims? What about the endless horror the victim's family members tragically live with each day and night, what about them? Why America and Canada is Ric Vander Ark entitled to murder good, wholesome, innocent, middle-class society people, just because he has urges to murder?

Keep in mind, a jury is going to punish the crimes no matter the person (the defendant) as the crimes were absolutely horrible. The jury, just like the American media and CNN globally has made claim that Joseph James DeAngelo is the Golden State Killer based on DNA never made public. Remember the golden scientific forensic rule: "DNA does not lie, detectives do."

If the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) decides who is on the election ballots for the unassuming front of democracy for all motto, elected officials acting as a arm for the CIA decisions rendered, "acting" in the best interest of the CIA at the top of the political pyramid power food chain (and it is), you have every good reason to fear the exposed American totalitarian government that structured itself in the 1950s, and developed under the American landscape canopy undetected at high speeds in the 1960s and beyond.

Me? I grew up in fear, I grew-up in pain, all because of Cindy and her CIA associates. My mind became a solider that can withstand anything. Fear became manageable, at a very young age manageable, before I learned to stand at 3 months. But my DNA, my genetic encoding is comprised differently than you, than Ric, than Dave, than Mike, very different. I live in the inside out world, and you have every reason to fear the American totalitarian government behind the political puppets elected and behind the bubble-headed media operating behind the totalitarian puppet stands that are not bringing you the full story on air.

Genetically, I am very intelligent. I gained information from each environment. I know many details from my environment my entire life as a person with an inward based sponge absorbing information about what really is going on in America. I am bringing you the truth on so many matters. Some FBI agents, and detectives, might comment to you, the general public, that my brain is located "centrally." Me? At this point, age 49, I wonder in complete astonishment how most of you even past high school, let alone college. If you can read, you have the ability to wise-up.

The land is wonderful in America, with a huge supply of clear and clean water. However, the American government has absolute power and is absolute pure corruption at a huge expenditure to the American people and other countries. The American government has put the American people in debt, the country in debt, trillions of dollars. When operating, Congress does not have the intelligence to ask the important questions.

The American people have no protection, and no power, even if they wanted to protect themselves. To read more about "the truth" the American government does not want spotlighted, go to my Amazon Author Pages by typing in my memoir series, my name, and then click onto "About the Author," for 5 more pages of free information on this pertinent subject matter.

Genetically incompetent detectives, genetically corrupt governments, or not trained well to investigate is a thought or two to ponder when investigations fail the people and purposely draw wrong conclusions on criminal cases. A pattern of the American and Canadian government is to name another as a suspect since the mid-1970s, and then jail the wrong guy or kill the suspect or suspects prior to a formal court trial as a means to wipe up the CIA's mess in both countries. ANYTHING, but to do their investigative job duties is their overt inborn genetic work ethic motto, they laugh seriously as they continuously cash government issued paychecks. Paychecks spitting out of a government machine on the other end of the vacuum sucking up hard earned tax-payer money. Like gumballs dispensing at a rapid speed from a gumball machine, individuals from two countries pat each other on the back, unable to forensically see the difference between which side of the yellow line they stand. The Canadian government and the American government allow the serial killers in Montana and Michigan that I have named and come forth with, to cross boundaries and murder, decade after decade. The FBI will continually create smoke screens of delusions out of the FBI's sheer joy for you to believe another or others keep committing the murders in both countries, anything, anything but for you to believe me. The FBI will generate fictitious suspects and filter the smoke screens through the mass media in both countries, so the Montana and Michigan based serial killers can evade capture and exposure. I want the murders to cease, I want the Michigan and Montana serial killers captured and exposed. I have a relentless will to win, and that fact about me is very bothersome (annoying) to criminals and government salary-based employees alike.

I am a strong supporter for all detectives, world-wide, universal, to be paid commissions when the crimes are solved, paid after the court trial only, and serious repercussions (jail-time) for the detectives that nail the wrong person. Each county or province will have a person that applies the monetary amount to be paid, per crime, when the crime is solved. Each county or province would have a board specifically designed to investigate the criminal misconduct of detectives and press charges against the detectives that nail the wrong suspect, kill a suspect, order a hit, and/or prosecute the wrong suspect through the court systems. Felony crimes solved would receive top priority and pay, frivolous misdemeanors clog-up the court systems and unnecessarily fill-up jail cells and waste tax payer money. Americans and Canadians have every reason to fear their governments current inability to duty.

Recent summer of 2019 CIA patterns have quickly re-surfaced in the media: Chynna Deese 24, and her boyfriend Lucus Fowler 23, a happy couple, murdered in British Columbia, Canada, in July of 2019. The happy, wholesome, beautiful couple fits the profile of Ric VA's victims of those he has murdered in California and British Columbia, decade after decade after decade now.

The result of the murdered couple in Canada? Two young men by the name of Kam Mcleod and Bryer Schmegelsky are described by American media as a 3-week Canadian manhunt for the 2 suspects that ended in the death of Mcleod and Schmegelsky, just one week after I called Fort Nelson in British Columbia, Canada, the FBI jumped the border to Canada to quickly name suspects in the murder of Deese and Fowler, then made sure the suspects named and filtered through the media as the named suspects, died. Case closed on who murdered the multiple untimely deaths, in sequence, murders in Canada? Mcleod and Schmegelsky were reported as the suspects by the media, then reported by the media that the suspects have apparently shot themselves, coincidentally, just one week after I contacted Fort Nelson, British Columbia to provide a taped interview of what I know in the family, to investigate Ric Vander Ark for many murders in Canada. Locate the people responsible for providing to the American news media that Mcleod and Schmegelsky are the named suspects in the Deese and Fowler murdered case, and you will have the criminals that created the propaganda the case is closed. Why is that important to locate the people providing the news, to the news, it reveals a layer of motive. Revealing the conspiracy to keep covering up crimes with no trial required attitude and ideology projected, just as in the news media spread of the EAR/GSK news coverage thus far. No court of law trial required, just news of what to believe. The shady attorney directed FBI are using "the news" in lieu of "an evidence presented court trial." Shady attorney moves if one was representing Ric Vander Ark. You know, playing Ric Vander Ark's defense legal team from behind the scenes.

What did Hitler have to say about Jewish attorneys? Jewish attorney tactics? Hitler would not allow Jews in Germany to practice law for the genetically good German people. It's true, look it up. Research it. Historically research it. Scientifically research it. In the 1940s, Jewish attorneys were banned in Germany. Judaism is a genetically based religion.

The only way Canada can investigate a non-apprehended American serial killer named Ric Vander Ark, is going through the FBI. The FBI does not want Ric Vander Ark investigated! Orders were giving through the CIA, not to investigate Ric Vander Ark, those CIA orders have been given by the CIA towards the FBI since around 1979. The FBI is in bed with the CIA on many, many crimes> Such crimes that would put a person away for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, the vile crimes are just that bad. The American media describes the death of Mcleod and Schmegelsky as committing suicide and the case closed on who murdered Deese and Fowler, no trial will be held in Canada, suspects abruptly named and then found abruptly dead in Canada. Case closed?!?!? Keep in mind, the FBI is adamant they do not want Ric Vander Ark investigated at all. Ric VA, whom has lived on the North American and Canadian border since he left San Jose, California in 1986, runs free, after admitting to his wife Lori Kay Sudengay-Vander Ark (and she told me) that he murdered a young sixteen year old girl in Southern California while she was north, away, visiting her family for three weeks in the State of Washington with the young ones (Jon VA and Matt VA).

Classic. A classic case of the CIA and FBI to name a suspect, any suspects would do, and then the death of the suspects prior to a court trial, case closed, just another case closed of the FBI and CIA working with local authorities in any particular area, region, city, county, province, country, to clean-up hobby murders of Ric Vander Ark. The CIA and FBI are masters at manipulating the strings behind what is reported and generated in the American media landscape of reality for most. The over-use of the American news networks is classic of the FBI and CIA to calm the nerves of the masses as they create a smoke screen disappearance for the real murderer, the one that likes to hunt humans alongside highways in British Columbia, Ric VA.

The CIA and FBI are furious with me for calling Canada in July 2019, and providing Canadian authorities clues on how they can catch Ric Vander Ark the next time he murders in Canada, credit cards pinpoint his locations for murders over the decades, license plates from Montana and Washington the State.

Classic cover-up by authorities and media. Another classic murder case chalked up as "solved" "have no worry" "we got' um" from the point of view of the CIA and FBI wanting suspects named and believed to be "the alleged," for Ric VA's sake. The CIA and FBI keep Ric Vander Ark concealed from the public knowledge of his crimes. They name a suspect, any suspect would do, and then they make sure the suspect or suspects dies before a traditional court trial, just like what Cindy stated to me in June of 2018, Cindy stated to me that Joseph James DeAngelo would die before any trial and presentation of evidence is required. That statement, Cindy of Michigan gave me of facts in the DeAngelo case, that information has been posted since June of 2018 on my American Amazon Author Pages!

Trials correlate to the rule of law that evidence needs to be presented, not conducive for the criminally elusive. By the incoming heated phone calls, emails, knocks on my door, and letters received from a multitude of agents working fast behind the scenes to protect Ric Vander Ark from being exposed, caught and caged, I know that the FBI and CIA are livid with me for contacting Fort Nelson in British Columbia, Canada. Between July 22 and August 10, 2019, the FBI has made it known to me that they know I called Canada and spoke with Fort Nelson authorities working the Canadian murdered couple case, the FBI is livid towards me for providing the Canadian authorities the information I provided to Canada. I know for a fact, the CIA and FBI are absolutely furious with me for exposing all of this to you, the reader. The CIA and FBI will do everything in their power to wipe up evidence in Ric's murders in Canada and deflect his guilt upon another or others. Cindy in Michigan, Ric's mother, is a master at throwing-off an investigation, as was her mobile serial killer father, Martin Stob, the non-apprehended Cleveland Torso Murderer.

In 1975, when Ric Vander Ark was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force in Sacramento, California, he began going to a Sacramento shooting range with a married woman, policewoman Carol Daly. Ric had an affair with Carol Daly from 1975-1977 and a half. For two and a half years she knew he was breaking and entering homes and raping women in Northern California, east of San Francisco. Carol Daly began keeping a scrapbook of their crimes, Ric began collecting mementos from his crime scenes. Here is a thought to ponder; how many lives of good people could have been saved if Carol Daly had arrested Ric Vander Ark in 1976? She knew then he was breaking into homes, over 50 or 80 home invasions, shot a young guy in the stomach as Ric made a get away, and then began murdering in 1978, in California. Couples are his concentrated focus, of which Ric likes to inflict retaliatory style sadistic rage.

When Ric Vander Ark would call Cindy at home in Jenison, Michigan, I would pick-up the downstairs phone line in my father's office and listen in at age 7 in 1977, age 8 in 1978, age 9 in 1979. Cindy was very worried that Carol Daly would not be loyal to them and Cindy feared with frustration and anxiety as she spoke with Ric in California, that because Carol was married, she feared Carol would not be loyal, and Ric would get caught, arrested, and go to jail. I would hang-up the phone and walk upstairs and ask Cindy, "Why do you think Ric is going to get arrested?"

In 1980, at age 10 years old, Cindy broke my upper shin bones with a fireplace metal stick as I laid on the sofa in the living room. Cindy wanted me to fear her. Honestly, I think I hated her, more than I feared her. And shock was the emotion felt first as opposed to pain. Now, for many decades, I feel nothing. I still have the visible cartilage bumps of where the injuries took place on my legs just below my knee caps, as I did not have a cast around the injuries, or a doctor's visit. I crawled for three weeks, and then rode my bike versus walking that summer of 1980.

What do you need to fear? You need to fear the American and Canadian genetically corrupt and genetically incompetent police detectives and FBI = the endangered lives they endanger by not apprehending all those I have mentioned on my American Amazon Author Pages blog. And the double wame, you need to fear the non-apprehended criminals I have mentioned in factual details.

Let me put this information further in perspective for you the reader of all this, around August 2018, let's just say in the summer of 2018, former President Obama's hand selected pick as the CIA Director in 2012, CIA John Brennan, loses his security clearance. The disgruntled former CIA Director (Brennan) brews in anger over President's Trump decision rendered. Furthermore, during the time frame following his security clearance loss, August 2018-September 2018, Brennan devises a plan and clues in the FBI Director at that time, both masterminds; diversions, diversions, diversions, in which to instantaneously take a podium, speak on all the American airwaves, CNN, major news networks all alike, and have the American people think about "terrorism' and not the slipshod jobs behind the scenes that are constantly occurring as they take the wheel. Brennan and Wray taking to the American airwaves to formulate the creation of blurs is an apparent intrinsic quality among so many people, a necessary resume quality of sorts, creating blurs for the American people concerning the Golden State Killer arrest of DeAngelo and John Brennan's 2018 security clearance loss, soon following Joseph James DeAngelo's arrest the end of April 2018.

And once again, as long as the American people are not thinking, their authoritative authority, whom are always providing "definitive quick responses to major news networks," will always cast a blur to the truth of many, many, serious matters of ongoing corruption behind the scenes. Why? Because they can, that is how criminal masterminds work.

Trump should have placed John Brennan and Obama in jail many, many moons ago. By October 2018, CIA John Brennan orchestrates his obvious to me, clear as day, "Brennan Bombs" to CNN and his democratic old ties as a counter-intelligence deranged move of his, as it would look too perceptible of disgruntled Brennan to send the bombs in the mail to, let's say Fox News and high regarded republicans. But he is mad, threats to sue America over his security clearance loss were made by him on Air and filtered and scattered in the internet news just prior to the "Brennan Bombs" terrorist behavior by disgruntled Brennan. CIA John Brennan lost his security clearance as he was a very corrupt CIA kingpin agent turned director of the CIA. If Brennan was a threat as a corrupt CIA agent turned director, is he not a greater threat to America running loose now? No criminal charges, no jail? OMG, intelligence?!?!

For example "intelligence", what if John Brennan had lost his security clearance in 1992, and/or 1993, when I was 22 and 23 and working in a The Gold Club in Atlanta, Georgia, would 9/11 ever happen? John Brennan and James Comey and Obama and General/ CIA David Petraeus, on different evenings, and not always together, when they told me to my face that the Central Intelligence Agency is planning attacks on American infrastructures, hired attacks to be conducted, carried out by CIA hired foreign terrorists so that the CIA can receive through Congress budgeting, more financial resources when the American government was questioning the complete financial relevance of the CIA as a worthwhile agency. You tell me, how many people would be alive today in New York, if John Brennan lost his security clearance way back when in the early 1990s? John Brennan told me in his drinking group in V.I.P., "The school district that gives the most, picks the target." As Brennan's group of CIA men, corrupt front-company writing accountants and attorneys, laughed, cackled like hens, at their devious futuristic plans. As all school superintendents well-know, the CIA launders money out of many, not all, many allocated school district funds for CIA covert projects that Congress does not know about?

The CIA and FBI went a step further in disguising the truth to be known, for historical record's sake, you know, of the facts and all for the history books devised by the ruling power, government dictators. Me? I have never denied knowledge of what I was told at The Gold Club in the early 1990s. The FBI is livid at me if I speak the truth about just about anything, really.

The CIA, in conjunction with the FBI and the IRS went so far as to completely remove my filed tax returns that would place me at The Gold Club in 1992, and 1993. As government issued and personal credit cards are used by the CIA agents to pinpoint their location, my filed taxes would be proof of location when those statements by corrupt people were made to me. Honestly, Obama was very quiet, not saying a word as John Brennan did the talking, but Obama was there over cocktails and smoke, Obama knew back then of John Brennan's plans with his CIA. When John Brennan and James Comey and David Petraeus and Bob Baer, realized in their complete astonishment that I am not as corrupt as Cindy, they froze when I said "that's a bad idea." They all began an upstream campaign at that point in time to paint me as a drunk, or crazy, or mental, never painted by government as a credible witness, as they had freely shared too much in the company of someone NOT like them. What were they all to do do? Everything government can do, using resources to paint someone like they want that person painted, beginning in the early 1990s.

Advanced humans: Please test Joseph James DeAngelo's DNA profile to the crime scene profile of the EAR/GSK in California, include a sample profile of his wife and children's DNA and any grandchildren's DNA profile, cousins, familial relationship DNA, to show relationship to the accused DNA within the case files of the EAR/GSK. This case of the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer is solvable, just as all cases are solvable with true intelligence.

Let me put this information in greater perspective for you, the number is astronomical how many people would be alive in this decade if the FBI were all doing their job. The past FBI director under Obama's pick as FBI director is James Comey. However, Comey is an attorney by education, Comey solved no crimes serving the people as Obama's FBI Director. The current FBI Director under President Trump, since August 2, 2017, is Christopher Asher Wray. Wray is an attorney by education, and also has solved no crimes as the FBI Director!

It is as if Corrupt Comey and Wray enjoy playing Ric Vander Ark's defense attorney, year after year, murders after murders! OMG. Corrupt Comey in the early 1990s told me to my face with his red-eye balls from him drinking too much at The Gold Club, "don't ever accept a date from a CIA agent, you'll end up drugged, moved to a rural county airport, and flown and sold to a foreigner." I asked Comey, "what makes you say that to me?" Comey's response, "Because I DRAW UP THE PAPERWORK." (the contracts to sell girls for Comey and CIA profits)

There is nothing more that grinds me than people in high positions, with stupidity and corruption as their moral compass. Contriving to deliberately accomplish the unthinkable against another, to get away with murder! Eric Holder is part of John Brennan's "covert group". In fact, Eric Holder recommended to President Obama at the time, to recruit attorney James Comey to be the new FBI Director. Loretta Lynch is part of "the covert questionable motives group" run by John Brennan. I know this because John Brennan told me.

The best FBI director choice a U.S. President could make for the office of the head of the FBI? A veteran detective that has solved serious crimes during their criminal justice career. Such as, I would select, advise to appoint, Lt. Joe Kenda from Colorado, he is the Homicide Hunter, and has solved over 600 murders during his detective career.

DNA; deoxyribonucleic acid, a self replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. DNA, the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

Obama, DNA creates a two strand symbol as you and your associates well-know, symbolic II to the CIA. I "definitively" do not mind having upscale, professional, and very well-educated geneticist scientists study my DNA, how about you? How about John Brennan? How about Ric Vander Ark? How much American government money is spent on running from your past? DNA does not lie, detectives do, and many lie for you.

Readers, I have so many personal examples of police corruption written within the pages of volume one. It is endless. To give you the most recent of yet another police corruption incident: August 22, 2019, I have written email proof a package was delivered by the U.S. Postmaster from Belk, to my residence, yet no package or mail in my mailbox or front door that day, just empty. I do not report it, as the Bartow County police are proven to be pathetic, shady, and corrupt, all based upon my impression of them when I reported other crimes in the past few years that took place in Bartow County, in whereas, I was the victim. The crime that occurred to me: Section 18 U.S. Code 1708, a federal mail theft offense of my mail and Belk package, a federal felony occurred on August 22, 2019 at my residence in Georgia where I was the victim. What happened next? I do not call the corrupt, shady local law, the police, to file paperwork, I simply contact Belk directly on the matter, as the police around here are known and proven to be just as corrupt as the criminals that stole my mail and Belk package. So this is how I handled the most recent Bartow County crime in whereas I was once again the victim; I plainly explain to the Belk representative that I did not receive the package even though my email is showing delivery confirmation at 12noon on August 22, 2019. The Belk representative states they will re-send the package, this time, not through the U.S. Post Office, but through FedEx. I then receive the Belk package at my front door. I keep the delivery and re-send proof from Belk on 8.27.2019. The hindsight of my conclusions over my missing mail and Belk package (18 U.S. Code 1708)>There is only one other house on my street, the front of that particular house at 11 Altar Rock Ct. directly faces my side entry garage and mailbox, no other house in the neighborhood is close to see me back out and leave to pick-up my son from school, or run errands, and has a direct front shot of my mailbox. When Brooke and her husband and family moved into 11 Altar Rock Ct., the end of July 2019, she immediately walked up my grass, to my pine straw, right up to the screen in my side window, not my front door, not any door, and proceeds to talk with me. I thought that was odd. I began locking my car door after that point of strange behavior from Brooke. Then, on Monday, August 19th, early afternoon, my new neighbor at 11 Altar Rock Ct., Brooke, walks across the street 15 feet and places a note in my mailbox, asking who my landscaper is, along with a series of bizarrely written questions. I do provide to her on that Monday, August 19, 2019, who my landscaper is to mow her lawn, as requested by her, but I do not answer the other bizarre questions written by her. I don't think much about it, then 3 days later, someone took my mail and Belk package on August 22, 2019, that was sent U.S. Postal mail. I don't confront her (Brooke) or anyone in her family, ever. I tell my husband and son, I believe Brooke took my mail and the confirmed delivered Belk package on the 22nd of August, because she just had her hands in my mailbox 3 days prior. But I say nothing to Brooke or the Bartow County Police, I never call 911, rather, I type a note on my mailbox addressing the trespassing issue and the problem of me not receiving my mail and packages, all addressed to the Postmaster to start bringing my mail and packages to my front door as a solution to the problem.

Shockingly, on Monday morning, August 26, 2019, at around 10am, a Bartow County Sheriff knocks on my front door (without me calling the police), and states to my face that "Brooke called the Bartow County Sheriff's Department this morning after going near your mailbox and reading what you wrote to the U.S. Postmaster. Brooke called us, to tell you, that she did not take your Belk package and mail on Thursday and she wanted me to stop by and tell you that."

The police officer is not really an investigator, he is dressed in a police uniform for the Bartow Co. Sheriff's Department and drives a Bartow Co. Sheriff vehicle. He introduces himself, not by name or badge or rank, he introduces himself by the message he brings to me, face to face, at my front door, for Brooke, upon her request. Explaining, he is rather a spokesperson for Brooke, that is my quick understanding. He then proceeds to remind me that "Brooke's husband (the Russian) is a U.S. Military Sargent, and the wife of a U.S. Military Sargent would never steal anyone's mail." And then he adds, informs me, "Although, we have had a surge in mailbox and package theft just in the month of August 2019 alone, and only in Bartow County, but it is not Brooke, I am here to tell you that." That was from a Bartow County police officer on 8.26.2019 Monday morning around 10am.

I then remark at 10am on 8.26.2019 to the police, "they just moved in a few weeks ago, the end of July 2019, Brooke and her husband and family. Brooke told me just two weeks ago they are hard-up for money and her husband cannot retire from the military even though he is eligible for military retirement at his age." I am thinking to myself....... did he (the Bartow Co. Sheriff) know my mail and Belk package was gone, missing on Thursday? I never said "Thursday." I never called 911. I never called the police. I never confronted anyone over my missing mail and BELK PACKAGE. He just spontaneously shows up at my front door at 10am on Monday 8.26.2019, and knew the date and day of Thursday, 8.22.2019, I WAS COMPLETELY MISSING MY MAIL AND BELK PACKAGE, before he even knocked on my door to give me a message from my neighbor Brooke that my mail and Belk package disappeared or was stolen on "Thursday," adding "Brooke did not take your mail and package on Thursday" without me saying "Thursday", or calling him, or dialing 911 to report what happened. What stands out in my memory of the week of August 19-23, is that each day of that week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, I got my mail as soon I heard the Postmaster's vehicle roar and idle up to my mailbox. Very routine, I hear the click of my mailbox, and instantly go out and get my mail, and I am usually home, that week, 4 out of 5 days that week, except for Thursday 8.22.2019, I was out running errands and then checked my mailbox after I picked my son up from school. The only logical explanation for my missing mail and missing and confirmed by Belk delivered package on Thursday, August 22, 2019, would be that someone close was watching my garage and mailbox, and noticed I was gone when the mail was delivered to my mailbox. The only house in the entire neighborhood that strategically could watch my garage and mailbox, is the only house on my street other than my house> 11 Altar Rock Ct had the proximity to the crime and the opportunity to see I was gone, to then snatch my mail and package before I returned home on 8.22.2019.

Then on Tuesday, August 27, 2019, at 4:35pm, THE SAME OFFICER from the Bartow County Sheriff pulls along side my driveway and tells me that I am not allowed to place any trespassing concerned notes on MY MAILBOX addressed to the Postmaster requesting the Postmaster to place my mail and packages at my front door vs. mailbox, and reminded me again, that Brooke my new neighbor did not take any package or mail of mine on "Thursday", and it was not Brooke that placed the note in my mailbox last Monday the 19th, and informs me that it was a neighbor a few streets over that admired my grass and landscaping and she, not Brooke, placed the note in my mailbox as he (the policeman claims) watched her go from the community pool area and meander towards my mailbox to place the note, and that he watched the whole thing happen, and it was NOT Brooke, it was another lady in my neighborhood that placed the note inside my mailbox. Then he got real heated and mad, confrontational at 4:35pm on 8.27.2019, right to my face, on my property, and told me he doesn't give a shit who stole my mail and package (HELLO: 18 U.S. Code 1708). Keep in mind folks, I never, ever, even called 911, I never called the police, he just shows-up again as I am proceeding to pull out of my driveway at 4:35pm on 8.27.2019 to buy groceries! He proceeds to tell me to my face that he spoke with my Postmaster and the Postmaster is not going to deliver my mail and packages to my front door as requested on the note posted on my mailbox for her to do so from now on. The police officer then begins calling me at home on the evening of 8.27.2019, as do other police officers from 770.387.5195 Bartow City Govt (caller ID) to harass me further, and I am the victim! OMG! I never even called the pathetic, shady, corrupt police over the latest incident involving my mailbox and not receiving packages and mail in my mailbox! How did they get my phone number to harass me at home? None of my neighbors have my phone number. I never provided my phone number to the Bartow police! I never provided a citizens report over the mailbox incident and not receiving my mail and Belk package on August 22, 2019. This is all coming from the same sheriff office that told me in 2015-2016 when my car was broken into and my window smashed into smithereens and my wallet with cash and credit cards were stolen, just under $10,000 charged up in 3 hours on my cards while I was hiking at Pine Mountain in Cartersville! Mark Mayton and another Bartow County fraud detective told me then "that some Black guy wearing a hoodie did it, it's on the Wal-mart videos." When I inquired to Mark Mayton in 2015-2016, "How could a Black man use the credit cards of a woman with a Dutch last name?"

Mark Mayton of the Bartow County Sheriff's office responded to me, "He was a light-skinned Black man." That case was never solved either.

I learned from 12 Aaron Lane in 2015-2016 that it is rumored that the Bartow County Sheriff's department often receive American Express kickbacks$ to NOT solve the serious crimes in Bartow County, and they are getting the purchased American Express gift cards from stolen credit cards. Are the police corrupt or what? The police and the detectives seem to be serving the criminals and not the victims in America or Canada.

2018-2019, I have been receiving calls at my Georgia residence, and my one and only home, that Paul Holes, the retired and very articulate detective, almost passing as a Ted Bundy double, the one that arrested innocent Joseph James DeAngelo to be the EAR/GSK, that Paul Holes, I am constantly receiving an endless stream of calls and threats that he wants to put a bullet through my head. Believe it or not, I am not even afraid. Why am I not afraid? Ask the CIA, they can explain to you why I am not afraid.

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