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The FBI and Richard John Biesiadecki II and an Organized Corruption that Remains Hidden from Most:

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Richard John Biesadecki II and his wife Julie Biesiadecki residing at 53 Roberson Drive in Cartersville, Georgia 30121, have bragged on multiple occasions that the FBI rides along in the front seat of Dr. Pastor Rick Biesadecki's company car when he kidnaps and/or murders with a group, a posse of people organized by the Biesadeckis' to murder and target Gentiles. Rick Biesadecki claims that he has received a company vehicle since the 1990s from a group calling themselves Tikkun Olam, and that he heads over 60 chapters of Tikkun Olam, between Georgia and Michigan. But why would non-Jews join Tikkun Olam? Tikkun Olam offers protection not from detection, but from prosecution. A serial killer would be most at home in an organization such as Tikkun Olam. A kidnapper would be most at home with a group just as them. Tikkun Olam is the most powerful organization, in charge of so much. Tikkun Olam has many police detectives and FBI on the payroll, and has influence over each and every United States President. Julie Biesiadecki is a Jew and is blood-relation to Delphi, Indiana Jim Appel (a Jew), who Jim Appel is Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel's third husband whom was married to Cindy just months before moving his items out of Delphi, Indiana on Valentines Day Weekend 2017, the weekend of the Delphi Murder's of Abby Williams and Libby German. Julie Biesiadecki is off the charts evil and is steeped in Tikkun Olam the Jewish criminal organization, an organization that she had her husband Rick Biesiadecki join in the 1990s. Cindy and the other members are off-the charts evil. Cindy abducted Baby Paul Fronzcak in April of 1964, and then abducted me while on vacation in another country many years later. Cindy looks normal, but is complete evil, complete masked evil, and a prominent member of Tikkun Olam, this I know, because my abductor Cindy also raised me in her household. I fled at age eighteen, wanting nothing to do with her or her evil ways that the American Government will go to great lengths to cover her murderous trails. Jim Appel is the recognized voice that went public in the Delphi Murders saying "down the hill." Rick Vander Ark is the 62-year old man caught on one of the murder victim's phone as one of the last images. Rick Vander Ark's son Jonathon Vander Ark is the 32-year-old sketched by a witness in the Delphi Murders, as being involved with the Delphi Murders. Back to Julie- Julie has told me that her husband's role in Tikkun Olam is to be titled as a pastor, and has been since the 1990s. Rick Biesidecki's role is to know the Bible backwards and forwards, and to come across "as believable" as a pastor. Fact: Rick Biesidecki has never pastored any church according to his wife Julie, and according to him, himself. It is all just a front. To stop any investigation, he lives in one county in Georgia and travels to another jurisdiction, another county for operations and business of Tikkun Olam, telling people he works for the believable career and establishment of the Southern Baptist Association.

Valentines Day 2017- Cindy Honderd-Appel mailed this to me from Delphi, Indiana:

Nero Caesar, was born-again, August 2, 1955. The Jews refer to as the Beast 666, why? And if Nero Caesar has been re-born, who else has been re-born in the great puzzle? I am directly below David in the family photo from 1978. From out of the line of David........Not the lineage, from the line of David will come both the Jews and the Gentiles.

DELAYED JUSTICE- In 1980, Cindy Vander Ark (now Cindy Appel) told me at age 10, that Jeremy Baum's father is a prominent member of Tikkun Olam. Det. Jeremy Baum and Det. Jake Sparks have been the detectives in-charge of solving the unsolved homicide of Deb Polinsky. Cindy told me back in the 1980s while in the foyer of Hillcrest Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan, that Lee Fisher is a prominent member of Tikkun Olam, and he will also ensure she gets away with murder, as will his father, in hushing the murder of Deb Polinsky (summer of 1977) and the murders in California (1977 -) that Cindy commits with her biological grown boys and now grown grandsons (Ric's sons) will participate, all according to Cindy, with bragging guaranteed protection from prosecution from a Jewish organization operating many departments and agencies, pushing America into a third world country when solving crimes. Sadly, the victims of Tikkun Olam remain without Justice served.


2021>The Ottawa Co. Sheriff's had a female cold case detective call me, she told me over the phone during a recorded conversation> what Det. Jeremy Baum told me as well> the sheriffs' dept. and the FBI does not believe I am credible, and therefore Cindy and Dave will not be pursued in this matter. Det. Jake Sparks knows of my 2 recorded interviews he has possession of at the sheriffs office in West Olive, Michigan. Why the cover-up? Why the corruption? Test the DNA of the detectives working the case, they all have something in common> A Jewish Lineage and a connection of loyalty to Tikkun Olam, the most hushed secret within the disease infected governments, not just in America, but many governments.

My suggestion to future generations populating planet earth? Have a German Nation inscribe a person's lineage on the arm of each person tested, going back to the 1700s. When a person reaches for something, the other person or persons receiving, will know what they are getting in return. Begin with my DNA, then inscribe my ancestry in a permanent tattoo of lineage made public on my arm. Based upon genetics, each person on this planet will know what they are getting and what to expect from one another in this journey referred to as life on earth. Eventually, the meek will inherit the earth. Transparency of truth. The Jews are the devil's people, and it is the devil, the Beast 666, that the Jews worship to get things done for them as a people. Locate the address beginning with 666, and you will locate what you'll find.

The FBI needs to call someone who cares. What year is it now? Too much time has passed. The gist of the story is that the American Government is purposely wasting American tax dollars on themselves, with complete disregard for the victims.

The number 8 is extremely important in this story. What is number eight? It is me. Go backwards. 1978. What does the number eight represent to the U.S.A? Number II is more important: February 28, 1970 = 2+2+8+1+9+7+0 = II (The Twin Towers Represents my Life). CIA General David Petraeus is revered when he should not be revered. He told me in the early 1990s what was also told to me by CIA John Brennan, that my birthdate is significant in the realm of numerology. Both CIA men would not be able to pass a polygraph test on the fact that they both told me on separate evenings, separate occasions, that my brother Ric is a serial killer that will never be caught and that I better keep my mouth quiet about what I know. I was always being approached and warned by Gen. David Petraeus and CIA John Brennan. Both Trump and Obama are very financially connected to Tikkun Olam (political gift money) in exchange for being their political puppet. Again, the FBI will not investigate and produce results that support this claim or any claim, because the FBI is too involved as well.

Vander Ark = Translated from the Dutch language to English translates to: "From Out of The Ark of The Covenant." This means what to who? You?

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