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My current manuscript is vital in passing along knowledge of what the American Government is doing to the innocent citizens of America and Canada. Explained is the reasoning on why the American Government does not want the real Golden State Killer captured and behind bars to kill no longer and why Scapegoat Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested and dubbed the Golden State Killer on April 24-25, 2018, by the nefarious American Government and the Mainstream Media controlled by the CIA and sources of the CIA . My manuscript saves lives and needs to be represented by a literary agent to a mainstream big publishing house that has no affiliation with the influencing CIA to decisions rendered. The CIA does not want to warn the people and the next victims of the real Golden State Killer, as the real Golden State Killer has still not been apprehended as of November 11, 2019. All the while, Scapegoat DeAngelo rots in a jail cell with no judicial court trial date on the Sacramento, California court docket after one and a half years, and therefore no presentation of DNA required by the public or media or jury or prosecutors or judge, so that Scapegoat DeAngelo will rot and die in a county jail cell with no trial, and the case buried from mass public scrutiny. The influence of pointing fingers at Joseph James DeAngelo before any formal court trial or presentation of DNA evidence that led to the arrest of DeAngelo does not end, in fact, I could list a hefty list of American and U.K. literary agents that absolutely only want the American people to believe DeAngelo is the one, and those same literary agents also refuse to represent my vital to the truth manuscript to any major publishing house for publication and distribution of a truth that differs from what Paul Holes has made claim to in the case of what he believes is a solved case of the Golden State Killer. But what about the victims? Do they not matter to you? Or how about the next victims of the Golden State Killer, does it not matter to also prevent the next murders from occurring? What if the American Government in conjunction with the Golden State Killer, still not apprehended, take down all of America? Does no one care, but me? I wonder. Information is knowledge. The behavior of holding a man indefinitely with no trial, accuse him of malice murders and rapes, and then hopes he dies before the presentation of evidence against him, which there is no evidence against him, (it is a fictitious tale by Paul Holes), and then do not have a court trial to present evidence against DeAngelo, is right up the behavior avenue of North Korea or any other communists country. The culpability extends beyond the California prosecutors, beyond the court judge preceding over the EAR/GSK case, beyond the police and detectives, beyond Mainstream Media, it also extends to the American and U.K. literary agents that only want Americans to believe Paul Holes story, and it is just a story. DNA does not lie, detectives do. The CIA granted Paul Holes a NBC Wilshire Studios produced show called The DNA of Murder, with NBC promoting Paul Holes as the detective that solved the Golden State Killer case, before DeAngelo even has a court trial and a jury or judge verdict read in an American court. There is no trial date on the court docket yet. The behavior of what has occurred in the EAR/GSK case of authority handling the case and all those who only allow one point of view from the top, is behavior exact of North Korea and any communist country. Please wake up America. Lives can be saved. Arresting the wrong guy, is not solving the case, or saving the lives of future victims of the Golden State Killer.

You must see the 1995 film Citizen X. The American Government through resources in the Mainstream Media and literary agencies, decide what knowledge is appropriate for Americans and others to deem is worthy to be published, distributed, read or broadcast. The American Government does not want people to know what has occurred in the Golden State Killer case, nor do they want to arrest and apprehend the real Golden State Killer, the American Government wants to "stall indefinitely" and have the real killer keep killing innocent people. Culpability, or being culpable, is a measure of the degree to which an agent, such as a person, can be held morally or legally responsible for action or inaction. A country such as America, does not need walls to keep people out, America needs a great measure of culpability as an important virtue in everyday use and everyday life, just as all people from all countries need and require> culpability.

On April 10, 2018, I received a third phone call within a two-month time period in the spring of 2018 at my home residence in Cartersville, Georgia from a Sacramento, California district attorney cold case detective named Ron Garvick from the number 916.874.6565. The phone call on April 10, 2018 from the DA's cold case detective Ron Garvick, was shocking. Ron Garvick informed me that the California FBI collected discarded DNA from Ric Vander Ark in Somers, Montana, and yes, Ric is indeed the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades, but that the case is now taking a turn. I asked why, what do you mean. Ron Garvick informed me that the CIA is not allowing for the arrest of Ric Vander Ark, and therefore the FBI will be pinning another utilizing Sacramento and Paul Holes going into retirement for his cooperation and that the Media will be given orders soon by the CIA and FBI in full cooperation to dub another for the East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer crimes.

In June of 2018, Cindy (Ric's mother and the woman who raised me) called me up laughing in the phone, a sneering laugh and said "Ric thinks it is funny that the police nabbed the wrong guy for the California crimes and that he is not done killing yet." A month later Mollie Tibbets goes missing in Montezuma, Iowa, on the same week Ric Vander Ark visited his adult son Derek Vander Ark in Montezuma, Iowa. Derek works at Pella Windows in Iowa. Ric has been in and out of Iowa according to family sources on Cindy's side, and Ric has been on many murdering sprees according to Cindy and others in Cindy's family that are close to Ric.

I believe that the American people and Canadian people deserve to know what is currently going on. I have contacted the FBI over 104 times on their online Submit-A-Tip since 2004 and once in person in 2002, and 10 times on the FBI's new 2019 Submit-A-Tip form. I have called and relayed crucial information to the several FBI agency departments and a multitude of California and Iowa and Canadian police departments concerning my non-biological brother Ric Vander Ark, as you can also see below. In April 2019, one year after DeAngelo has been in a county jail cell with no court trial on the court docket, I contacted the Billings, Montana U.S. Marshall's office, left a voice message for the supervisor, he then relayed my message to the FBI, and the FBI called me back that same day around 6pm EST. We spoke for one hour, he said he appreciated my candor concerning Ric Vander Ark. The FBI never called me back, and never arrested Ric Vander Ark, and according to family sources Ric took his boys up into British Columbia to get away from the FBI spying on them in Somers, Montana in July 2019, and Ric and his boys murdered a young couple near the Alaskan border and the case would also be handled in the same fashion as the DeAngelo case, according to Cindy and other family members. OMG. OUTRAGEOUS!

I have to reach and relay vital facts and necessary information to the trusting of their government American and Canadian people. I have contacted numerous Mainstream Media outlets, to no avail is the Media warning "the people." In July of 2018, I began typing my manuscript The Woodpecker, in my attempts to receive literary representation to a major publishing house. Each and every literary agent does not want to present material to a major publishing company, if the content differs in perspective/view from Joseph James DeAngelo being dubbed the Golden State Killer, even if DeAngelo has not taken a plea of guilty or not guilty. Nor has DeAngelo received a formal court trial, he is left to die, because that is what the CIA and others in government need and require to happen to protect Ric Vander Ark, their Coors beer drinking buddy.

According to Cindy way back in June 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo has been dubbed the Golden State Killer, and the case will never go to trial as the plans are from the American Government that DeAngelo will rot in a county jail cell and the case of the East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer is to be buried from mass public scrutiny forever, such apparent orders from the highest levels in American Government.

The only possible way for me to receive a literary contract for my currently unpublished manuscript that needs to be read by so many people in the general public, to make others aware of the essential huge problems in the East Area Rapist Golden State Killer case is to receive literary representation from a literary agency. The literary agencies have become the FBI's and CIA's very apparent roadblock to not allow the American and Canadian people to know what has occurred and keeps occurring behind closed doors, behind the scenes in the American Judicial world of no law and no justice.       


BLOG LETTER November 4, 2019 Good Afternoon,

     In February and March of 2018, I contacted the Sacramento District Attorney's office, I contacted the FBI major case hotline multiple times after watching HLN's Unmasking A Killer, which was not the first time I have contacted the FBI in regards to what I know. By the end of March 2018, I received a call from Cindy, the woman who raised me and is the biological mother of Ric, Dave and Mike Vander Ark. Cindy informed me at the end of March 2018, that she had a conversation with Gina Haspel (the newly appointed at that time CIA Director) and Gina agreed with Cindy that Ric cannot be exposed and that another would be arrested for the malice crimes and not to worry, everything is handled (Ric has been with the CIA since 1978, San Jose, CA). Cindy, then at the end of March 2018, informed me that the CIA would not be allowing for the arrest of Ric, the CIA would make sure another would be arrested for the East Area Rapist and Golden State Killer crimes. Then on April 10, 2018, I spoke for the third time with Sacramento's DA cold case detective Ron Garvick (916.874.6565) who informed me that yes, indeed, Ric Vander Ark is the one that over 100 detectives have been looking for over many decades and that the California FBI went to Somers, Montana, and yes, gathered discarded DNA of Ric Vander Ark and he is the one, but the case is now taking a turn, I asked, why. Ron Garvick informed me on April 10, 2018, that the CIA is not allowing for the arrest of Ric Vander Ark, and that the FBI would be pinning another for the EAR/GSK crimes. Cindy called in June of 2018, laughing, sneering, that Ric thinks it is funny the police arrested the wrong guy for the GSK crimes, and that Ric is not done killing, a month later Mollie Tibbets goes missing in Montezuma, Iowa, the same week Ric visits his grown son Derek Vander Ark in Montezuma, Iowa. Cindy informed me in April 2019, that Ric was the trigger man, Matt VA (his son), was in the room when Ashley Okland was shot in Iowa. Cindy had informed me in June of 2018, that Joseph James DeAngelo will die in jail before a traditional court trial date is set and that the media was given orders by the CIA and FBI to dub DeAngelo as the Golden State Killer, and once DeAngelo dies in jail, no DNA evidence will then be required by law enforcement to present at a trial, and that the EAR/GSK case will be buried from mass public scrutiny forever.

     HOW OUTRAGEOUS! OMG. That is when in July of 2018, I began writing/typing The Woodpecker to expose the truth about so much. My manuscript is essential, the American and Canadian people need and deserve to know the truth about what is going on behind the scenes in America. Because of Cindy and Ric's connections to the CIA and the very fact CIA agents were always in and out of my childhood homes in Michigan, I knew, and grew to know, quite a lot about what is going on, about so much. Since 2008, I began writing.

*****Please Julie, go to my website, on my blog I have posted the Synopsis, Chapter Summary with photos, Book Proposal, and the full 32-page Chapter One for review, in my attempts to receive a literary offer of representation and get my manuscript The Woodpecker to a mainstream publisher or Christian publishing house ASAP. After you have taken the time today or this week to review my blogs on my newly launched website, please then let me know the chances of receiving literary representation from you. At that point, I can provide specifics, in a manner a publishing company will require specifics, the files are large.

     Thank-you for reaching out to me, my message and my manuscript is very important to all people.


Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo


As of November 14, 2019, no literary agency in America or the U.K. wants to represent a manuscript that differs in perspective to Paul Holes claim with authority that Joseph James DeAngelo is the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer, even though after one and a half years, the suspect DeAngelo has had zero evidence against him presented in a court setting and has not even entered a plea of guilty or not guilty, nor has DeAngelo had a court trial. No literary agency is willing to present my manuscript that clearly indicates my brothers are on the FBI artist rendered drawings on the FBI poster, and my three brothers were in fact very involved with the EAR crimes and living in Sacramento, and Ric and Dave Vander Ark were very involved with the GSK crimes. The patterned and most overt behavior from the American Government right on down to literary agencies, is as if North Korea or a communist country or communist regime has infiltrated wholeheartedly into the western culture we once so revered and enjoyed. That communist regime is destroying America, and those that can stop it, are not, why? And when I say or write I have contacted literary agents in the last one and a half years, I mean I have contacted over 250 literary agencies in America and the U.K., Christian and mainstream literary agencies that absolutely refuse to present to a publishing company my manuscript The Woodpecker, the states Joseph James DeAngelo is NOT the EAR/GSK. Any perspective and facts that differ from Paul Holes and American authority and the Mainstream Media on decisions they have rendered in the case, even before a court trial and presentation of evidence, is not allowed. For example, and I have many examples, I could list and name for the FBI to investigate each and every literary agent tied to a communist regime, as I know my writing is excellent. I received my very first writing award at Greenfield Elementary School in Jenison, Michigan at age eight, in third grade. I very much know I have an affinity to write, but the CIA in conjunction with the FBI apparently do not want me to write or speak, they want nothing published of the truth for Americans and Canadians to read. It truly is the Dark Ages all over again, and I can't emerge and be read.

DYSTEL, Goderich & Bourret, LCC, is a literary agency in New York and the West Coast, that absolutely does not want Americans to know what is written and exposed within the pages of my unpublished and currently unrepresented manuscript titled, The Woodpecker. Which leads one to ask questions, such questions that Americans and the FBI and true detectives need to ask is, why? Why do American and United Kingdom literary agencies NOT WANT the manuscript The Woodpecker published and read?:

Chapter four/Ric Uncaught and Dangerous:

Cindy Stob-Vander Ark^ (and below) Bust of Nero (54AD-68AD) ^ Nero Caesar 666

Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel ^

Richard Charles Vander Ark and bust of Nero Caesar 666

Ric Vander Ark Dave Vander Ark

Analyze Cindy's handwriting ^ in 2019 to the 1970 Bethany Christian Services caseworker's handwriting of Cindy under a fictitious R.N. caseworker's name of Vander Molen and then a fictitious married name of Stroo. Cindy's mother's maiden name is Vander Molen, but that is Cindy's handwriting on the adoption supervisor reports for Bethany Christian Services adoptions in 1970-1971, and Cindy is not a R.N. (Registered Nurse). In 1980, for 5 years Cindy was a L.P.N. for 5 years (1980-1985) and then she was fired for murdering fifty plus patients, Cindy was a healthcare serial killer before she snatched babies out of hospitals for the CIA aligned with various adoption agencies and courts in the USA.